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A New Age Dawns

Posted: Fri Mar 15, 2019 8:29 pm
by Liam Savvik
The 3 Years War
It began many years before the start of the war, President Johann worked with various region within Laurentia’s northern regions and the Outlands to install puppet leaders. This was all done in secrecy with the Outlands. Johann’s final act and the start of the war, was the attack on Sussex and Beachville to the west of the Outlands. The start of the 3 Years War began, and Laurentia would forever be split in two.

Upon the start of the war, the Northern regions of the Laurentia Empire declared independence, and formed the United States of Laurentia. At the same time, the dictator placed on the throne of the Outlands declared the start of the Imperium Expura, a nation that would end the piracy and lawlessness on the Outlands and install a government with ideals directly opposite of it, funded by the new United States of Laurentia.

War raged for 3 Years between the North (United States of Laurentia) and the South (Anglia Empire). It all ended 3 years after the start of the conflict with the signing of the Order Accord, leaving both the north and south nations as two separate nations.

What remained of those who valued piracy sailed to the far east, and founded the Velikansha Enclave, a nation built on the principles of the former Outlands with a more Feudalist government.

Another new nation that formed was Argoreskstadt, lead by the Devero, a race of sentient tree-folk and the Serperia a race of Naga descended from various species of snake. These new nations hope to have peaceful relation with the other in the world, despite the tensions of the Laurentia and Anglia.

The New Map can be found here - app.php/map?sid=8bacc0c35145e367e15c4fec0660f4a8 -

The Future will see more areas be added to this map making the world larger and more complex.


There has also been an update to the Currency which streamlines all the numbers to be more easily understood.