The Cycle of Death and Rebirth Continues...

Located at the heart of Tordenen is a massive towering building with 3 separate towers that form a hollow triangle. At the top of each tower is an officer for each order member, Verti, Farron and Thundarius can usually be found here.
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On a cold morning, the citizens of the Halcyon Kingdom awoke to the smell of fire. It didn’t take long to realize what had happened… The Great Oak, the Tree of Kaia, burned, lighting up the sky and turning the peaceful night into day. War had been declared and the Laurentia Empire came right out and stated it so. Thus the world of Kwandrivia was plunged into a war, a battle so great that it would never recover.

A spellcaster group known as the Argents of Dawn sent by Laurentia moved into action in the City of Order, with the aid of contracts made with otherworldly beings known as Maji. With the aid of the Maji, two of the 3 Tartarian were subdued and trapped inside crystal-like barriers. The last, Thundarius Silveraki was nowhere to be found.

Just as the Argents of Magic were subduing the Tartarian, the first clash between Laurentia and Halcyon began. The Titan Mechani-Squads of Laurentia moved into Elven Territory and began their scorching of the land, burning, cutting and obliterating the land. They were met with little resistance, that was until the Dragoons arrived. The battle was even, both sides holding their ground. Out of desperation the Laurentia government issued the use of N1 Warheads. Thus the end of Kwandrivia had started.

Nuclear blasts lit up the daylight skies, Kaimmand Mages of the highest ranks retaliated with Pure Magic Force. Little by little the cities of each country were blasted off the face of Kwandrivia. Before each side knew it, the world was flooded with radiation magic that twisted the lands and nothing but ruin and chaos. But the war went on, neither side was backing down, for hundreds of years the Order held them back, and now they were going to finish what they weren’t allowed.

In the midst of the battlefield, on the second week of conflict, a portal from the Demon Realm, an Inari Gate would open up and from it Thundarius would emerge. Waiting for him were 27 Argents of Magic, each smiling under their cloaks and masks as Thundarius waltzed right into their trap.

The Silver Lion spoke no words, instead he closed his eyes and a massive wave of power echoed across the landscape. As he did his body would begin closing red and cracks of energy would form all across his body.

“Sorry I couldn’t be there earlier, Farron and Verti” He would say, opening his eyes.

The moment his eyes opened, time came to a grinding halt, the sky turning monochrome purple and the ground monochrome gold. When time was fully stopped, Thundarius’s eyes would be black as if they were missing completely, and that they were. In the sky that was now purple, his eyes could be seen overseeing the entire planet.

“NOVIS!” He would shout.

In an instant, he would collapse to the ground, and all around him, things would begin to dissolve into dust, flowing into the air before vanishing. A few seconds later, if seconds could pass in a timeless void, another figure, female and tall, with bat-like wings and a flickering tail would emerge from the Inari Gate from before.

“TEACHER!” the female would say running to where Thundarius had fallen

She could sense almost all his Life Force was gone, she had no way to restore that, she used Demon Force. She picked him up and looked around. Around her a new world was forming, a flat world in space with many continents and a huge sea filled with islands. The Order had been freed and as many people as he could save were saved…

A new Kwandrivia, now, Kwantus had been built but at what cost.
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