Jun, Hieress of Gwejo {WIP}

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Jun, Hieress of Gwejo {WIP}

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Name: Jun
Age: 25
Date of Birth: October 15th
Eastern Horoscope: Snake
Western Horoscope: Libra
Blood Type: A
Gender: Female
Height: 5’7”
Weight: 132 lbs

Physical Features: Large, doe-like eyes with a sharp glint of intelligence in the subtle colors of bluish-grey. In its neutral state, small lips that have a deep cupids bow, typically open with curiosity and intrigue. A short, soft nose with a long bridge. Narrow face and high cheek bones. Hair is typically in an updo, exposing a clean, gentle sloping forehead underneath a heart shaped hairline. Smooth jawline and a sharp chin.

Slender shoulders attached to well-toned arms from practice. Layers of her clothing hide a medium bust and flat stomach. Matching medium hip width with bust size. Pinched in waistline gives a small lower back. Slender, but strong-looking thighs and calves, giving legs a long appearance.

Personality Traits: Trained in the art of courtesans and politicians, Jun also learned to be polite, ladylike and confident without a hint of arrogance. She has a selective eye for fashion and people she wishes to bring close to her. Courtesan ship taught her to read, speak and write, the last which she does well the best. This softness does not come with a ferocity and strength; trained in the art of war, Jun learned swordsmanship, basic archery, and to keep a calm and collected heart in the heat of battle. With tradition in mind, Jun uses the most traditional sword of her people, a long sword sitting parallel to the ground. Because she had been matched before with those of higher strength, she comes into battle with sharp intelligence, quick wit and a mind for adaptation and strategy. She is fast to learn her advantages, disadvantages and the use of her environment.

Though Jun has a sense of responsibility, she also has an appreciation and love of beauty and kindness. She has an eager ear for listening those in need and an honest mouth to give her best advice. This does not mean she tends to be a pushover...Jun is quick to express her opinion openly and directly. She is always honest, even if it may get her in trouble, and appreciates those who prefer her honesty to those who prefer lies.

Her hobbies are poetry, gardening and reading. On her downtime, she loves to drink tea, eat fine and exotic foods and be in the company of friends. When she was younger, she used to dislike her name because it is a masculine name in her language, but as she gotten older it started to grow on her and she has owned it as being part of herself. Her favorite foods (Earth based) would be curry, tangerines and chocolate cake. Doesn’t tend to partake in alcohol often, but will tolerate drinking around others if they aren't incredibly intoxicated.

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