Enclave Archipelago

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  • Velikansha Enclave
    Theme: Pirate and Outlaw Refuge
    Leader: Empress Kyungho Choe
    Aspect: Contract of Marque
    Population: 46,000,000


    “Among the Enclaves, the impossible can become the possible”

    Velikansha is the most culturally diverse location on the globe. Located on a large archipelago filled with small towns, bustling cities and one massive megalopolis is the land of Velikansha. It's economy is globally free, allowing anyone and everything to do business in any of the ports of Velikansha. Velikansha is the perfect place of opportunity, a land free from taxes, government and most laws. It's a land where money and power reigns supreme. If you have power, cunning, or the money, the things you can do in Velikansha are near endless. It is a light that shines globally for those hoping to head to the islands and start anew, or just experience something new. But with every light, there is a shadow…

    Velikansha is a haven, a hotspot, the go to place smugglers, criminals, marauders, and mercenaries looking to amass a fortune or just make a quick buck. Perhaps they come here for seduction, or the lure of a life no other nation can provide them. The entire Archipelago holds untold riches if you're cunning, brave or strong enough to grasp them from the iron grip of someone else.

    46 Million people call Velikansha home, with nearly 22 million of them living in the bustling megalopolis known as Tsargorod Special City.
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  • Discord Ocean
    The Ocean surrounding the Enclave Archipelago that is claimed by Velikansha is known as the Ocean of Discord. All vessels entering and leaving the nations will have to come and go through here. The waters are filled with pirates, mafia, outlaws and even regular folks looking for an honest living.
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