United States of Laurentia

Theme: WW2 Late Stage Capitalism USA
Leader: President Johann Johansonn
Aspect: Servants of the Legion
Population: 75,000,000

The United States of Laurentia is the land of hopes and dreams, freedom and prosperity "The Laurentian Dream"... Or it used to be. Now the country is filled with corrupt monopolies, a capitalist government and a two party system that are both drifting and further and further right with each president. Laurentia is stuck in a cold war state with Halcyon, and because of this nearly 1 trillion is spend annually on it's military. A nation of almost exclusively humans, rascism runs rampant, especially agaisnt High Elves that choose to immigrate. The people here are not in poverty, nor are they oppressed, instead, they are loyal and patriotic, ready to fight for Laurentia and defend the Star Striped Banner. As the worlds second largest nation, and top superpower, Laurentia is a place where the rich live and the richer get richer. The capital of Laurentia is New Acadia, a city of 13 million people and the economical powerhouse of the nation.
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