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Ezekiel's/Prophets Rod: Ezekiel's Relic: This is the artifact that appeared to me when I became a Shrew, or shortly after I came here. It powerful, as it radiates quite a bit of Navitas, my own, and thus can reflect my own abilities. Like all relics it can serve as a storage container for all of my other items/weapons/artifacts by absorbing them into itself. When this is done, it also reflects any of the abilites of those items.


The first of my studys. It is somewhat similar to my PA.

Teliology Abilities:

Transmutation: I can use Teliology to reshape and reform objects into almost anything else. For now, I can only enlarge the object slightly, but I'm limited in only that respect. I cannot transmute people as well.

Nightmare Summon: I have the power to bring into being a nightmare, a kind of mental and physical chaos maker, that has some power over everyone's fears.

(Nightmare, original form)
Telekinesis: I have the power to control object with my mind, using it to make them float, take them apart, throw things, etc. Can also exert force against living things.

Physical Telekinetics: This happens when I try to use telekinesis without focusing on a target. A semi-transpartent force field appears, doing whatever I want.

(Physical Telekinetics, Force Field/Dome example)

Telepathic Influence/Conscience Expansion: I can extend my mind outwards with this, so that whatever is touched by it, will fill with my consciousness, thus giving me more control over minds, and easier power over illusions. Anyone caught within this is subject to seeing illusions, but only to the extent that they cannot feel real, only look real, if they are touched, they will just pass right through, in other words, they cannot in an of themselves, hurt you. This also adds to my telekinesis power when extended.

Conscious Perimeter: This is the ability to expand ones consciousness or mind over a larger distance than their own personal space. This happens upon a plane called the Dream World, which a plane made up of everyone's mind linked together. Every person who has this ability is on a certain frequency depending on their power. There are hundreds of different frequencies, and thus the chance of two Shrews being on the same frequency is highly unlikely. However, if you are high ranked enough (Harbinger or higher at least) a Shrew can actually control which frequency they are on, and at the highest levels, even cover multiple frequencies. When two Shrews are on the same frequency, and their Conscious perimeter's cross each other, a battle of wills happens, and whoever mental drive is weaker will lose, and they will suffer severe damage until they lower their Conscious Perimeter, otherwise they will risk being knocked out or suffering permanent damage. The Conscious Perimeter is otherwise used for tracking and the like, as they can usually read the minds of all those who are within the perimeter easily, and can also see anything that happens otherwise within the perimeter, allowing them a wider view of 'vision' so to speak.

Prophet Powerup: I can use any of the abilities of my natural powers (PA), but with Navitas as another additional energy source fueling it. When this happens, they powers themselves increase in power, speed, and effectiveness up to 4x depending on the power exerted, but also exhaust me as fast as the power is increased.

Teleportation: Allows for dimensional movement through portals creation or direct space displacement/switching.

Second Study


Basic Speed manipulation: I can use Chronology to influence the speed of things/objects. If I throw a kunai, I can make it shoot at a higher rate of speed then normal, so that it has more punch when it hits. I can also use this to speed my own actions up. As I'm already pretty fast, I can make it now so that I can move at over mach 3 or 4, basically becoming invisible to the naked eye when moving at this rate. I could possibly move faster, with more practice. (Objects effected by this can also become a blur of movement when applied, as they are moving so fast) I can also use this to either slow myself, or other objects down, not to a complete stop, but enough to make a difference in certain situations. (Note this doesn't work on other people unless I touch them first)

Chronos Aura: I can make a certain area around me become a time distorted area. Within this field, anyone or thing within will begin to slow down, moving to a crawl as they near me. Within touching distance from me, they will be slowed down by 75%. three feet/ not touching distance (Whatever that is) from me, they will move at a cut of 50% their speed, and once outside 5 foot, it cuts to 25%. Anything between 5ft and 10ft will be cut down by 10% of their speed. The aura, when activated, is filled with small purple sphere like things that float all around.

Chronoforce: Mutation of Navitas which has the ability to bend speed and time around it. Physically manifested, it can slow/speed objects or create areas of increased or decreased speed/time. It also has the ability at higher ranks to create time distortions, which have the ability to move a person through time/space, allowing for teleportation like movement.

