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Ascendency of Titaus

This Territory is not governed or watched by the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations, enter at your own risk.

The Ascendency of Titaus is the only nation in Kwandrivian Space that is not Allied or part of the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations. The Ascendency of Titaus is home to the Titaus Giants, The Titaus Giants are a race of 17 meter tall giants that lived on Kwandrivia during the time of the Old Kingdoms, it was upon the rise of the Holy Laurentia Kingdom that the Titaus Giants were finally exiled and forced to Kwandrivia's Ghialndus Moon. Since thier exlie, the Giants have made this their home, they have also declared Kwandrivia and it's Legion of Nations enemies but have yet to take action against them.
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  • Vaugn Braughn City
    Vaughn Braughn City is the only place the Titaus Giant's can call home. Hundreds of years ago for the only time in history, the High Elves and Native Humans of Kwandrivia allied together to fight the Titaus Giants and their rampage to claim land throughout Kwandrivia. The Titaus Giants eventually lost this war loosing 90% of the male population and were forced into exile. The giants took what they had left and used magic and science to transports their dying people to Ghilandus Moon. Not long after landing Vaughn Braughn City was formed and the Titaus Giants began a new life, on a world they could call their own. Since the war and the formation of Vaughn Braughn the Titaus Giants and the people of Kwandrivia are now at peace, for now.
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  • Neverending Jungles
    Before the Terra-fomation of Ghilandus, what little life that resided on the moon was massive. The creatures that lived were anywhere from 50-75 meters tall and were capable of tearing through the moon's rocky surface with ease. After the Terra-formation of Ghilandus these creatures have began to adapt and have for the most part began to calm. The creatures of Ghilandus moon make the Neverending Jungles the perfect home. The jungles are filled with wildlife that provide the massive creatures with plenty of food.
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