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Power of the Prophets

Natural Prophetic Powers: Reality

Reality Bending: I have the ability of the Prophets to naturally distort and bend reality, passed down through my family to me. My speciality in Reality Bending is creating Distortions. Distortions are areas of focused change/transformation, where reality has become either unbalanced or tampered with. Due to the experience and power I have with Reality Bending, the limits of what can be done with the Distortions themselves are quite elaborate. At its most basic, I can bend matter and energy beyond its normal physical state, changing some attributes without changing others. The best example is being able to alter an object/material’s state of matter without changing its temperature. Specifics are listed below.

Matter State Manipulation: (As explained above) Can alter the state of matter of objects/materials without altering their temperature, or vice versa.

Portals: Using a Distortion, I can create portals that almost anything can go through. They can go to almost anywhere but the farther away they port to the more energy I expend.

Distortion Animation: Makes inanimate objects come alive, and I can manipulate them kind like puppets without strings. They usually gain monster like proportions. (they look like monsters, like if done on a rock, then the rock gains mouth full of teeth, and eyes and sometimes arms and legs)

Distortion Field: Makes a portion of the battle field that we are fighting sealed off, making it impossible to enter, but you can leave. This is more for when I don't want people looking into fights that I'm currently having. Once it is set, the area cannot be seen, or heard from, making it nearly impossible to spy into.

Distortion Cloak: Covers me in a purplish smoke like substance that acts on its own to protect me and fight. Can form almost any shape, but can not travel too far away from me.

Reality Destruction: I can use Distortions to unravel the very fabric of reality by pushing the distortion to its breaking point. Whatever the Distortion touches, starts to disintegrate, and break apart into nothing. Needs a higher level of energy/experience (which I have) to destroy living things vs. objects. RD has a harder time breaking down pure energy, and even a very high level of pure energy can possibly combat it, and even stop it. The RD can take various forms, ranging from small bursts, horizontal waves, or area covering ripples.

Spatial Manipulation: I can use Distortions to bend space, either expanding, shrinking, or creating a flux or unbalance/unstable area. This allows me to bend the physical world into nearly any shape or size, allowing me to defend myself easily without dodging or attack from a greater distance. The drawback however is that all Space Distortions are unstable and if attacked correctly or with the correct type of energy, they can be forced to tear space itself, causing massive destruction and instability, something that could damage myself as well.

Distortion Energy: Distortion energy basically distorts reality as it's name suggests, although whether it distorts them for better or for worse is my choice. At this rank, I can use them to do two things:

1. Can weaken materials/attacks/defenses, but not enough to completely destroy them unless they are already extremely weak.
2. Can cause materials in states of matter including solids, liquids, and gases to be shifted into a higher or lower energy state. This means solid<->liquid<->gas<->plasma. This shift will remain until I alter it to its previous state.

Natural Prophetic Powers: Mind

Shingan: Mind Eye: the ability to see into peoples minds and influence them much more effectively. The Shingan, since its not a physical eye technique it is always activated, and reading people's mind is usually quite easy (unless they have mind related abilities).

Illusions/Delusions: I affect the mind, making people see, hear, or otherwise sense or feel whatever I want. Resisting without mind abilities can be extremely difficult, especially depending on rank.

Telepathy: I can also make contact with people by speaking into they minds/placing words in their heads, much like the mind genjutsu, only you hear a voice, my voice. Using this, I can also feel peoples intentions, giving me a better insight on their soon to be actions, kind like future reading, only this can be blocked by being completely emotionless, which is extremely hard to do.

Mind Aura: Can us this to track peoples minds better than before, making it possible to locate peoples minds from even across space, or in different dimensions (debatable).

Psychometry: Allows me to touch and object and sense where and what the object as been and come into contact with; gives me a history of the object. Can also do this with biological objects, skin, hair, etc.

Psychic Imprint: Allows me to leave messages on objects people, that other psychics can read/receive, or other specific people can receive too, once they've touched it.

Danger Intuition: Allows me to psychically sense danger just before it happens. This is a passive ability and doesn't need to be focused. If someone attacks me, is in danger themselves, or creates a dangerous situation/set up, I will automatically sense it.

Memory Manipulation: Allows me, once I'm within someone's mind, to manipulate their memories at will. Have a stronger gasp on it if I'm actually touching them, however, it isn't needed.

