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Vigilants of the Legion

Aspects are the unique to Kwandrivia abilities and powers your character can learn. Read about them here.
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Vigilants of the Legion

Sun Jan 10, 2016 7:08 am

Vigilants of the Legion: Road to Riches
“We are the order to all the world's chaos, the light in it’s fading flame, we are the Vigilants of the Legion”

A Vigilant of the Legion is a mercenary that works under contract with the various governments of Kwandrivia to act as a private vigilant police force. These vigilant’s are the upholders of justice, law and order and help to rid the world of all things that hope or try to knock it out of balance. Most Vigilant’s act is the name of good, but most often than not are only in it for the money and wealth.

Any character that takes on a contract to become a Vigilant of the Legion is no longer bound to the regular rules of ranking. A character’s rank instead of being tied to the points system, is now tied to their wealth. This rank only changes when a character wealth changes. “Money is literally power”

Taking on this aspect essentially makes points worthless for a character, as normally points would be used to rank instead of money. These points can now be cashed in for gold. From 7th to 5th rank, 1 point is equal to 5 gold, and 4th and up 1 point is equal to 10 gold.

Anyone who takes on this aspect will receive “a reward and a half” bonus to all gold income. If a character were to receive 20 gold for a mission, half of that would be added on as bonus, so the character would instead earn 30 gold. If your character is in a multi-person mission, your character will receive the full mission reward instead of “a reward and a half”. This means that if both characters had to split 30 gold between the two of them that your character would get the full amount while the other only gets the normal amount.

Unique to this aspect is that it can be taken at any rank. (This still counts towards your Aspect Limit). With this aspect comes a free weapon or summon based aspect. (Magikami, Beseeching the Legion, Core Weapon, Soul Weapon or Beast Mastery)

This aspect is locked and not allowed to be chosen by any character who has one of the following aspects. (Essence Reaver, Demon Summoning, or Ritual of the Kuma), this is because these aspects are considered dark and evil to the Legion.

Since money is easier to come by and get, these numbers are higher than what it takes to rank via points.

Gold Needed to Rank:
7th to 6th
Total Gold: 150

6th to 5th
Total Gold: 450

5th to 4th
Total Gold: 1350

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