Darius' Abilities

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Darius XII
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Physical Prowess
Thanks to a rigorous training routine, help from his auxiliar and his adventuring experience Darius has pushed his body to pull off some rather superhuman feats such as dashes of super speed, sudden blows of super strength or leaps of great height.

Extreme "Luck"
For some reason Darius is found to have what those around him tend to call some serious bad luck. Leaning on guard rails tends to result in the rail snapping and him tumbling down the edge. He always tends to get caught in serious storms, avalanches or rockslides. Despite all his often comedically timed bad luck though, one cannot call him awfully unlucky as he always seems to be lucky enough to get out unscathed no matter the issue, so in a way one could also call him "lucky." Its not to say he can't get into serious trouble or mortal danger, but at the very least not because of his awful luck.
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