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Re: Llyod to the Past

Posted: Mon Mar 12, 2018 10:18 pm
by Lloyd
*Not convinced he would turn to Keitha*

"Then that makes you Miles..."

*then turn back to Molson*

"...and the other an unfortunate bystander in this trick. I am so sorry."

*Once again though Lloyd would turn to Keithia*

"But as for you I won't fall for your tricks anymore!"

*With a motionless blink he would flood the area with a mushi banquet and camoflouge within the crowd vanishing and escaping from the building barreling through Keithia if needed with his irregular strength for a small child. Then release a tempinkuza to grant himself flight and fly high above to see the environment he was in as far as the eye could see to witness the border of Miles's creation still certain this was a cruel trick.*

Re: Llyod to the Past

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2018 11:51 pm
by NPC
As Llyod made his way into the sky, the sky above him would begin to darken. With this the cloud would begin circling. At the same time, every siren in the town would begin to blast horns and sirens would light up the darkening skies.

"ALL HANDS TO BATTLE STATIONS, ALL VALKYRIE TAKE TO THE SKIES" a loud speaker would boom before the sound of motorcycle engines would fill the air.

"Try as you may to stop me, but like all the other men that have taken refuge here, this one will go to!" a female voice would say as the swirling clouds from above began to emit radiant beams that lanced downwards striking the sirens, speakers and motocycle noises.

"THE BARONESS!" Keithia would scream out.

Re: Llyod to the Past

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:53 pm
by Lloyd
*Full of bravado Lloyd dismissed the mushi banguet and imagined a shortsword combined with hand cannon in his right hand and utilized the umen imen no awai mushi to create it as a swarm of black flies flew from Lloyds ears and his right hand shaping the weapon combination. Still held in flight by the tempinkuza he summoned his xen weaponry as he became coated in his alien companions and held the hive hand in his free hand while the shock roach held perched on his shoulders.*

"You really went all out on the shaping father! Only fair i return the effort!"

*With that Lloyd unleashed an onslaught of hand cannon fire continually creating ammunition with the creation Mushi. Accompanying this onslaught of fire was a constant swarm of homing hive hand hornets homing in on anything living up above and partnered was a upwards rain of electrical shocks from the shock roach.*

Re: Llyod to the Past

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 5:40 pm
by NPC
The Baroness smirked as the attacks flew her way. With a flick of her wrist, her Lance would extend, break into various shards and shoot off. Each of those shards would blast towards the attacks Llyod was sending. When the attack met the shards, each shard would radiate a deep boom and once the boom subsided the attacks were seemingly gone.

From a house below, Keithia could be seen shooting upwards towards the Baroness. As she moved upwards her scrap built jet-pack motorcycle sounding contraption would pulse and burst allowing her to effectively dodge the shots being fired towards the ground. From below, people could be seen scrambling while others helped other and a few took to the skies on similar looking scrap packs.

"it's all for not, all this hope, all this effort for not. This man WILL come with me" The Baroness would say her voice echoing across the landscape.

While she said this, more beams would shoot down from portals destroying more homes and buildings. Various scrap pack riding woman could be seen holding up shields and other things to try and counter some of the beams. But slowly and effortlessly the beams would overwhelm it all.

Keithia and Molson would blast towards the Baroness at this point. Both letting out a banshee like cry as they drew a sword and axe each. With a perfectly timed two prong attack, both would attempt to strike the Baroness from both sides. Any mushi, or attacks from Llyod would continually find themselves negated by the booming sound each shard made as it negated the attacks. Keithia and Molson would both meet the Baroness with a clang of steel grinding on steel. Moments later, a spray of blood would exit each of them and rain down upon anything below.

"I told you it's for not" The Baroness would say recalling her lance shards.

As the bodies of Keithia and Molson fell, two clean holes were visible through them. Soon, these same holes would begin appearing in other females, civilians, innocents, scrap packers. The Baroness did not care, she did not spare anyone she could not see.

After she did this, various booms could be heard across the settlement below. When the booms sounded, entire sections of the settlement would be swallowed up and into miniatures black holes. After this, the Baroness would smile and begin fading.

"I've decided to spare you MALE. But, be warned, I will return here in 7 years. And in 7 years, a repeat of today will happen. Next time though, I will not spare the children and you had best be ready." She would say before a booming sound would be heard and she would disappear. After which the skies would clear up.


Down below, the cries of young girls could be heard, most were about 8 years old. While the cries filled the silent air, flames could be seen sparking up and water from the makeshift pluming the settlement had could be seen slowly filling the holes left from the Booms. Slowly as minutes past, young girls would begin filling what remained of the town's centre, all of whom lost their mother's, their leaders and some their home. Some would eventually find the bodies of Keithia and Molson, some would find Llyod. In total, about 35 young girls were left alone.

(this is the Baroness - Image)

Re: Llyod to the Past

Posted: Tue Mar 20, 2018 11:50 pm
by Lloyd
*Lloyd feeling absolutely powerless fell back and used his tempingkuza to catch him at the last minute only to be wiped out but had managed to slow him down enough to just be knocked in a daze. When he came out of it the wreckage had been caused and he had heard what the baroness had said and he spoke nervously questioned whether this was miles's test or not.*

"Well uh....7 years of training huh?....thats new....say I know you want to protect me and all but.....was the massacre"

*When he saw all the young woman lost without their caring leaders he slowly began to accept that maybe this wasn't Miles's doing. He then turned to one of the woman and spoke almost tearing up.*

"Please just tell me the truth....Do you know a Miles Seiler? No more games just the....truth."