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    Deep beneath the bluff containing the spire tunnels lies a large open cavern connecting the upper tunnels and an even deeper cave system that snakes its way beneath the rest of the marshes, eventually connecting to the Pit and mountain ranges. The majority of the open cavern and connected cave system is underwater, save for a few rock formations and towering stalagmites that manage to stand just above the surface. It is here that the Barron makes his home and is able to move across the expansive marshlands with ease and stealth. A warning to all those who venture below, those who dare access the cavernous network will almost certainly remain for the rest of their lives. None save the Barron can navigate subterranean labyrinths.
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  • The Spire Tunnels
    Directly in the center of the Barron’s territory sits a small tree covered bluff of pure rock. Three separate cave mouths hidden across the bluff lead into an intricate cavernous network, which serves as resting spaces for the Anneptii. No outside light permeates this space, rather a luminous glow emanating from exotic mushrooms lights the passageways that crisscross throughout and beneath the bluff. No mortal has set foot inside and returned again from the Den of the Anneptii...
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  • Outerscape
    Anything that isnt named by the Baron is part of the Outscape, his watchful presence keeps an eye, and mind on everything here.
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