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Occupy the Utopia of Chaos - Part 1

Hundreds of years of war and suffering in once Holy Empire lead to it's own horrid demise. What was once a great nation now lies in ruins. At it's centre is the once formidable Supreme Mountain City.
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Occupy the Utopia of Chaos - Part 1

Tue Jul 19, 2016 2:50 am

"Sir, we're approaching the edge of the Militarized Zone and are about to enter Excelsior" A Soldier would radio to a base back in the rebuilt Laurentia Militarized Zone HQ.

"Remember this, you're mission is to be considered one way. There is no turning back from Excelsior, I wish you best of luck." the HQ side would say.

After this, the communications radio would go silent and the Tank's antenna would retract putting it back into stealth mode. The Tank itself was a stealth tank, with light composite armour and minimal weight allowing it to travel acorss the land with great speed. At it's heart was an experimental Super Compact Nuclear Reactor. In the tank were two soldiers, and behind them were two Stealth Jeeps and a single APC carrying supplies and 10 soldiers each. The vehicles would rip across the landscape occasionally stopping to survey the area and store data for their next encrypted send back to HQ. Thier ultimate destination was to the Ruins of Utopia City, where they were to set up base in a specific destination pre-surveyed by multiple satellites.


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