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Liam Savvik

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Liam Savvik
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Liam Savvik

Wed Apr 10, 2013 3:12 pm


Basic Information

Full Name:
Liam Krosven Savvik

  • the General: (Used in the Galactic Tournament Arc 2800’s to hide his real name)
  • Supreme Representative: (When elected as the Supreme Representative of the Sanctity Treaty)
  • Representative: (When elected as Representative of Neo-Frontier)


580 - As of 2568


Character Appearance

Brown, around 10 cm long.

Extremely pale


173 cm

110 pounds

A large scar on the upper left side of his skull, hair no longer grows there.

Age Appearance:

Image of Liam:


General Happiness:
Neutral, doesn’t really express much emotion.

Social Level:


Personality Description:
Liam is the kind of person who does his very best to hide his emotions and feelings. He hides his emotions and feelings behind what he calls, “Inner Barriers”. These Inner Barriers are what he believes a true leader should have, because he believes that emotion, is one of the primary things that stops a leader from effectively laying out and implementing plans. In addition to these beliefs for leadership, he also strongly believes that a warrior must set aside all emotion and let their body run itself, using instinct and impulse as opposed to thinking.

Liam is the type of person who wishes and wants nothing but the very best not just for the Sanctity Treaty, but for all species of the universe. One of his main goals is to unite the galaxy under the banner of the Sanctity Treaty, and allow all species and races to live freely and without hate, poverty and racism.

While he tends to think and act without emotion, Liam also tends to avoid combat whenever possible. This is to avoid harm and division within the Sanctity Treaty, but most of all, it is to keep himself alive. So much so that he uses the Sanctity Treaty as a personal shield. This is to the point where Liam will fake relationships. He will often try to weasel his way into another life or society if he feels there is something for him to gain. He does this by faking respect until he has the power to remove or discard what is in his way. After he has gotten what he wants, he will simply leave, without a word or warning.

Liam from his childhood has always an odd attachment towards technology and things he likes. He often and almost always holds onto things he owns. Some examples are the Faith of Heart, an outdated spacecraft, his sketchbook, some old earth rocks, and various other trinkets. He is often seen rescuing old outdated things because he develops an emotional attachment towards them. This attachment often grow to the point where he will put his life in the line to save it.

Positive Personality Traits:
  • Strives to keep the Sanctity Treaty as a peacekeeping force that doesn’t intervene in others conflicts or lets themselves be attacked.
  • Upholds the Ideals and Principles of the Sanctity Treaty and tries to be a stern and emotionless leader in public.
  • Always does his best to avoid conflicts.
  • Tests his barriers and defenses, knowing they are unbreakable makes him happy.

Negative Personality Traits:
  • Doesn’t fight back when attacked, usually just sits back and takes it without defending.
  • Always avoids conflict, despite needing to do so sometimes.
  • Tries to suppress emotions
  • Is stuck in the past and likes to retain elements and objects from long ago.
  • Tends to test their opponent and let them attack first and a lot even if the battle or situation requires winning quickly.
  • Rushes into combat when someone is in danger
  • Doesn’t really do the friends thing. Only has about 3 over a 500 year span.
  • Finds it extremely difficult to trust anyone.
  • Rarely smiles.
  • Is oblivious to emotions directed towards him that aren't anger.
  • Has un breakable barriers to make sure no one ever hurts him again

  • Using older forms of technology in combat.
  • Prefers melee combat over ranged combat.
  • Testing his defenses and weapons.
  • Cats
  • Travelling through space.
Favorite Foods:
  • Poutine
  • Ice Cream
  • Pizza
  • Shawarma
  • Burgers
Favorite Drinks:
  • Water
  • Chocolate Milk
  • Fasarian Soda
Favorite Colors:
  • Grey
  • Navy Blue
  • Seeing people in danger.
  • Technology being discarded
  • Raisins
  • Cheating
  • Collecting antiquated technology
  • Tending his ships gardens and forest
  • Being alone
General Character Info

Relationship Status:

Place of Residence:
Aquire Moon of Nchuleft, of the Zion System
Faith of Heart (Columbus Class Starship)

Place of Birth:

  • Soldier of the Canadian Military
  • Soldier of the United States of Earth
  • Soldier of Earth Alliance Spacey
  • Soldier of the Earth Alliance of Sanctity Treaty
  • Supreme Representative of the Sanctity Treaty
  • Contestant in the Tournament of Warriors
  • Erik King Miller (Friend/Rival)
  • Cain Sougun (A strong person he strives to overcome)
  • Erik King Miller (Friend/Rival)
  • Abraham Noah Revil - (Grandson/Clone’s Son)
  • Alieth Tsoyoi-so (Strong female he sometimes trains with)
Wealth Status:
Money no longer exists


  • 1988 - Born in a small Canadian city
  • 2005 - Becomes friends with Erik Miller’s sister and because of her meets Erik Miller
  • 2006 - Begins dating Erik’s sister
  • 2007 - Meets a girl online and fall in love with the online girl despite dating Erik’s sister.
  • 2009 - Drives 400 km to visit the online girl
  • 2009 - Arrives to find her dead.
  • 2009 - Enters a state of depression and joins the Canadian Military
  • 2019 - Gets promoted to Captain
  • 2026 - Gets the Finis Virus, but is cured.
  • 2032 - Becomes a CUBE test pilot
  • 2035 - Is stationed at a USE military base to protect the colonies as people are transported to them from Earth.
  • 2039 - Is a ship captain in the USE vs AoN wars
  • 2048 - With the funding from the military, Liam helps create the Gening
  • 2083 - Liam Savvik dies at the age of 95, before he dies his memories are downloaded and placed into the Gening body.
  • 2090 - The first of many body upgrades is made.
  • 2233 - has spent years living in the colony, as a military member. Is a captain of the Faith of Heart the entire time.
  • 2300 after spending many years on the colony, he finally arrives at Aquire moon and helps Erik and others to write the Sanctity Treaty.
  • 2305 - Liam heads out into the unknown to begin exploring the space around the Sanctity Treaty’s new territory. Two more partially habitable worlds are discovered.
  • 2381 - a new body is built and Liam transfers himself to that one. This body uses exo suit technology.
  • 2445 - Liam has a new Bio-Mechanical body made, the GEN-1NG
  • 2563 - the Soronian - Sanctity Treaty War begins, Liam is a captain and participates in the war despite being a Representative.
  • 2565 - Liam is elected as Supreme Representative of the Sanctity Treaty
  • 2570 - the war with the Soronian ends, Liam peacefully end the war after many losses and failed talks. He is re-elected as the Supreme Representative.
  • 2671 - the Real Hologram System is used to make Liam a organic body with the benefits of a machine one. Due to his love for old technology, he chooses to keep the machine legs.
  • 2687 - Liam becomes a Construct Operator of the Sanctity Treaty
  • 2692 -Liam gets his own personal Kydarin Crystal, a blue one, which is integrated into a sword called Banriu.
  • 2846 - Liam enters the Tournament of Warriors, he makes it past preliminaries but loses to Erik in the first round.
  • 2851 - the second tournament begins, Liam enters, but is pulled into Vescrutia during a climatic battle against Mikio.
Tragedies make you who you are

the General's Theme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tf-VTR_A1Y
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Liam Savvik
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Re: the General

Fri Jan 22, 2016 3:14 pm

[Updated: 1/22/2016]
Tragedies make you who you are

the General's Theme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tf-VTR_A1Y
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Liam Savvik
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Re: the General

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[Updated: 1/27/2019]
Tragedies make you who you are

the General's Theme - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_tf-VTR_A1Y

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