Wildlands of Ashelia

Land on the Continents of Ashelia uncontrolled and unclaimed by any nations can be found here.
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  • Northern Expanse
    The north-most landscape of Ashelia is a vast expanse of snow covered tundra. The temperature here is harsh and the environment just as harsh. Very little people live this far north due to the presence of the Jotunn, or Snow Elves who live in scattered small tribes throughout the lands.

    There is however a vast boreal forest north of the Halcyon Kingdom that is unofficially claimed by the Halcyon Kingdom, but not officially part of the nation due to a treaty signed with Laurentia.
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  • Hollowlands
    This area is dangerous and not for anyone below Rank 4

    On the far south-east portion of Ashelia is a massive volcano named Mt Traven. The volcano is constantly active spewing thick clouds of Demon Force across the landscape, this is known as the "Hollowstorm". From these clouds, rain made of water-like Demon force falls and over the course of hundreds of years has twisted the wildlife below into monstrous forms. Any creatures are amplified in size and given demonic properties, leading to people giving this area the nickname, "Hollowlands". The Hollowstorm doesn't seem to affect water, and thus in the north of the peninsula, a artificial waterway was built to act as a wall to stop the spread of the Hollowlands from moving north.

    Due to the nature of the area, creatures that are mutated within the Hollowlands can not leave, thus they are bound to the area. This landscape is not for the feint of heart of the weak.
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