Time/Chrono Seals: I can touch an object, and place a seal or tattoo on it, making slowed down and also while the seal is on it, slows down anything touching or around it. Once I touch the object again, the seal can be released, and they object returns to normal. Seals are intangible and cannot be affected by people/other things which are in present time. The only exception is these things can be affected by Reality like powers (Teliology --> reality destruction for example) as they still exist in this reality, just not in this time. They can also be affected by other time-based powers. These Seals can also be placed on living things, people and animals, however, the seal wears off after time. If I was to place it on a person, it would wear off depending on the amount of energy they have, and what kind of powers they can exert. A seal placed on a person will not last more than 15 min. tops. (This would be like someone who is 7th rank, people higher up in rank will have less seal time). I'll make a chart to explain further, as I probably need to.

7th Rank: 15 min (three posts)
6th Rank: 13 min (two posts)
5th Rank: 11 min(two posts)
4th Rank: 9 min (two posts)
3rd Rank: 7 min (one post)
2nd Rank: 5 min (One post)
1st Rank: 3 min (half a post, will be able to move normally within next post after I place the seal on)

Third Study


Elemental Prowess: Can use power over physics to command forces of fire, earth, lightning, and ice in varying volumes and intensities.

Gravitational Manipulation: Can manipulate gravity adding it to my attacks and defenses, or even using it as a force or attack of its own. Able to increase up to 110x the original force of gravity, or totally release an area of gravity. Restrained to strong manipulation within a few yards out from me, otherwise my control becomes weaker as whatever I'm manipulating gets further away.

Electricity Manipulation: Can manipulate electricity by using ions, electrons, and also creating static electricity strong enough to cause lightning bolts to fall, or to use to inhibit an opponents movement, although takes more energy that way, and is again dependent on range.

Magnetism Manipulation: Can use to manipulate metal, and also create electricity. Can be used as a very strong force, as I can even find an gather tiny pieces of metal in the ground, and manipulate them to do whatever. Also dependent on range for power.

4th Study.


Soulforce: Life energy or one of the purist of Soul/Spirit energy, and also the Soul energy counterpart/mutation of Navitas. This energy can be very deteriorating, and also allows access to a persons spirit/soul, Suck and drain life force or spirit/soul of a person or their attacks, as well as varied other abilities.

(Soulforce, though it can come in many shades of green depending on the user)
Soul Tracking: I can send out any size pulse of invisible Soulforce. Any Soul that it touches I will be able to feel and track. The pulse is impossible to see, and very hard to sense, or avoid.

Soulforce Aura: Skin tight aura of Soulforce that protects me from other Soulforce and spirit attacks, and also deteriorates things that touch me, making them weaker.

Skeleton Summon: Can animate skeletons with Soulforce, which allows them to act as soldiers for me, as they can act on their own mainly, however, they still follow my wants and mental direction.

Soulforce Body: Allows me to access other body parts, like arms, with Soulforce, by creating another body out of it that fits inside my own, but then can be extended out of my body at will.

(Soulforce body)
Soul Ward: A ward is a field around the user filled with energy to stop a certain attack or energy. Soul Ward does this by filling the area around me in a circle with Soulforce that is directed to resist and reject other Soulforce, spirit, soul, etc energies that should come near/in it. It also wards the undead away from me.

Animation: Allows me to inject Soulforce which will animate the object and allow it to act like it is alive. The objects will then also do whatever I want them too if I intend them to do something.

Ether Dragon Summon/Creation: Summons/creates a skeletal creature that looks like a dragon out of pure Soulforce. Ether Dragon can act on its own, and can be any size too, can also fluctuate sizes.

(Ether Dragon)
Dragon Liche: Summons up to three enormous skeletons of dragons which are bound with Soulforce, however act on their own free will, although they usually serve me, since I did summon them. They are very strong and powerful, and can also use two abilities" Use/Direct Soulforce and Spew Flames like real dragons do. They also can fly.

