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Demon Summoning

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Demon Summoning

Thu Apr 18, 2013 9:43 pm

There will be an availability to summon demons, this taking its foundation from the Bartimaeus Trilogy. This will enable you to summon other worldly beings, refured to as Demons, that can aid you in battle. To summon a demon, you must first post the demon in Da Script. This is the place where all of the information on Ever ones demons will be kept. You do not add them to your jutsu or weapons lists. In posts following this, I will explain how to create, summon, and control a demon. There are 5 ranks of demons, depending on power and ability.

Here I will deal with the general powers and ranks of the demons.

Imp: Least of all the demons, are quite short, and usually are quite mischievous. Can use basic Demon spells.

Foliots: Second rank of demons, they are a bit more powerful than imps, but still are lower. Can use almost all the Demons spells.

Djinn: Third from the bottom or top, these are the most common demons summoned. They can cast all the demonic spells.

Afrits: Less common than the Djinn, but more powerful. They can cast all Demon spells.

Marids: The least common of all demons, and the most powerful. Can only be summoned by the most experienced, since they tend to be able to get out of hand. Can use all the demonic spells.

Summoning Ranks

Not just anyone can summon a Marid. Depending on your given rank, you will only be able to summon a certain ranked demon. This is because if a genin summoned a Marid, the demon would kill them, without much problem. Demons are not very happy to be summoned, and get any chance they can to try and kill the summoner, and become free. Once a demon is summoned, the demon is tied to the summoner, so that it creates a special bond, in which cannot be broken unless certain conditions are met. 1.the summoner dismisses the demon, who then travels back to the Other Place, and awaits to be summoned again. 2. if the summoner is killed before he or she can dismiss the demon, in which case the demon is free to walk the earth, until they are either captured, and dismissed forcefully, or bonded to another summoner, or killed. Demons can die, which means they aren't invincible. So if your Demon dies in a epic battle or mission,(any place where you can die really) they they are gone, and their place in Da Script will be labeled Deceased, and they cannot be summoned by anyone. If a person should die, and their demon is in the Other Place, then their demon can be summoned by anyone, and will be labeled At Large or something like that. All other demons will be labeled by who summons them, so if they are labeled as someone else's, then you can't summon that persons demon.

Now, here are the ranks in which demons can be summoned.

7th and 6th Rank: Can only summon imps.

5th Rank: Can summon imps, and foliots.

4th Rank: Can summon imps, foliots, and djinn.

3rd Rank: Can summon imps, foliots, djinn, and afrits.

2nd and 1st Ranks: Can summon all levels of demons.

Now, there is a cap on how many demons you can summon, and of what level they can be. A person can only usually summon 1 of their highest demon rank to summon. Example: Jonin can only summon 1 Afrit. People also have a cap on how many demons you have to summon.

7th Rank: 3, all imps.

6th Rank: 4, all imps.

5th Rank: 5, only one can be Foliot

4th Rank: 6, only one can be Djinn.

3rd Rank: 7, only one can be an Afrit.

2nd Rank: 8, only one can be Marid.

1st Rank: 9, only two can be a Marid.

You may also have your Demons "rank up" with you when you rank up, by moving each one that you own up to their next corrosponding rank. However, you can only do this if you ownthem during the ranking exam, and if they participated in the exam.


In this case, if you wish to abandon one of your demons, which you can do at anytime. Abandonment means giving up your rights to the demon, and letting it possibly pass to someone else. There will be a separate list in Da Script, made, and kept up by me, that will entail all of the Abandoned Demons, this list will be for those who wish to summon, and mark a new demon as their own, if they don't make their own. You may do this at anytime, but once its done, the demon is fair game to whoever can summon it.


In battle, you may only summon a certain number of your demons, which means if you have like 5 with a 3rd Rank, you cant summon all of them during a battle.

7th Rank: Can only summon 1 of their 3 during battle.

6th Rank: Can summon only 1 of their 4 during battle.

5th Rank: Can summon only 2 of their 5 during battle.

4th Rank: Can summon only 2 of their 6 during battle.

3rd Rank: Can summon only 3 of their 7 during battle.

2nd Rank: Can only Summon 3 of their 8 during battle.

1st Rank: Can Summon 4 of their 9 during battle.