Mental Manipulation: Allows me to manipulate ones brain, thus allowing me to manipulate a person's body/brain functions. Physical contact is needed for almost all types of manipulations, otherwise a person with any will power can fight it off, if they are strong enough (most are).

Trances: These are three modes or states that I can enter which alter my state of mind per say, it is not directly linked to the Shingan, but sort is....sorta...
Only one of these three can be activated at one time, but I can switch between them. The second is always activated unless I say otherwise.

First Trance: Empathy Form: This trance connects my mind to those whom I'm fighting, and makes them feel a fraction of whatever pain I'm feeling at the moment. The fraction is debatable, according to the person's experience with mind abilities, but using a person with absolutely no mind abilities, this would be the case example: A person whom I'm fighting stabs be with a sword through the shoulder. The person whom I'm fighting would feel the pain equal to them getting stabbed by a knife about the size of one used for butchering (or something about half the size). The person would feel about half of the pain I feel, and will act as though this really happened to them, but would not physically gain the same effects is when I was stabbed, they would not have a stab wound, or blood pouring out or anything. Edit: At my current rank, once this is active, the person feels the same amount of pain as I do, provided that they have zero mental skills. Through Mental Manipulation (above), I can even make the person have the literal same effects that were inflicted upon me.

Second Trance: Convalescence Form: This trance is always active unless otherwise stated. The Trance of Convalescence makes a complete barrier around my mind that locks in a restful, stress free feeling. My mind con not be accessed when this trance is activated by anyone else's mind powers no matter how great. This trance also gives me a large raise to healing factor making most non-lethal wounds heal almost instantly.

Third Trance: Wrath Form: The third trance I can enter, makes constant negative mental energy flow out from myself in all directions. When anyone opponent is touched by this negative mental energy, it makes them feel totally awful. It constantly puts stress on their body and mind, making their body much slower, and more uncoordinated, which partly makes their reaction time slow way down. It affects the mind by giving the receiver a massive headache, and a large amount of depression, which borders on suicide depression (yeah that bad), If one was to have mind abilities/telepathy, they would be able to partially block this, but their mind would be under constant attack, and their telepathic defenses would be continually weakening. (the wrath form is much like when Pro. Xavier in the 2nd xmen movie is focusing on all the minds of either humans or mutant, and none of them could focus or anything...if you've seen the movie)

Trance Tempo: Allows me to activate all the Trances at one time for a limited time. Usually will last no more than 4-5 posts, and must recharge about the same amount of time. ((See Trances above))

Natural Prophetic Powers:Other

Prophetics: The ability to see a bit into the future, or an occasions very large prophecies (not during a fight unless its part of the storyline). Using this plus the new Dreaming Form, I can avoid some attacks, although its not impossible to surprise me.....(this is much like how the jedi/sith can see into the future in Star Wars, using it to dodge blaster fire, or to dual quite epicly...)

Dreaming Form: This is a transformation that I received that alters my Physical attributes. When Activated, it gain a large portion to both Speed and Strength, Agility, and also Instantaneous Teleportaion (IT for short).
Strength: I basically have super strength at best explained, or the strength Tsunade has from Naruto. Can punch and makes things fall apart. I can lift a good deal too, but nothing huge (I cannot lift a skyscraper if one is to ask).
Speed: I can easily break the sound barrier, and travel above it, making me a purplish blur when I run that fast. Agility: I am extremely agile in this form, being able to do back flips while shuffling a deck of cards and saying tongue twisters all quite easily. He mind can keep up with his speed, with the help of prophetics, so seeing something, and being able to react in time is usually not a problem.
IT: I can teleport in a milliseconds time, and am untraceable when I teleport, meaning its almost impossible to trance my teleportation to where I appear (no you cannot predict it either). This is not part of my Prophetic traits but instead was the power of another race that was fused into me by the Elders in the Dream World.
Tail Shifting: I also gain a physical tail, which normally is the same color as my skin and ends in a spade shape. I can also multiply it into more than one tail and/or transform it into a different tail, such as a scorpion tail, etc, etc.

Dreaming Form: Before and After:

IT: Instantaneous Teleportation: See IT above, under the Dreaming Form. Same skill I have.


These are all the different elements I can control given by the Bunyip Stone I was once infused with.

Reality Elements: I can combine Distortion Energy with 1 or more of the elements I have to produce some quite interesting effects, listed below.

