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A new land?


Occupying the better part of the Nami peninsula of the northern island is a long series of spider-webbing streets and paths. Each and every path connects and converges around one massive temple complex at the heart of a city. Around this temple complex are tall pagoda-like skyscrapers that match the equally awe inspiring temple they surround. This is Nami City, the Capital of the North Yonohara.
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Terah Seiler
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Re: A new land?

Tue Aug 07, 2018 12:21 pm

Terah walked with Miles after he'd led her to the streets where everyone was. As she looked upon all the people and the oriental themed building and other things that were very different than the other places she'd been, she would almost instantly forget about her worries and begin pointing at things.

"What time period is this? Where are we? Who are those guys" She would say questioning things rapidly.
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Miles Seiler
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Re: A new land?

Wed Aug 08, 2018 7:18 pm

*Miles chuckled with a slight smile*

"I assure you that you did not move through time. It is still the year it was when my past self had freaked out on you. They are the locals of Yonohara and we are in North Yonohara to be specific. As far as you have experienced its been about 3 minutes but for me it's been MUCH longer."

*As Miles spoke he had brought Terah to a section of the temple courtyard where a giant double door led directly into a separate hall. Here there were tapestries depicting Miles's involvement in the past history of Yonohara. Standing within the door Miles gestured to the tapestries.*

"These tapestries depict my involvement in the many years of Yonohara's past. Come in and I will tell you at least the gist of it. Unfortunately I do have duties to do as this lands Shogun so I cannot be her forever explaining everything."

*Miles waited for Terah to enter before closing the doors behind her.*

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