A massive palace built at the base of the Tree of Kaia. It is the headquarters for all 3 branches of the Halcyon Government.

- Kaimmand: The Kaimmand is the Halcyon Kingdom's elite military division tasked with commanding the entire elven military and making the protection of the Royal Family a top priority. the Kaimmander leads the Kaimmand.

- Kaian Church: The Kaian Church is the largest religion on all of Ashelia and possibly Kwantus. Nearly every High Elf in the Halcyon Kingdom and people from all over Kwantus are part of this religion. Each person worships Kaia and prays to small tress grown inside large gothic cathedrals. The highest members of order in the Kaian Church is the Vicar of Kaia.

- Monarchy: The Monarchy is in charge of all things political, government and national. They are the representative of the nation and only a vote from both the Kaimmander and his 7 Generals and Vicar of Kaia and her 4 Arch-Bishop can overrule the Queen's Order. The Queen is Laerdya Naefaren,
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