Before the arrival of the people from the Outlands, the city was an improvised area as a result of the locals having been taken away be nearby nations as slaves. What remained of the ruins was rebuilt into shanties, tenements, makeshift buildings and homes by returning Belyy Oni and anyone else who moved in to profit off the islands after the wars had subsided and people left.

Tsargorod is the capital of the Velikansha and the regional capital of the Pyervy Krai. It’s names comes from the Belyy Oni words for “King City” The city is a mess of thousands of makeshift buildings, houses and structures all built off scraps, pillaged anything and even old ship hulls. The city is the heart of Velikansha and home to millions of thugs, criminals and people just trying to live a life free of capitalism, communism, king's or taxes.

Tsargorod is built deep into the Bujeong Bay alongside tall steep cliffsides.
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