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Nam's Start as a Pokemon Trainer

At the edge of the city, close to the bridge between Sunoisha and South Yonohara is the largest of all Kwandrivia Pokemon Centre's. Inside this particular centre, you can find a mall, battle arena, casino, hotel and two of the highest quality pokemon spas anywhere on the planet.
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Nam Jak
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Nam's Start as a Pokemon Trainer

Tue Aug 07, 2018 11:50 pm

It was in a dimly lit part of town, where few people travelled that a small sewer grate could be heard sliding open from one of the many entrances and exits to the under city. As the grate slid open a very young female looking human would slide out. A moment later they could be seen running into the shadows of an alley way that was closed off for renovation. Like a silent animal running from prey Nam would leap into a small opening in a wall just in time for two rugged dressed men to run by with illegal weapons.


From where Nam was, the voices of the two men could be heard. They spoke about finding the kid or else the Orphanage Master would end their lives. After they said that, they would split up, each going in two separate directions.

After some time had passed, Nam would crawl out from the crawl space and begin running towards an open street. Nam Jak would be wearing a tattered oversized mens shirt, and would have nothing but parts of shoes on that looked stitched together by someone who did not know what they were doing. As Nam came to the street, Nam would run down it and slip into one of the more taller, majestic looking structures. One with a very large red and white glowing hologram of a Pokeball on it.

Nam Jak knew pokemon like most did, but Nam knew them in a far darker light. From where Nam was from, Pokemon were used in illegal death matches where the poor creatures would fight to the death for large sums of money or what ever else people had. Nam's job was usually cleaning up the mess and dealing with injured or dead Pokemon.

Nam hated it, Nam didn't like being there, Nam just wanted to get away from it, Nam wanted to leave this place, and that;s why Nan with the help of an outsider escaped to this Pokemon Centre. Name was going to start a new journey, one far away from Yonohara, a journey with Pokemon.

Nam slowly walked up to the desk and waited for anyone to come answer.

"I'd like to become a Pokemon Trainer please" Nam would say occasionally looking backwards to see if those two thugs might be there.

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