If you wish to summon a different demon during a battle, and you already have summoned one, you may dismiss the one summoned, and then summon the one you want to. However, you may only do this once per 2 postings. If you dismiss a demon, and then summon another, you must wait another 2 of your postings to dismiss and summon another. If you have summoned one, and your cap is over one, you can summon another at any time. Example: fight with # vs. %

# has summoned has a demon summoned, and its his turn to post. He dismisses his demon, and summons another.
% post turn.
# post turn.
% post turn.
# turn, here he can switch demons again, if he so chooses.

During battle, you demon has certain abilities that are usually dependent on a few things...
1. its rank
2. its summoner
3. its page in Da Script.

The page in Da Script is the demons offical jutsu list persay. (Demons can have a limited array of weapons, usually they aren't that powerful)


There is a specific place where one will go to claim, or abandon a demon. Known as The Tower, it is the only place in which these two things can take place. Here, you must have a specially trained summoner to help you cast the summon, and trap and claim/abandon the demon. If you go and do this somewhere else, you could end up killed off by the attempt, unless given special permission. Summoning demons is no walk in the park. They are dangerous until properly Claimed, and when done so, are bonded to the summoner, and must obey the summoner, or i.e. "master" of them.

If there are any questions concerning this, please P.M. me for more info, or clarification.

Note: People who have demonic powers, or are demons themselves, these are bonded demons, unlike yourselves, they come from a special dimension, that is not Hell, or Hades, or the Underworld. The dimension is called the Other Place, and cannot be visited...unless you wish to die, or become a bonded demon yourself...

General List of Abilities

Demons have there own special powers in which they can use at your command. Here is a listing of them. Their powers come from their essence, which is like their life force. If a demons essence it totally taken away, the demon dies. Powers don't not drain the essence of a demon, unless otherwise stated.

Powers all demons can use, Imp-Marid
All demons can shape-shift into anything, well almost anything, that they can think of.((see Invisibility/illusions about the shape-shifting)) They are also pretty strong as far as physical strength,and speed according to rank, of course.

Special Trait/Ability: Each and every demon has a special ability. This can be almost anything you choose. ((It must also be relative the the rank of the demon. An imp cannot posses the ability to totally control gravity, or create solar flares, it has to be within the ranks abilities.))

Inner Sight: The power to see on all 7 plains of sight in which demons hide themselves on. humans can only see on the first plain, unless aided by some other power/artifact. Demons can see on all 7 plains.

Shield: A shield of essence encases the demon, protecting it from most damage, the higher the rank of the demon, the more damage can be absorbed.

Invisibility/Illusion: Can hide oneself on a different plain of sight, by either becoming invisible on the plains of sight lower than that sight, or becoming a different animal/object/person in the plains lower than the plain they hide on. Imps can only hide on the 2nd plain. Foliots on the 2-3rd levels. Djinn on the 2-5th level. Afrits on the 2-6th plains, and Marids on 2-7th plains. the 1st Plain is normal sight. If a demon has shape-shifted into some other animal person, their true form can be seen on the plain that they can go the highest in.

Illumination: can create a ball of light which aids them in dark places.

Levitation: Can levitate object, and in some cases, which pertain to rank, people and animals.

Powers of Foliots through Marids

Detonation: Beam of light that explodes when it contacts with anything, making an explosion relative to the level of demon.

Inferno: Lets a beam of blue fire, that sets things on fire the instant it touches it. is quite hot, able to burn through most substances but not most metals, depending on the metal of course.

Concealment: Ability to make the demon, or other object/person/animal/thing covered in black threads that hides them very well, making them almost blend in with their surroundings.

Seal: Seals objects with essence and makes them so they cannot be destroyed except by a very powerful force.

Powers used by Djinn through Marids

Compression: makes a beam of light fly out, that when it hits something, can compress it into a blob of matter the size of a golf-ball.

Paralization: Beam that temporally paralyzes the target when hit. ((The length depends upon rank of the demon))

Snare: casts out threads that are extremely heavy on the targeted person/object. Threads weigh them down so much its extremely hard to move. The threads appear silvery, which is a demons true weakness, silver.

Spasms: beam of light that shakes anything apart that it hits, it shakes it so hard that it simply falls apart to tiny bits.

Spiraling Dismemberment: Beam of light that when it hits something, it cuts it apart, or cut sections off that stick out the most, like the legs, and arms, and head of a person.

Any of these can be posted on your demons page, as long as they follow the guidelines for power. (Imps cant use Compressions). IT IS, HOWEVER, NOT ASSUMED THAT YOUR DEMON HAS ALL THESE POWERS, YOU MUST INCLUDE THEM ON THEIR LIST IF THEY CAN USE THEM.

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