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The Master Pokemart

When transported to the Colosseum, a Pokemon Trainer will start their journey within a Pokemon Centre, Kwandrivia's largest to be exact. From there, two gates can be found, on leading to the Elite 3 and the other to the Battlegrounds. Only after gathering all 9 badges from the other gyms can one access the Elite 3 Road.
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The Master Pokemart

Sat Dec 21, 2013 12:26 pm

Poké Ball - Free
Great Ball - 15GC
Ultra Ball - 25GC
Master Ball - 5000GC
Level Ball - 5GC
Lure Ball - 7GC
Moon Ball - 20GC
Friend Ball - 15GC
Love Ball - 12GC
Heavy Ball - 14GC
Fast Ball - 8GC
Repeat Ball - 9GC
Timer Ball - 13GC
Nest Ball - 11GC
Net Ball - 8GC
Dive Ball - 8GC
Luxury Ball - 100GC
Heal Ball - 25GC
Quick Ball - 10GC
Dusk Ball - 9GC

General Items
Potion - 5GC
Super Potion - 10GC
Hyper Potion - 15GC
Max Potion - 20GC
Full Restore - 30GC
Revive - 30GC
Antidote - 5GC
Parlyz Heal - 5GC
Awakening - 5GC
Burn Heal - 5GC
Ice Heal - 5GC
Full Heal - 5GC
Escape Rope - 5GC
Repel - 5GC
Super Repel - 10GC
Max Repel - 20GC

Technical Machines
Acrobatics Type Flying
Aerial Ace Type Flying
Ally Switch Type Psychic
Attract Type Normal
Avalanche Type Ice
Bide Type Normal
Blizzard Type Ice
Body Slam Type Normal
Brick Break Type Fighting
Brine Type Water
BubbleBeam Type Water
Bulk Up Type Fighting
Bulldoze Type Ground
Bullet Seed Type Grass
Calm Mind Type Psychic
Captivate Type Normal
Charge Beam Type Electric
Counter Type Fighting
Curse Type Ghost
Dark Pulse Type Dark
Detect Type Normal
Dig Type Ground
Double Team Type Normal
Double-Edge Type Normal
Dragon Breath Type Dragon
Dragon Claw Type Dragon
Dragon Pulse Type Dragon
Dragon Rage Type Dragon
Dragon Tail Type Dragon
Drain Punch Type Fighting
Dream Eater Type Psychic
DynamicPunch Type Fighting
Earthquake Type Ground
Echoed Voice Type Normal
Egg Bomb Type Normal
Embargo Type Dark
Endure Type Normal
Endure Type Normal
Energy Ball Type Grass
Explosion Type Normal
Facade Type Normal
False Swipe Type Normal
Fire Blast Type Fire
Fire Punch Type Fire
Fissure Type Ground
Flame Charge Type Fire
Flamethrower Type Fire
Flash Cannon Type Steel
Flash Type Normal
Fling Type Dark
Focus Blast Type Fighting
Focus Punch Type Fighting
Frost Breath Type Ice
Frustration Type Dark
Fury Cutter Type Bug
Giga Drain Type Grass
Giga Impact Type Grass
Grass Knot Type Grass
Gyro Ball Type Steel
Hail Type Ice
Harden Type Normal
Headbutt Type Normal
Hidden Power Type Normal
Hone Claws Type Dark
Horn Drill Type Normal
Hyper Beam Type Normal
Ice Beam Type Ice
Ice Punch Type Ice
Icy Wind Type Ice
Incinerate Type Fire
Iron Tail Type Steel
IronWing Type Steel
Light Screen Type Psychic
Low Sweep Type Fighting
Mega Drain Type Grass
Mega Kick Type Normal
Mega Punch Type Normal
Metronome Type Normal
Mimic Type Normal
Mud-Slap Type Ground
Natural Gift Type Normal
Nightmare Type Ghost
Overheat Type Fire
Pay Day Type Normal
Payback Type Dark
Pluck Type Flying
Poison Jab Type Poison
Protect Type Normal
Psych Up Type Normal
Psychic Type Psychic
Psyshock Type Psychic
Psywave Type Psychic
Quash Type Rock
Rage Type Normal
Rain Dance Type Water
Razor Wind Type Normal
Recycle Type Normal
Reflect Type Psychic
Rest Type Psychic
Retaliate Type Normal
Return Type Normal
Roar Type Normal
Rock Polish Type Rock
Rock Slide Type Rock
Rock Smash Type Fighting
Rock Tomb Type Rock
Rollout Type Rock
Roost Type Flying
Round Type Normal
Safeguard Type Normal
Sandstorm Type Ground
Scald Type Water
Secret Power Type Normal
Seismic Toss Type Fighting
Selfdestruct Type Normal
Shadow Ball Type Dark
Shadow Claw Type Ghost
Shock Wave Type Electric
Silver Wind Type Bug
Skill Swap Type Normal
Skull Bash Type Normal
Sky Attack Type Flying
Sky Drop Type Flying
Sleep Talk Type Normal
Sludge Bomb Type Poison
Sludge Wave Type Poison
Smack Down Type Rock
Snarl Type Dark
Snatch Type Dark
Snore Type Normal
Softboiled Type Normal
Solar Beam Type Grass
Stealth Rock Type Rock
Steel Wing Type Steel
Stone Edge Type Rock
Struggle Bug Type Bug
Submission Type Fighting
Substitute Type Normal
Sunny Day Type Fire
Swagger Type Normal
Sweet Scent Type Grass
Swift Type Normal
Swords Dance Type Normal
Take Down Type Normal
Taunt Type Dark
Teleport Type Psychic
Thief Type Dark
Thunder Wave Type Electric
Thunder Type Electric
Thunderbolt Type Electric
Thunderpunch Type Electric
Torment Type Dark
Toxic Type Poison
Tri Attack Type Normal
Trick Room Type Psychic
U-turn Type Bug Generation
Venoshock Type Poison
Volt Switch Type Electric
Water Gun Type Water
Water Pulse Type Water
Whirlwind Type Flying
Wild Charge Type Electric
Will-O-Wisp Type Fire
Work Up Type Normal
X-Scissor Type Bug
Zap Cannon Type Electric

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