Servants of the Legion (Last Updated: 2/14/2021)

Aspects are the unique to Kwandrivia abilities and powers your character can learn. Read about them here.
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Servants of the Legion


In a far off world, not too different from Laurentia, there are tales of heroes, villains, kings and commoners who’s influence and legends changed the path nations of an entire world. Earth as the people call it is home to humanity, and is a planet with nothing but humans, there are no special powers, no abilities, nothing unique about the people there but the actions they took to change the fate of their people.

As a Legionnaire your character is branded with a Seal Fantasm. This Seal Fantasm is a Magical Contract that allows a Legionnaire to call forth their Servant at any time from the Death Realm. The Seal Fantasm glows when a Legionnaire’s Servant is summoned. A Servant is a physical being that aids the character, once summoned the Legionnaire can choose between 3 states of which to use the servant.

Passive: the Servant is in a ghost-like state floating behind your character. While in this state the Servant can not be damaged or used.
Mixed: power equally divided between the Servant and the Legionnaire. It is a 50/50 split. A Servant becomes a physical part of the living world.
Active: your power is temporarily transferred to the servant. They fight in your place and share the same abilities as you do, combined with the power of their Catalyst.

A catalyst is a unique item they possess that grants them certain abilities or powers. It can be anything from a sword to a ring or even a vehicle.

Each Legionnaire can only summon one Servant, and only have one Servant bound to them at any time. They can return to the “PLACE TO GET ASPECT HERE” to take another chance at summoning a new Servant once per IRL year.


Servant Classes are separated into 9 Classes.

The GM will roll a 1d9 to determine which Class your servant will be pulled from. Then a dX to see which servant is chosen from a large list of Servants based on Earth’s historical figures.

- Sabre - A Sabre is a fast agile warrior who is adept and skilled with the sword.

- Archer - An Archer is a Servant who specializes in ranged projectile weapons, be them summoned from magical means or fired like bullets and arrows.

- Lancer - A Lancer is a very agile servant, proficient in hit-and-run tactics that excel with range and speed. Their weapon of choice is almost always long range melee weapons.

- Berserker - A Berserker is a heroic spirit who has once in their lifetime in battle gone berserk. This trait of going berserk allows them to tap into a special ability that trades their consciousness and sanity for a massive boost in power, this is known as the Madness Enchantment.

- Assassin - An Assassin is a heroic spirit skilled at operating covertly, stealthy, and silently. An Assassin is the weakest of the Servant Classes. As such, they are mainly used to attack a Servant's Summoners rather than another Servant.

- Rider - A Rider is a heroic spirit who through their life was known for riding mounts, vehicles, living beasts or human constructs, during their lives. Their personal stats are often low, but are made up for by the powers their Ride possesses

- Support - A Support is a heroic spirit that specializes in buffing, debuffing, and providing support based magic to her Master, Foes or Allies. A support is a rare Servant type as the Master does the combat as opposed to the Servant who supports them.

- Caster - A Caster is a heroic spirit whose power comes not from fighting physically, but from fighting with Magic. They are physically the weakest of all the Servant Classes but make up for that with sheer Magical might.

- Shielder - A Shielder is a servant who specializes and focuses on heavy defenses and barriers. They can use them to protect their master or try and trap others inside them
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Leopold II -
Spartacus -
Billy Bishop -
Arthur Currie -
Ching Shi -
Mao Zedong -
Wu Zetian -
Cleopatra -
Ptolemy -
William Shakespeare -
Jack Churchhill -
Winston Churchill -
Margeret Thatcher -
Francis Drake -
Guy Fawkes -
Napoleon Bonaparte -
Maximillion Robespierre -
Marie Antionette -
Archimedes -
Pythagoris -
Ludwig Van Beethoven -
Einstein -
Elizabeth Bathory -
Stonewall Jackson -
George S. Patton -
J. Robert Oppenheimer -
Jack the Ripper -
Theodore Roosevelt -
Franklin D. Roosevelt -
John Wilkes Booth -
Nikola Telsa -
Alexander Graham Bell -
Franz Ferdinand - ... of_Austria
Nelson Mandela -
Martin Luther -
Martin Luther King Jr -
Saint John Paul II -
Octavius/Augustus -
Xerxes I -
Julius Caesar -
Alexander the Great -
Genghis Khan -
Chairman Mao -
William Wallace -
Ivan IV Vasilyevich “the Terrible” -
Shaka Zulu -
Mahatma Gandhi -
Vlad III Tepes/Dracula “the Impaler” -
Hiawatha -
Oba Nobunaga -
Walt Disney -
Alexander Nevsky -
Yuri Gegarin -
Joseph Stalin -
Hirohito -
Rasputin -
Einstein -
Joan de Arc -
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