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Manyshot's return

dropping 500 meters towards the sea from the land above are the Cliffs of Acadia, These massive cliffs are one of the Empire's Military Training points.
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Manyshot's return

Thu Jun 04, 2015 10:55 pm

*On an abandoned cliff side where no one ventured due to deadly animals infesting the area nearby Manyshot watched a populated training cliffside within sight off the cliff while sitting surrounded by local animal life, most of which was known as deadly to humans yet they curled up to him like he was their owner. With an incredibly venomous rattle snake held ontop his hand actually petting it with his flesh hand Manyshot heard Ezekiels mental message and calmly he put the snake down and stood up looking out to the site of the cliffside. speaking to seemingly no one.*

"Well Blood? what do you say? Mercenary business or retire permanently?"

*After a short time looking over his mechanical hand in need of repair and looking back to his motorcycle which clearly has seen better days he turned to the deadly animals that were curled up to him all buddy buddy with no harm intended to him.*

"That is true Blood. Its not like I have anyone else to go to right now anyway."

*With a wave goodbye the animals would disperse Manyshot would lean back letting him drop off the face of the cliff. At this time a large screech would sound from the inland area as a school bus sized bird flew over the land. Without even stopping it grabbed Manyshots motorcycle and swooped down the cliff face catching up to manyshot with ease. At this time Manyshot grabbed the feathers on the bird's back of the neck and sat over it's neck as it swooped upward and flew off right over the training area t hat was usually populated.*

*If any were within sight of this cliff side all they would see is a man drop off the cliff then get swooped up by a big bird near an area known for deadly animals then see the bird come closer then fly right above them revealing a school bus sized bird with feathers over the body, webbed and bald wings, talons so big they were literally holding a motorcycle within them and a beak that was so big it could swallow 1 of them whole. This bird would then just fly off with a man riding the back of its neck.*

Manyshot: "To work Blood. Let's earn our pay."

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