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Card Calling [Last Updated: 4/16/2015] (WIP)

Aspects are the unique to Kwandrivia abilities and powers your character can learn. Read about them here.
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Card Calling [Last Updated: 4/16/2015] (WIP)

Thu Apr 16, 2015 3:13 am

Summon Cards
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Summon Cards are the creatures, constructs, warriors and monsters. That will aid your Card Caller in battle.
Summons have Defensive Stance and Offensive Stance. Stances may only be changed at the beginning of the post.

Offensive Stance forces the Summon to be called back to the summoner. Summons that are called forth can attack and move instantly.

Defensive Stance allows the Summon to enter the offensive. When a Summon is called forth in defensive it is hidden from view until it is attacked. This is called Face Down Defensive Stance. Otherwise face up defensive summons are normal.

Summons have Attack Points and Hit Points.

Attack Points are the Summons offensive power and is used to deal damage and attack an opponent. Attack Points are in increments of 1.

Hit Points are the summons defence and are used to determine how much damage and how many hits they can take before being defeated.

Summons have up to 4 levels. Levels determine how strong a Summon is. 

Level 1 Summons are the basic Summons.
Level 2 Summons require a single Level 1 sacrifice to be called forth
Level 3 Summons require 2 level 1 sacrifices or a Level 2 sacrifice to be called forth. 
Level 4 Summons are the most powerful and require 2 level 3 sacrifices or 4 level 2 sacrifices to be called forth.

Example Summon:

Name: Laurentian Soldier Officer
Level: 1
Element: Earth
Type: Ranged
Effect: None
Attack Points: 3
Hit Points: 1

Example Effect Summon

Name: Laurentian Soldier Sergeant
Level: 1
Element: Earth
Type: Ranged
Effect: Increase the Attack Points of all Laurentian Soldiers by 1.
Attack Points: 1
Hit Points 1

Example Summon Level 2

Name: Halcyon Vine Wall
Level: 2
Element: Flora
Type: Wall
Attack Points: 0
Hit Points 7

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