the Province of Keiz

Theme: Celestial Knowledge Keepers
Leader: Elzir
Aspect: Studies of the Shrew
Population: ????


Located on Murkmire Island is a....
  • Executive Hedron
    The Executive Hedron (Octohedron)
    Lower - Executive Offices - Take the Televator here to see the White Shrew.
    Upper - Dwelling of the White Shrew - Private get away from the Shrewish leader. Panoramic view over all of Keiz from top window. No admittance without permission.
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  • Executive Promenade
    A large open area filled with trees, grassy areas and natural stuff for relaxation and recreation. The Televator Crystal would act as an environmental controller keeping the pyramid in comfortable condition and temperature while also providing means of transportation between the levels
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  • Cardinal North - Pyramid of Fortification
    Pyramid of Fortification
    Upper Promenade - Office of War and Peace - Battle Guardian oversees security and battle strategies here. Current Guardian: Medius
    Middle Promenade - Holofield Training - Training area able to replicate any sort of environment or battle situation.
    Lower Promenade - Armoury/Warehousing - Place where spare weapons and supplies are kept. Enter only with permission from a Guardian.
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  • Upper Promenade
    An area for shops and small businesses if they need a space in Keiz. Merchants from other nations if allowed can set up shop on this level.

    Keiz's pokemon centre and gym are found here.
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  • Cardinal East - Pyramid of Essense
    Pyramid of Essence
    Upper Promenade - Enshrined Sepulcher - Spiritual Temple of the Shrews. Overseeing Guardian: Mirg
    Middle Promenade - The Hospital - Place of healing for all injuries and aliments. Overseeing Guardian: Kama Kento
    Lower Promenade - Graveyard: Where the remains of past heroes are placed and honor stones placed in remembrance.
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  • Mid Promenade
    A large open area where foods are grown.
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  • Cardinal West - Pyramid of Rest
    Pyramid of Rest
    Upper Promenade - Singles Homes: Places for those without couples, usually small homes.
    Middle Promenade - Family Homes: Homes for those with two or more people, great place for kids and small pets.
    Lower Promenade - Companion Housing: Homes for those with large companions too large to fit in the Upper and Mid Promenade.
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  • Lower Promenade
    An area kept artificially dark to grow rocks, crystals and metals. From above one can see down into it, but from inside, the area is pitch black.
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  • Cardinal South - Pyramid of Knowledge
    Pyramid of Knowledge
    Upper Promenade - the Forgery - Come here to have artifacts forged, repaired, or upgraded. Overseeing Guardian: Abraham Revil
    Middle Promenade - Library Level 2
    Lower Promenade - Library Level 1
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  • The Courtyard
    A small clearing, only 200 feet wide along the outside of the pyramid. The surrounding trees off the marsh-forests and swamps mark the clear boundary around Keiz's pyramid. A good place for a quiet walk, picnic, solo training, or friendly spar.
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  • Resting Pool
    A large resting pool, Cardinal north of the pyramid. The waters are crystal blue and clear, unlike the surrounding marsh waters, a treat for swimmers and water purists alike.
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  • The Baron's Domain
    Deep beneath the bluff containing the spire tunnels lies a large open cavern connecting the upper tunnels and an even deeper cave system that snakes its way beneath the rest of the marshes, eventually connecting to the Pit and mountain ranges. The majority of the open cavern and connected cave system is underwater, save for a few rock formations and towering stalagmites that manage to stand just above the surface. It is here that the Barron makes his home and is able to move across the expansive marshlands with ease and stealth. A warning to all those who venture below, those who dare access the cavernous network will almost certainly remain for the rest of their lives. None save the Barron can navigate subterranean labyrinths.
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  • The Spire Tunnels
    Directly in the center of the Barron’s territory sits a small tree covered bluff of pure rock. Three separate cave mouths hidden across the bluff lead into an intricate cavernous network, which serves as resting spaces for the Anneptii. No outside light permeates this space, rather a luminous glow emanating from exotic mushrooms lights the passageways that crisscross throughout and beneath the bluff. No mortal has set foot inside and returned again from the Den of the Anneptii...
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  • Outerscape
    Anything that isnt named by the Baron is part of the Outscape, his watchful presence keeps an eye, and mind on everything here.
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  • Cove Falls
    Covering the southern tip of the Keys are the Murk Flats, a vast expanse of marshes covered by a tall canopy above. The area itself is littered with hundreds of active sulfur geysers, which erupt without warning, spraying sulfur polluted water straight up and in all directions, endangering any who come into contact with the corrosive spray. The very ground itself, if it could be called that, is unstable and mucky. The water is so diluted with sulfur that even breathing the gases that rise off of it could be dangerous. The journey is not for the faint of heart, nor what lies a little further north.
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  • The Murk Flats
    An expansive bay lying just Northwest of the Province of Keiz. The land surrounding the bay buffer the waters with white sandy beaches and exotic palm trees. The water of the bay itself is a blue-green and crystal clear to the bottom, allowing swimmers or shipfayerers to see directly to the sandy bottom
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  • Farron Bay
    Up until some recent quarrels with the leaders of the Annepti and the Shrews, the Farron Bay used to look like a calm paradise beach lined bay. Now since their battle, the entire landscape has been torn apart, as if a hurricane passed through.
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  • Boneyard
    A ancient and natural graveyard that stretches across the southwestern boarder of the Murkwood Keys. Bones of every shape and size can be found here, some in entire skeletons of huge behemoths that once roamed the land, and others scattered about seemingly at random. The bones are not the most troubling ordeal, nor is the stench, but rather the Carrion Vultures and other scavengers which thrive on the decay. Inexplicably, some power has been given to these creatures through the carrion they feed upon, which has given them a hunger...a hunger that will not be denied...
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  • Whirlpool Crossings
    The eastern marshlands of the Province are subject to a massive whirlpool, whose stirrings help to give some movement in the waters to the otherwise stagnant marshlands, even if just a little. The whirlpool pulls water from the marshlands as well as run off from the surrounding mountains and plunges them deep into the underwater cave systems known as The Pit. Few who are caught in the currents are able to free themselves from its grip.
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  • Jutte Lake
    500 meters below sea level, with waterfalls cascading into it from all directions is the Jutted Lake. Down here lie some of the most vicious of lake creatures, ones only the Annepti could ever get along with.
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  • The Pit
    A mysterious cavern system deep beneath the marshes of the Murkwood Keys, expansive enough to connect to the deep roots of the surrounding mountain ranges. The great whirlpool above sucks in a deluge of water and whatever is caught within it is plummeted down nearly seventy feet into the earth, to the bottom of what is now loosely called The Pit. Ruins of ships and other sea baring vessels are said to litter the bottom, although it goes unconfirmed for none who have been swallowed have ever been seen again
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