Froze Reality: By combining ice and Distortion Energy, I can produce Frozen Reality, which is a distorted form of ice. Frozen Reality is lavender in color, and is not as cold to the touch as normal ice is, however it is still chilly. Frozen Reality is, however, extremely hard, indestructible some would call it, as there are very few things that can break it down, (Something EXTREMELY POWERFUL could break it apart or damage it, but it would take a great deal of force and energy). It cannot be changed back to water by either trying to melt it by a heat source (like fire), or trying to manipulate the ice in it, and separate the water molecules, since they are distorted. It can only be changed back to normal by me.

Frozen Reality

Repulse: By combining wind and Distortion Energy, I can use repulse. Repulse is extreme wind, motion of air molecules, and distortion energy. Repulse happens when the air molecules are distorted by my powers, and made so that they are not held by many of natures laws. The air is freed from the restriction of friction, gravity, and temperature (the point at which the air/gases in the air change to a liquid or solid is made extremely low so that there is absolutely no chance of it changing to a lower state of matter, therefore it cannot become heavy/harder to move around). In doing this, the wind becomes super fast since its not restricted any more, it can move at blinding speeds now. The distortion in this combines to make Repulse a sudden movement, or force that travels along is perfect unison, and is able to move literally almost any object at almost any speed. Repulse itself can travel up to near the speed of light it enough force is exerted. However, a normal repulse will travel at about Mach 3-Mach 5. Mach being the speed of sound, it can move very fast. I can make it surround an abject as well and use it to move objects in almost any direction. The Repulse look like blurred, heated, or distorted air, (since that is what it is, distorted air). I usually use this by sending a blast of repulse out from my hand, or by doing a Total Repulse, which is a repulse in all directions. a Total Repulse is the most powerful of the technique. ((best example I can give of this is from the video game SW: the force unleashed, when someone uses force push, or something like that, how everything thing seems to be distorted by it, and how everything in close area is affected))

Repulse (normal, extended from hand)

Total Repulse

Lightning Distortion (Distorted Lightning)(words are interchangeable for the title): This is the combination of, yes you guessed it, lightning and Distortion Energy. When fused together, it produces a intense purple current. The current still follows a few of the natural laws for lightning, except for a few things.....

1. This lightning can burn/cut/strike through any substance, and destroy it the same way that that my Reality Destruction does, so in a sense, it is Reality Destruction in lightning form that can move at the same speed and rate of normal lightning, so anything hit by its bolt, its reality will be unraveled.

2. Whatever damage this produces/causes cannot be reversed/healed, since it leaves a distortion field in whatever it cuts/burns through. For example, say a bolt of this shoots through your arm, and leaves a hole there, and on the edges of the hole is left a substance that looks like something between a liquid, gas, and solid, which its neither and all of these at once. The area that was burned out cannot be healed/regenerated back. The only exception to this is if I, or another prophet (person of my lineage/clan) removes the distortion field, then the wound/damage can be repaired.

Now I'm going to tell the few things that this inhabits like lightning. The main one is that it still follows the general law of conductibility, meaning if the lightning will move through an abject or not. To this, it only factors into if it will spread throughout the thing hit or not. say it hits rubber. It will burn a hole right threw it, but will not spread at all through the rest of the rubber, only have a hole where the bolt hit. If a bolt of it hits water, the entirety of the water will be consumed, and the waters reality will be unraveled.
*This is the only way, besides looking like lightning, and the name, and the way it is produced, that Distorted Lightning is like lightning, otherwise it inhabits the characteristics of Reality Destruction (listed, and explained above) and thus it cannot be absorbed as lightning or electrical current, as it really just is Reality Destruction shaped like lightning.*

Distorted Lightning

Liquid Dream: Again, guessing, this is water and Distortion Energy mixed, which when done so, it looks like purple water. It still flows like water and everything but has some special attributes:

1. Multiplication: The Liquid Dream is constantly multiplying, which means I never run out, so even if some is gotten ride of, which is hard to do, more is quite easy to make.

