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the Sliverclaw Legacy [Last Updated: 12/11/2014]

Aspects are the unique to Kwandrivia abilities and powers your character can learn. Read about them here.
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the Sliverclaw Legacy [Last Updated: 12/11/2014]

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The Sliverclaw Legacy
Thundarius SliverClaw
Kingdom of Leonus
Founding Members:
- Pheral Pheliclaw (Deceased)
- Thundarius SliverClaw (Living)
- Tiberius Sliveraki (Deceased)

Other Members:
- William Suwhenzetie (SliverClaw - as the Aspect idea originally came from him)

During the time of the gods, there existed a race of beings known as the Zabnjarsi. This race of beings took on two forms, that of a Feline, and that of an Anthropomorphic Feline. The later form usually stood about 6 feet 7 inches but varied between 5 feet tall and 8 feet tall depending on the Gender and Sub-Race. the Zabnjarsi existed as a powerful species of Demi-God Immortals for thousands of years before their end came about during the fall of the Old Kingdom. What remains of them now all lies within Thundarius Silverclaw the last of their kind.

Within the Nabnjarsi Empire two families always held rule over the Kingdom. Each family, the Sliveraki and the Pheliclaw were forbidden to mate with each other, and could only mate with someone outside of those two families. When mating did occur, it could only be done between the Sliveraki and Pheliclaw, each would mate to bring forth a SliverClaw, a king or queen which would rule the two nations and keep peace between the hostile clans that made up the Zabnjarsi Empire. Each family by themselves, held a unique ability of their own. The Sliveraki possess the ability to bend and warp their Ki, using it as a weapon and tool for destruction. The Pheliclaw had strength, stamina and speed. Tiberius Sliveraki and Pheral Pheliclaw each represented their family clan, each would eventually come to mate with one another giving birth to the new heir to the throne, and the final heir to the Throne, Thundarius Sliverclaw. A Sliverclaw is special because they possess the abilities of both a Sliveraki and a Pheliclaw, something that brought unity between the family clans.

Eventually, a war larger that the world has ever seen would break out, God's controlling their lesser would force the Zabnjarsi to wage war with neighboring nations. This war would be the downfall of the Old Kingdom, a downfall which would bring about the end of the Old Kingdom, the withdraw of the gods from Kwandrivia and the rise of the Tartarian, an alliance of what remained of the Demi-God and Immortals. In the process, the Zabnjarsi Empire was lost, as most OLD Kingdom nations were. Thundarius, along with 100 or so surviving Demi-Gods and Immortals would set off to help reforge the world, only to have more Immortals and Demi-Gods die, all of which would be killed except 3, Ignatius, Thundarius, and Farron. Those 3 would eventually rebuild the shattered world as Escellsia and Kwandrivia. Thundarius and Farron would later create the Order together with Verti, this is where Thundarius would go ahead and open the teaching of the Sliverclaw to anyone willing to take it on.

Gaining the Aspect
To learn the teachings of a SilverClaw one must first come to Thundarius. Thundarius will then tell your character about each of the clans unique arts, from there, he will ask which of the two suits your character better. After, a single punch to the chest will infuse your character with the path of your choice. and from there, your character will begin their journey as part of the Sliveraki Clan or the Pheliclaw Clan. After taking the path they choose, they will continue on this path until rank 3, there they will gain the option to take on the arts of the other Clan, allowing them to have the capabilities of a Sliverclaw. One must return to Thundarius to become infused with the other half of the clan path.

-No character may start as a SilverClaw, Pheliclaw or Sliveraki, they are all dead, no exceptions
-In no way what so ever can a child between two character become a Sliveraki, Thundarius is the last and only one.

Sliveraki's KiMaterial Ki is a unique mutation of Ki unique to the Sliveraki and SliverClaw. It is something that can not be mimicked by anyone outside of the SliverClaw Legacy. A Sliverclaw starts with one of the following Ki types and as they rank they unlock another type.

Elemental Material Ki Elemental Material Ki is a basic form of spiritual ki found coursing through the bodies of all living beings. When channeled in the right ways this ki can be used to form Elemental Material Ki attacks that have the properties of any element they are infused with. When the Elemental Material Ki becomes infused with it's elemental attribute it acts as the element but does not show signs of it being so. So if one tried to scan or manipulate it they would always see or feel it as basic spiritual ki.

Raw Material Ki Raw Material Ki is the ability to expel one's own spiritual ki in the form of balls or beams of crackling energy. This is different from Elemental Material Ki in the way that it does not embed itself with elemental properties. The balls cause less damage, fire faster and can be spammed, the beams fire slow, move slower and cause greater damage. Expelling Raw Ki requires at least rank 5 or above.

Organic Material KiOrganic Material Ki allows a Sliveraki to generate and regenerate living tissue, organs and body parts including nerves.

Nature Material KiNatural material Ki allows a Silveraki to generate and grow plant life.

Soul Material Ki Soul Material Ki is a type of spiritual ki that allows the user to transfer a portion of their soul into a physical object to animate that object into performing the will of the one who transferred it. This ability only works on something that is non living and that does not already have soul or soul Ki flowing through it.

Construction Material Ki Construction Material Ki is the ability to transmute other carbon based substances into another substance of the users will. This is like Soul Material Ki in the way that it reforms things. However this Ki form does not embed the users soul into the object. This allows for the more risky attacks and defenses to be used.

Destruction Material Ki Destruction Material Ki is a type of energy that allows the user to send destructive Ki from their body into other non living objects in order to try and demolish them. This can be used for shielding oneself or taking out enemy weapons.

Bio-Destruction Material Ki Bio-Destruction Material Ki is the same as Destruction Material Ki only that it works on living things. This has enough power to seriously damage a lower ranking opponent but costs a lot of Ki to use.

Mental Material KiMental Material Ki allows a Sliveraki to directly attack the targets soul, doing so causes the target to move slower and have less of a reaction speed, making them easier to hit and such.

Space and Time Material KiSpace and Time Material Ki allows a Sliveraki to use his Ki for warping and bending time and reality, for things like temporal wakes and portals.

Combination Material Ki Combination Material Ki is any of the above Material Ki's combined into one new ability. They are custom made and usually result in something unique to the use. Starting at the 5th Rank rank a Sliveraki can visit a head Thundarius and will be able to use Combination Material Ki.

6th to 5th can only combine two types of Ki. 4th can combine Three types and 3rd and above can combine four types.
Each type of Ki can still be manipulated separately, combining two does not mean you loose those two.

Pheliclaw's Might A Pheliclaw is a skilled martial artist, they are quick, agile and extremely durable. Up close and personal they can unleash flurries of kick and punches in the blink of an eye, or use their stamina and endurance to simply outlast another in battle. What they lack in Ki, they make up for with sheer physical prowess.

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