(Dragon Liche, several examples)

(All three present)

5th Study:
Ability to create minions out of objects around or even energy.

Examples: (Can do other objects and some of my own energies too, just not with people, animals for the most part, and other peoples energy)

Tree Minion: I must have physical or energy contact with a tree to turn the tree into a minion, which has red eyes.

Earth Minion: Creates minion out of pebbles and stones, and have red eyes.

Air Minion: Creates man sized whirlwinds which also have red eyes.

Psychic Demon: Creates a minion out of M-type Astral energy.

6th Study:

Aetherforce: A mutation of Navitas which has a defensive property to it and is used to build auras, barriers, gates, and sigils that the Auramancer uses.

Air/Wind Element: Aether is closely tied to the element of air, and thus gives the user the ability to manipulate air and wind easily.

Aether-Aura Alignments: Here is listed those aura-alignments that have been unlocked.
→Temple/Halo Aura: This Aura presents itself around or above the mancer’s head, giving it a halo appearance. It gives better defense against mental type attacks.

→Palm/Shield Aura: This Aura presents itself around the mancer’s hands, giving them shield like appearance. It gives better defense against physical type attacks.

→Heart/Armor Aura: This Aura presents itself around the mancer’s torso, giving it the look of armor. It gives the best defense against spiritual type attacks.

→Beyond/Space Aura: This Aura is unique in that it manifests itself outside the mancer’s body and often takes on the look of a small wisp or fairy like light. It gives the best defense against multiple attackers or those who use minions/summons.
Barriers: Here is listed the different barriers than can be used. Barriers can be shaped in various sizes and shapes, including to surround the user as well as walls and AoE ward types.
→Psybarrier: (Teliology + Aethermancy) Creates a strong barrier against mental energy and presence (Telepathy, Telekinetic influence, etc.)
→Chronobarrier: (Chronology + Aethermancy) Creates a barrier which will simply slow all that touches it. Anything can pass through, but all touched will have their speed severely reduced.
→Anti-Gravity Barrier (Physics + Aethermancy) Creates a barrier of strong anti-gravity, so that whatever touches it will have gravitational effects upon it lifted. This will cause most physical attacks/objects to be caught in the barrier and float around within/along it.
→Soul Barrier: (Necromancy + Aethermancy) Creates a barrier that Soul-bearing beings or objects cannot pass (Or must break barrier before passing through).
→Gate Barrier: (Aethermancy) Creates a barrier which will resist teleportational/dimension movement through.
Gates: Gives the Aethermaner the ability create portals called Aether Gates. These can be used for summoning, movement, and defense.

Sigils: Special symbols of power that Aethermancers use to do a variety of things, depending on the type of sigil. 15 Sigil limit on the field at any one time.
→Elemental Trap: (Physics + Aethermancy) Creates a sigil which is infused with one elemental type. Upon touching the sigil, it would activate, causing a blast or root of the elemental type.
→Chrono-Seal: (Chronology + Aethermancy) Expands on the Chrono Seals (listed above), giving them the ability upon touch or being placed to freeze whatever is touched in a time loop indefinitely until I release the seal or it is broken.
→Gate Sigil: (Aethermancy) Multiples of these can be created and connected together to create a mini portal system which anyone allowed can use. Upon touching the sigil, they will be teleported to the other sigil.
→Soul Sigil: (Necromancy + Aethermancy) Sigils which can be used to either bind a Soul into an object or body, or can be used to contain a soul/spirit into one area like a trap, which is activated by touch.
→Mind Sigil: (Teliology + Aethermancy) Sigils which affect the mind, sealing memories away, giving mental defense to allies, or as a touch activated trap, causing the mind to be lost a hypnosis like state.



Emotion Aura: Teliology + Necromancy: Creates an aura over me and most of the area which allows me to influence the emotions and feelings of all the people within, by affecting both their mind and spirit/soul. Thus I can increase/decrease fear, hunger, pain, anger, sleepiness, etc.

