Contract of Marque (Last Updated: 2/14/2021)

Aspects are the unique to Kwandrivia abilities and powers your character can learn. Read about them here.
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Contract of Marque

Kalmardi 7th, 3rd Era, Year 207, the Order and all nations of Kwantus gathered together to write the Tsargorod Accord. This Accord gave the Choe Family permission to write and place bounties upon individuals who commit crimes or are wanted by various nations throughout Kwantus.

A Contract of Marque is a formal letter written by Doyoon Choe allowing an individual to act as mercenary who works directly for the Choe Family. This contract also grants a character the use of an Inari Engine at the 5th rank, allowing them to call forth a Ship and a crew

Any character that takes on a Contract of Marque to become a Corsair. Corsair is no longer bound to the regular rules of ranking. A character’s rank instead of being tied to the points system, is now tied to their wealth. This rank only changes when a character wealth changes. “Money is literally power”

Taking on this aspect essentially makes points worthless for a character, as normally points would be used to rank instead of money. These points can now be cashed in for gold. From 7th to 5th rank, 1 point is equal to 5 gold, and 4th and up 1 point is equal to 10 gold.

Anyone who takes on this aspect will receive “a reward and a half” bonus to all gold income. If a character were to receive 20 gold for a mission, half of that would be added on as bonus, so the character would instead earn 30 gold. If your character is in a multi-person mission, your character will receive the full mission reward instead of “a reward and a half”. This means that if both characters had to split 30 gold between the two of them that your character would get the full amount while the other only gets the normal amount.

Unique to this aspect is that it can be taken at any rank. (This still counts towards your Aspect Limit).

Since money is easier to come by and get, these numbers are higher than what it takes to rank via points.

Gold Needed to Rank:
7th to 6th
Total Gold: 150

6th to 5th
Total Gold: 450

5th to 4th
Total Gold: 1350


The Inari Engine

At the 5th Rank your character will be given the option to have access to an Inari Engine. If they accept this they will be sent on a mission to steal a ship they wish to use as their personal base of operations. An Inari Engine comes in the form of a small coin sized medallion that will have an element bound to it based on one of the many nations of Kwantus.

Ship Details
No longer, taller or wider than 300m
They are called forth using your Inari Engine
Inari Gates allow a ship to instantly move between two locations.
A ship uses it's owner as a powersource and there is no way to change this.
Each shop has a National Element that it will use to represent the types of armaments and power it has.

National Elements
Halcyon Kingdom: Plantlife
Laurentia Empire: Metal
Velikansha Enclave: Water
Cloud Sea: Air
Province or Keiz: Poison
Extension: Spiritual

Members of a pirate's crew are recruited from all across Kwantus, each member being hand selected by the captain and fulfilling a specific role upon the ship. As the Captain grows in power/rank, they will be able to recruit more members to their crew. Crew members, after obtaining a ship, will work to keep the ship sailing, but can also travel alongside their captain when he/she returns to port. The number of crew members that can accompany the captain on land also grows with the captain's rank. Crew members themselves have abilities/talents and fall into certain categories, each with specific skills and abilities (details below).

Specifics/Crew Limitations:

5th Rank: 3 crew limit (1 away from ship)
4th Rank: 4 crew limit (1 away from ship)
3rd Rank: 5 crew limit (2 away from ship)
2nd Rank: 6 crew limit (2 away from ship)
1st Rank: 7 crew limit (3 away from ship)

Crew Classes:

Engineer: Keeps the ship maintained, does repairs, etc. In battle, uses guns and mechanical devices.
Thief: Classic Pirate: In charge of plunder tactics and loot-management. In battle, uses knives, swords, pistols, and stealth.
Warman/Weapons Expert: Commands battle upon the seas, after the captain of course. Usually is a battle tactician and master of 1 or 2 weapons (swords usually, but not limited to).
Scholar: Navigation and ship piloting expert. Has a vast knowledge about many things, but especially maps, navigation, and geography. In battle, Scholars are mages, using elemental and utility spells to both destroy their enemies and aid their companions.
Priest: Doctors and Spiritual guides of the crew. Usually has the job of settling disputes between crew members and/or captains. In battle, they are healers and users of biological/chemical attacks (poison/chemicals).
Monster Trainer: Wild-life expert of the crew, is in charge of defending the ship/crew against wild-life attacks and holding knowledge about them. In battle, uses pokemon or monsters only, and has little to no battle power themselves.
Renegade: This class is a wildcard of the crew. They can fill various roles depending on their history/abilities. Renegades are allowed to have one of the regional aspects from across Kwantus, of which they are a Renegade, someone who has abandoned their order and lives on the run. Their abilities/talents depend on which aspect they have. Sometimes they can fill a role on the ship and other times they are simply fighters or stowaways.

Other Important Notes:

Two characters who have taken Contracts of Marque can combine their crews to create a bigger and stronger force. At these times, they usually sail on one ship under one flag, and one of the captains becomes the First Mate (second in command).
A captain can add one or more of their current companions (from either personal or regional aspects) to their crew. Upon doing so, that companion takes on one of the crew classes and the abilities associated with it.
The crew can only consist of 1 of each of the crew classes. ie: there can be no duplicate crew classes. The only exception is if two or more characters combine crews.
Special Missions will be available for pirate captains, some on sea and some on land. These missions will reward higher gold yields, as pirates just can't get enough of that yellow stuff.
In battle, crew members are 7th rank. The renegade is an exception, they are 2 ranks below the captain.
Specific list of all the crew members will be made upon taking on this aspect; each crew member having listed their specific abilities and weapons, as well as bio information, picture, etc. Remember, crew classes are meant to be loose guidelines for what each crew member should have/be, otherwise, the rest is up to the person making them.
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