2. It cannot be frozen or evaporated under any circumstances. Its distorted, and that's why.

3. It cannot be manipulated by water users, or water chakra, since its not really water any more.

Liquid Dream

Reality Nimbus: This is my own version of Kama's nimbus technique. Nimbus, as explained by Kama, is water vapor held together with an extreme current, under the power of someone very experienced with both lightning and water, and having extreme control over one or both of them. Well since I had both, but wasn't extremely good with them both, I decided to make it with Distortion Energy inside as my manipulator, and I came out with this. Reality Nimbus has both the Liquid Dream and Distorted Lightning (both explained above) combined to form Reality Nimbus, which houses both. Liquid Dream rains down from the thick purple SOLID clouds, and Distorted lightning shoots out of it. The actual R Nimbus is totally solid, and can be used to block views, and make shapes of weapons and shaped into almost anything I can think of. I can stand on it as a surface if I wish to, while any other people cannot. If they even touch it, they will be hit by Distorted Lightning (above) which will make a current through their body, and unravel the reality of whatever the current touches.

Reality Nimbus

Prophets Storm: This is a combination of all above combined Distortion Energy and Elements, to produce a very powerful storm. Reality Nimbus Floats above, while Liquid Dream streams down as rain, multiplying rapidly even as it falls. Distorted Lightning also shoots down from above, and Frozen Reality falls down in the form of large hail stones.

Nightmare Flame: This is a combination of flame manipulation (From my Physics Study, See Shrewish abilities) and Distortion Energy. It results in a purple fame called Nightmare Flame which has several special attributes.
-It uses matter and the energy of matter for fuel, not just oxygen, thus can burn while in contact with any sort of matter. However, if the matter in question is burned up and no other source within reach, the flames will go out.
-It cannot be put out by normal/conventional ways of putting out a fire, especially by cold, freezing, or water. It can however, be snuffed out by absolute zero temperatures (the temperature at which matter ceases all atomic movement).

Nightmare Flame:


Astral Plane Alignment
Having once visited the astral plane, and befriended one of its main overseers, I was granted with, and imbued with the power of the Astral Plane itself. Now I may call upon it whenever I wish. The Astral Plane is a dimension of pure mental energy and power, and which houses many mental entities which call it home. The powers from which I can draw from it are these:

Astral Energy: I have energy from the astral plane. Astral energy is one of the purest forms of Mental energy there is. It makes my mental attacks 10x the power when added to them. Itself cannot be touched, hindered, or otherwise effected by any force or object that is not mental energy or force. It also allows for other abilities that I will list here...NOTE: This is M-class Astral energy. There are other different astral energies, and this it M-class, not to be confused with any others like S-class for example....

Astral Force: This is a physical force (like gravity) in which comes from the use of Astral Energy. I can now exert this force against my foes. The force itself doesn't contain Astral Energy, and is much like Telekinesis, except it doesn't come from my own mind, rather indirectly, from the Astral Plane. Thus, its like manipulation the Astral Plane's energy to force something to happen physically. Astral Force is comparable to gravity, as it can override the force if need be.

Astral Particles: These are mental particles of what make up the astral plane. They are pure mental, and thus just phase through anything physical like anything else thats part of Astral, except the Astral Particles cannot be absorbed or manipulated by anything other than Astral Forces or Astral Energies. They cannot be absorbed like energy, as they really aren't energy persay, more like mental building blocks. I can use this to amp up my psychic attacks, or even create Astral Matter.

Astral Matter: This is the forcing or fusing of Astral Particles into a physical form. Once there, they can act like any other physical object, depending on how I form and manipulate it. They can be modeled off of other objects, which have to be there in order to gain attributes from them. Can also fuse this with physical objects to strengthen, or weaken them, depending on how I want to approach it.

Astral Body: My mental body that is living inside of me, if you can imagine. I now have control over this. The body is what holds all of my Astral energy that I have.

Astral Separation: Able to separate my Astral Body from my real body, which can go anywhere, to send a message or, travel other places. Also use this to travel to the Astral Plane. I can also have the Astral Body, either separated or not, attack a opponent. The opponent that will be attacked cannot stop the astral body with physical abilities, as they will just go through the Astral body like stuff falls through a ghost. The attack from the Astral body will be pure mental, so the person will suffer mentally from attacks received. The AB can also attack while still in my body, as you will see another semi-transparent hand/arm shoot out of my real arm, and punch, delivering a mental attack just like the separated AB does.

Astral Conduit: By making a connection to the astral plane, via the Astral Body, I actually can use its energy in place of my own, to power my attacks (like if I was running low on chakra, I could tap into the Astral Plane, which would allow me more chakra)

Astral Shots: I can blast pure mental energy or Astral Force at people/things.

