Kwandrivia V5 - Forumwide Update

Updates to the site and other news, or general things to be announced to the public.
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-- Welcome to Kwandrivia Version 5 --

- The planet is now longer a planet and is now a flat floating world in space, allowing continents and new areas to be added and removed as the story needs them to be.
- Aspects have been limited in number, there are now one per nations
- Old aspects have been moved to the City of Tordenen where a librarian now keeps knowledge of them so that characters who used them in the past can continue to use them
- Several of the old aspects have been updated and some new ones added.
- Each nation will now be more distinct from one another, Laurentia is WW2 USA themed, Halcyon are Magical Elves, Kwandrivia is a pirate nation with feudal japan inspired themes, and russian stuff mixed in.
- Forums themselves have been toned down, there was too much to explore and not enough got used, so now things are smaller.
- There is now a new energy chart that all characters and aspects energy types fall into. - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=1145
- In general a lot of the world building and lore has been updated to allow for better story arcs and development.
- Old threads can be found in the archives forum.

If you have questions, please ask below.
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