Nations of the Cloud Sea

Theme: Warring Militant Capitalist States
Leader: Emperor Senex, Chairman Rana, General Tromia, King Athos
Aspect: Source & Output Combat
Population: ????


The Cloud Sea, commonly referred to as Amurist by locals, is a unique region of the Kwandrivian oceans with several distinct features. The most prominent one for which it is named is the layer of clouds on the surface of the waters, due to the stronger gravitational pull in the area. This gravitational pull makes the waters dangerous, conventional transportation or even individuals attempting to swim will be pulled under and down to the bottom. At the centre of the sea is the great World Tree which emits off energies that cause the numerous phenomenon of the region. While there is no proper land in the sea, there are great beings known as titans which the locals live upon the bodies of. These creatures’ life force depend upon the World Tree and cannot venture outside the cloud sea and survive. Their power derived from the tree is what grants them the strength to withstand the gravitational pull, making them the only functional transportation in the area. The largest of these titans, called great titans remain in the same general areas and are fought over control of. Smaller titans are crafted into pilotable ships to traverse the Cloud Sea.
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    The great tree at the center of the Cloud Sea, due to its gravitational force, climbing or reaching the top is extraordinarily difficult, but it is believed that if done you can enter a truly wonderful realm.
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