Astral Manifestation: I can make astral energy become physical, so that it looses its mental power, but gains physical attributes. I can switch it back and forth.

Astral Conversion: I can force objects and possibly people, to transform into Astral Energy or Astral Particles, and back. The object/person must come into contact with Astral Energy and/or Astral Force. Once that is done, I can transform it/them into Astral Energy, and trap them in the Astral Plane or with objects, use them for attacks/defenses. Can also transform Astral Energy into objects, with a greater deal of force and energy output.

(Astral Body, what it looks like, basically a evil version of me, or a darker one anyways, 2nd one is with Astral energy flowing around it)



Angelic Power
New: From the Mission: Mission to the Sunken Ruins: What Lay Beneath the Deep....?
I have gained mainly the power of Angelic Energy, Divine Influence, and a angelic spirit summon, which will all be explained here...

Angelic Energy: This energy only competes with Photogess for one of the purest light energies there are. It grants me the power to summon an angelic spirits called Zeraphim and can also exert Divine Influence when in raw form. It can be used as a Healing and Purification Energy. It heals me, and can purify almost anything of outside influences. If I touched someones say, fire blast, with it, it could purify their influence of it, and thus they wouldn't be able to control flames any more for the rest of the battle (works like a nulifier, basically). Note: A limit of 3 powers/energies/abilities, etc is the amount of things that can be purified/nullified at once, if that limit is breached, the first thing that was nullified will come back into the user's power again.

Divine Influence: This is a Force exerted from Angelic Spirits, Angelic Energy, and Holy Objects. Divine Influence is not an energy, its a Divine Force, so in terms of energy, it cannot be absorbed, suppressed, deflected, drained, or avoided as energy would be, or otherwise treated as energy. Besides effecting physical objects, as a force, it can superceed almost any other force there is, natural: gravity, friction, magnetism, etc, etc.....Or unnatural: it prevents tampering with Reality, such as tampering with time, probability, Reality Distorting, Disruption, Destruction, Mental influence, telepathy, telekinesis, psychokinesis, etc. Thus, superceeding these things, it has the power to override them when exerted. It can also superceed other weaker energies as well (Like the energies of a 5th rank and down) Such as someone who doesn't have the best control or experience with their energies yet. So, basically, it superceeds normal and metaphysical forces, and also weaker energies.

Zeraphim: A angelic spirit that I'm able to summon to help me.
-Flaming Sword: Holds a sword of Flames which cannot be extinguished from the sword.
-Angelic Energy: Can use AE.
-Divine Force: Can exert DF.
-Flash Form: Can take on the form of total white, which makes the spirit glow with the intensity of lightning, which can blind, or distract opponents.
-Fly: Can use wings to fly.
-Warp: Can warp self and objects around itself to other locations.
-Divine Movement: Can move at very high speeds, up past Mach 5
-Archangelic Shield: Can create a shield or armor of Angelic Energy. Can protect from most magic and physical attacks, and is most resistant to Holy/Light attacks, and Dark/Impure/Shadow attacks.
-Feather Knives: Shoots out feathers, which are hardened to the point of becoming very sharp projectiles.
-Heavenly Chimes: Sends out an Angelic Energy burst of sound which will continually drain the energies of all who hear it. (Covers a radius of up to 50 yards in all directions)
-Heavenly Flute: Sends out an Angelic Energy burst of sound which will render all who hear it paralyzed and unable to move or use any kind of energy. (Covers a radius of 100 yards in all directions)
-Holy Flames: Creates Flames of Angelic Energy which has power of Purification, which can remove a person's influence or control over certain things that they control that it comes into contact with. Flames themselves are able to liquify even the hardest of metals within seconds (Can also undue indestructible metals/materials at a slower rate).
-All Sight: Can see in all directions, through most objects and see through most illusions.
-Demonsbane: A field of purification and holy energies that blast out in a radius of 75 yards out from the spirit. The field is pure white, and anyone who is caught within it will be immediately effected, if they meet the requirements. Two things happen.
1. All the evil that the being has inside of them will torment and burn them alive inside, thus the less evil intentions and out-rightly evil works inside one has, the less pain and suffering they will endure.
2. All/Any kind of demonic, shadow, dark, unholy, impure, etc energy or magic etc the person has within them will turn to Holy Flames within them, and burn them continually until it is either removed somehow or the person dies eventually.

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