Pyramids of Keiz

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  • Executive Hedron
    The Executive Hedron (Octohedron)
    Lower - Executive Offices - Take the Televator here to see the White Shrew.
    Upper - Dwelling of the White Shrew - Private get away from the Shrewish leader. Panoramic view over all of Keiz from top window. No admittance without permission.
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  • Executive Promenade
    A large open area filled with trees, grassy areas and natural stuff for relaxation and recreation. The Televator Crystal would act as an environmental controller keeping the pyramid in comfortable condition and temperature while also providing means of transportation between the levels
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  • Cardinal North - Pyramid of Fortification
    Pyramid of Fortification
    Upper Promenade - Office of War and Peace - Battle Guardian oversees security and battle strategies here. Current Guardian: Medius
    Middle Promenade - Holofield Training - Training area able to replicate any sort of environment or battle situation.
    Lower Promenade - Armoury/Warehousing - Place where spare weapons and supplies are kept. Enter only with permission from a Guardian.
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  • Upper Promenade
    An area for shops and small businesses if they need a space in Keiz. Merchants from other nations if allowed can set up shop on this level.

    Keiz's pokemon centre and gym are found here.
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  • Cardinal East - Pyramid of Essense
    Pyramid of Essence
    Upper Promenade - Enshrined Sepulcher - Spiritual Temple of the Shrews. Overseeing Guardian: Mirg
    Middle Promenade - The Hospital - Place of healing for all injuries and aliments. Overseeing Guardian: Kama Kento
    Lower Promenade - Graveyard: Where the remains of past heroes are placed and honor stones placed in remembrance.
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  • Mid Promenade
    A large open area where foods are grown.
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  • Cardinal West - Pyramid of Rest
    Pyramid of Rest
    Upper Promenade - Singles Homes: Places for those without couples, usually small homes.
    Middle Promenade - Family Homes: Homes for those with two or more people, great place for kids and small pets.
    Lower Promenade - Companion Housing: Homes for those with large companions too large to fit in the Upper and Mid Promenade.
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  • Lower Promenade
    An area kept artificially dark to grow rocks, crystals and metals. From above one can see down into it, but from inside, the area is pitch black.
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  • Cardinal South - Pyramid of Knowledge
    Pyramid of Knowledge
    Upper Promenade - the Forgery - Come here to have artifacts forged, repaired, or upgraded. Overseeing Guardian: Abraham Revil
    Middle Promenade - Library Level 2
    Lower Promenade - Library Level 1
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  • The Courtyard
    A small clearing, only 200 feet wide along the outside of the pyramid. The surrounding trees off the marsh-forests and swamps mark the clear boundary around Keiz's pyramid. A good place for a quiet walk, picnic, solo training, or friendly spar.
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  • Resting Pool
    A large resting pool, Cardinal north of the pyramid. The waters are crystal blue and clear, unlike the surrounding marsh waters, a treat for swimmers and water purists alike.
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