I have Rebuilt the Kwandrivia Roleplay World, there are new national banner and a simplified layout that is easier to use and has less subforums. I have also skipped the Civil War Idea I had and just made the new layout with that in mind.

The Laurentia Empire has now split into two nations, the Anglia Empire and the United States of Laurentia.

United States of Laurentia


At the end of the Laurentia Empire civil war two nations stood strong on either side of the Destreds Sea. The northern nation became known as the Unites States of Laurentia. Laurentia was the first to instigate the Laurentia Civil War. Laurentia like it's southern counterpart both share similar ideals and ways of life, but both couldnt be any different. the United States of Laurentia is a power hungry state who's primary and sole focus is it's military. Laurentia is divided into 6 States and one District.

The Capital of Laurentia is the Acadia District. The Acadia District is the name given to the region of land that is occupied by hundreds of former cities that amalgamated to form the Mega-City of Acadia or the Acadia District. The District is home to 25 different Wards, and is both the capital and largest city of Laurentia. the Acadia District is the most populous metropolitan area on Kwandrivia boasting an astounding 351,434,607 citizens. It is the seat of Laurentia’s President and it’s government. the Acadia District it divided through the centre by the Destreds Sea, making it the perfect port city. The Core of the Acadia District has no height restrictions, this allowed the city’s core to rise up. Thousands of building dots the core along the Desteds Sea making one impressive near endless skyline.

Representative: Johann Johnson
National Theme: Near-Future
Aspects: Super Soldier Program
  • The Circle
    The Circe is the military headquarters of the United States of Laurentia. The massive building gets its name from the fact the building is a perfect circle.
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  • Metropolitan PokeField
    A massive Pokemon Centre, Store and Gym all combined into one building that was buitl inside an abandoned BaseBall Stadium. The Gym leader here tends to be HOT headed.
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  • Acadia Disctrict
    Million of people call this area home, they live in farms, suburbs and towers that seemingly have no end. The entire area used to be smaller countries, farms and towns until Britannica and eventually Laurentia conquered them and united them. Eventually the countries population exploded and all the farms and small towns grew closer and closer until the area was simply called the Acadia District.
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  • Empire District Building
    the Empire District Building at one point in the Acadia District’s history was the tallest building in all the Empire. It wasn't until building codes were lifted that it was dwarfed by the buildings around it. Luckily for the building, it was designated a heritage zone and all smaller building around it were purchased, torn down and the land converted into a small park. Since those times, the building lies in the shadows of those around it. The building is government run and houses the International Commission of Security and Intelligence.
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  • Yukaska
    The least populous state in all of Laurentia. The state is best known for it's vast tundra and the Laurentia Forest that is the only preserved forests in Laurentia. It is only thanks to persuasion from the High Elves and the Order that the Laurentia Forest still remains.
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  • Novada
    Novada is a desert and grassland state. The area was once forested, but has since been clearcut to make room for wheat, corn and other crops. The desert that was once a small and cold has since grown nearly double in size thanks to the deforestation and climate change in the area. There are 3 main regions in Novado, Stumplands is the name given to the barren land of tree stumps on the west coats of the Laurentia. It was here almost all of the Laurentia's lumber and wood came from. All that cutting and deforestation also resulted in the creation of both the Desert of Shifting Sands and the Stumplands. A seemingly average arid desert, these sands take to heart the aspect of balance and counterbalance. With arid hot days come bitter cold nights. With rain and humidity in one week comes drought and flash fires the next, with senses of danger comes senses of peace. The land itself is the embodiment of both extremes in shifting, alternating tandem. The Devoid Grasslands is a region of the Laurentia that is relatively barren and void of living things, besides grass that is. The grass however is not green, it is a light tan colour that makes it appear as sand from far off. In the wind, grass vortexes are whipped up creating quite the sight. A massive Grand Canyon also runs through this state.
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  • Wyorado
    A state that is almost all mountainous. The entire state borders the Halcyon Kingdom. This area in the past was the place of many great battles and massive mining operations. The state has two main mountain ranges. The Triumph Ranges are just like any ordinary snow peaked mountains, they are rocky, have little vegetation and are used for mining an skiing. Rising far above the Triumph Rangers are needle like spires of solid granite, named the Forever Spires. These spires are the result of a first rank battle in which one of the warriors ended up transmuting a portion of the mountain range resulting in their creation. These spires make the perfect battleground for those who have the ability of flight.
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  • Illihio
    Illihio is a massive area of rural landscape filled with endless farms and small towns.
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  • Las Feratus Peninsula
    Las Feratus is a warm, dry and low lying area that is best known for the wind shaped Feratus Stacks. The Capital is Las Feratus City.
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  • Louissippi
    Louissippi is the swamp state, and it's name is that because all of the state is either a swamp, or a marsh. This state is the only state to border 3 different countries.
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  • Solidity Fortress Town
    Solidity is a old pre-industrial age fortress that was used by the Empire to protect it's northern waters, After being long abandoned by the Empire, the Megh people found it and made it their home.
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  • Bosery City Slums
    Bosery City was the location of the Laurentia Empire's first successful Nuclear Reactor. However, this reactor was flawed, it's major flaw was that it was not protected by a concrete shell. This meant that in the event of a meltdown, the radiation from the meltdown would be contained inside the concrete. Both money and haste were to blame. The lack of proper inspections and no concrete barrier would ultimately spell disaster for the Bosery City Reactor. 50 years ago the reactor went critical, no one but the rich and famous were warned, leaving anyone without warning behind. The entire city and the area around it were lost to the fallout, the city and the millions who remained either died, or became sick. 50 years later, present day, the city remains, but it is nothing but a decaying slum, home to anyone who doesn't have one within the Laurentia Empire. The Laurentia Military eventually built a wall around the city, keeping the slums and it's people in, and the crime and decay that followed out. Now there is all but one rule. You may enter the city, but never leave.
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  • New Florgia
    New Florgia is the replacement for Florgia. Florgia was an old fort town used to protect the entrance to the Destreds Sea from the west. It was inevitably destroyed in war resulting in the construction of New Florgia. New Florgia is a fishing town now, and a really successful one at that.
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  • Las Feratus City
    Las Feratus is a self governing city on the far reaches of the Las Feratus Peninsula. Other than a overly dangerous road that leads from the Acadia District and runs along a 300 meter dropoff the only other way to reach the city is by using the newly constructed Super Empire Connecting Bridge. Historically, Las Feratus was a prison city, but the was eventually disbanded. Now it's just a ghostly place where the more dangerous of Laurentian's wind up.
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  • Ruins of the Zabnjarsi Empire - Solaris Necropolis
    Lining the Grand Canyon are hundreds of ancient pyramids and ruins, among the largest of these clusters are the ruins of the Zabnjarsi Empire. These ruins are highly preserved and highly guarded, not by the Laurentia, but by those who continue to live and fight for their lost empire. Most of the empire has been lost to the sands, a sand that is unforgiving and easy to get lost in.

    This is now the dwelling place of Kasane "Aton" Reiya. Built deep in the Desert of Shifting Balance, a pyramid structure jutting from the very sands, the internal structure stretching far below the surface. Inside is fill with dim passageways and markings of Egyptian lore. Hieroglyphs coat nearly every surface, often glowing blue or gold, a touch a magic no doubt filling this place. Beware those who enter uninvited....danger lurks in every corner.
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  • R.A.T. Manor
    R.A.T. Manor is the home of Sergeant R.A.T. it is Located on the outskirts of the Acadia District, just beyond the area where a massive wealthy suburb is located.
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