Regavikinesis: Teliology + Physics: Combines Telekinesis, Power over Reality, and Gravitational power all into one. With this, I have a super powered Telekinesis of sorts, and with it, I'm able to control things with utter precision, and power, even able to move large objects with what would seem to be little effort, and with much precision. This also allows me to overpower other peoples control over something's. For example: if a mediocre earth bender shot a large bolder towards me, I could use Regavikinesis to overpower their control, and move the bolder how I wanted to. This all depends on the users experience with their abilities, so if someone had just gained their abilities, they would be more susceptible to this than someone who is well experienced with theirs. Also can over power other Telekinetics/Psyokinetics/Kinetics/etc easily with this, depending on the other person's rank and experience with them, or at least resist them.

Superior Teleportation: (Passive) Teliology + Aethermancy: Combines Teliology's teleportation abilities with Aethermancy's gate abilities. The result is stronger and quicker teleportation abilities. Portals now can be larger and transport more at a faster rate.


Telichronomancy Shell: Teliology + Necromancy + Chronology: Im able to create these anywhere, and in any shape or size. They are shells of Telekinetic, Telepathic, and Chrono, and Soulforce forces which are able to bind and also block by contact attack/ object which is bound by Spirit/Soul, time or the mind (psychic abilities are blocked too). Once something touches the Shell, they are frozen in the shell, unable to move from it, including people too. When they touch, they are removed from time, reality, and soul/spirit, being sealed away. The Shells themselves cannot be absorbed as energy because the shells will remove the force/energy trying to absorb or convert them before they can be converted.

(Picture example of Telichronoancy Shell)

Telimanic Gravity: Teliology + Necromancy+ Physics: Creates an intensified gravity or a lessened gravity in the area which also affects the mind, and soul/spirit of a person, and any powers thereof. Thus, Spirit/Soul, Telepathic, telekinetic, and other physical powers will all be affected as well as the mind, soul, and body of anyone on the field, making them all heavier or lighter, or in the case that I direct the gravity in one direction or another, pushes/pulls them in that direction. (Mind and Soul of a person will be weighed down accordingly, thus making them think faster, and their body will also be affected, Reiatsu, Shikai/Bankai transformations will be affected, etc)


Being-Alignment Fission: Aethermancy + Teliology + Necromancy + Chronology: Allows me to split my Physical, Mental, and Spiritual self into three different parts, all independent of each other. Each self has different capabilities as far as Studies:
All: Aethermancy, Chronology, Minionism
Physical: Physics
Mental: Teliology
Spiritual: Necromancy
Each also has all the same aspects and other powers/abilities of the original.

Omega Minions: Ezekiel's Shrew Clones Minionism + Teliology + Necromancy + Aethermancy: Allows me to create a Shrewish clone of myself that as access to all of my Shrewish abilities of my original, however at a much lower power (about 4th rank). These clones cannot be created instantaneously, rather they take a longer time to create, needing consistent feeding of energy and balanced development. It takes about 1-3 months to develop one and afterward, I must rest for about the same amount of time before attempting to create another. This ability funnels the normal creation of a minion (through Minionism) with the fusion of a Soul and Mind to the minion. The minions themselves have mental connection to me, but otherwise can think and act on their own.

Universal Combinations:

Vates Vires/Prophet's Hand: This combines Regavikinesis (Telekinesis and Gravity), Repulse, Astral Force, and Divine Force all together into one. These, once bound together in this form, are inseparable, and thus cannot be fought off individually, nor picked apart. The force of this unification of forces creates a force or "telekinesis" that cannot be overridden by any other telekinesis/control of the mind that there is known. Thus, it can be used to protect my attacks from being manipulated or in some cases, destroyed at all. By itself, it can be used as a super force, which has the potential to override other forces. Can also, because of psychic ties, be used on a mental level to damage and break though even the toughest of mental barriers, as well as bring down very powerful psychic foes, and attack other peoples minds with extreme mental force. Being its a combo of some of my most powerful moves, it takes EXTREME concentration, to the point where I cannot move. I also cannot use it more than 2 times in a single battle.
((Just put this here cuz it deals with this aspect too...can post it in the PA too, if need be...))
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:Updated: Added new Aethermancy Study and adjusted/added Altus/Eximius abilities.
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