Tordenen, the City of Order

Theme: Mixed Theme
Leader: Farron, Verti, Thundarius
Aspect: Library of the Lost
Population: 2,300,000


Abilities, Special Weapons and Powers do not work here

Tordenen is the land of order, where all things merge and unite into a city where all are welcome and none are left behind. It's leaders, the Order make sure the world of Kwandrivia and all it's nations abide by the laws and rules. Due to the Order's presence, all abilities, powers and weapons do not work here. Many things can be found within the City of Tordenen, including the Library of the Lost where all former aspects are kept.
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  • Spires of Order
    Located at the heart of Tordenen is a massive towering building with 3 separate towers that form a hollow triangle. At the top of each tower is an officer for each order member, Verti, Farron and Thundarius can usually be found here.
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  • Long Library
    Bookshelves stacked from ceiling to floor fill this library hall. Books on the lost aspects of the Old World reside here as well as newer records on Kwantus as a whole. It is maintained by Asciliae, the Master Librarian, who is familiar with every book here personally and even knowledgeable enough to teach any of the lost aspects of the Old World.
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  • Tordenen Komudome
    The Tordenen Komudome is a massive stadium built by Velikansha to house fights, events and tournaments that the Order hosts. It is also a place where power can be used without restriction and fear of damaging landscapes or property. Death is also impossible here if the fighters choose that option. It is the prime location for character versus character battles.
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  • Faunlora Tavern and Inn
    A big ol gathering spot for all adventurers and citizens alike. It's an old British style pub, with a 20 story hotel above it.
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