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Core Weapons

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Core Weapons

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Core Weapons


Core Weapons and their wielders called Core Warriors, are mysterious people who fade in and out of history. Their craft, through the expertise and power of the Dwarves, has now once again appeared and is made available to those willing to tap into their mysterious powers. Core Weapons are seemingly normal weapons/tools that the user has the ability to augment. Each weapon has slots and each slot can be filled with certain items or materials which augment that weapon’s powers or abilities, enhancing them above ordinary weapons. There are three classes of Core weapons and two types of slots that each weapon can have, explained below.


The two slots that Core weapons have are: Environmental & Collector.

Environmental slots can be filled with any material or energy from the environment that the wielder is in. The materials added transform the weapons physical attributes or metaphysical abilities based on the attributes of the materials (and within reason imagination of the wielder).

For example: A wielder places a piece of vine or bark into their Env. slot. The weapon could then gain the ability to shoot vines out from itself or could cut through plant material more easily.

The catch to Environmental slots is 1) once a material has been placed into the slot, the slot is closed for the remainder of the battle. 2) at the end of battle, the weapon consumes whatever is in its environmental slot(s), thus losing any added attributes after the battle has finished.

Collector slots can only be filled outside of battle, however does not consume what is placed inside. These slots can only be filled by special stones collected from missions or purchased from the Core Weapon Market. These stones, called Core Stones, give various attributes to the weapons including elemental powers, buffs, on-hit debuffs, etc. but are pre-determined by the type of stone found/purchased.


There are three categories of Core Weapons: Melee, Ranged, & Charged.

Melee are weapons used to directly attack opponents. Things like swords, staffs, knuckles, knives, and axes would fall under this category.

Ranged are weapons that are tossed or thrown at an opponent from a distance, traveling through the air, in an attempt to land a physical hit. Things like boomerangs, chakrams, throwing knives, and shuriken would fall under this category. Note: Ranged Core Weapons have an ability referred to as Bounce or Return. This allows them, after hitting any surface/opponent or missing their intended target, to return to their wielder’s hand.

Charged are weapons that do not come into direct contact with an opponent when attacking, but instead release built up energy in the form of projectiles. Things like bows, pistols/guns, blow guns, and slingshots. Note: Charged Core Weapons have a set amount of ammunition they can release as projectiles before they go on cooldown/reset, based on rank. Base is 10 shots at rank 7, and each progressive rank goes up by 5 from there. Also, once the weapon resets, it consumes all materials in its environmental slots. Reset time is 3 posts total between wielder and opponent(s) across the board for all ranks.

Rank Progression:

What each rank can obtain as far as a weapon and slots will be laid out here.

7th Rank: Core Warrior receives one Core Weapon of their choice, choosing out of one of the categories and what exact type of weapon they want (A random weapon can be requested either from a specific category or overall). This Core Weapon contains one Collect slot and the wielder may choose one Core Stone out of the elemental list (see below) to place in the slot.

6th Rank: The Core Weapon is upgraded with one Environmental Slot.

5th Rank: The Core Weapon is upgraded with another additional slot, the type may be chosen by the wielder.

4th Rank: The Core Warrior now must make a decision: They can either upgrade their Core Weapon into a Superior Core Weapon, which can hold more additional slots, or they can choose to dual wield and taken on another Core Weapon. Superior Core Weapons take on another addition slot, opposite of the type that was chosen at rank 5 upgrade. Dual Wielders will receive another Core Weapon from any type of Category or type they wish. This weapon starts off just like a 7th rank weapon, with a single Collector slot and can receive a chosen elemental type Core Stone to fill it.

3rd Rank: Superior Core Weapon: Weapon gains an additional slot of the wielder’s choosing.
Dual Wielders: Secondary Weapon is upgraded with an Environmental Slot.

2nd Rank: Superior Core Weapon: Weapon is upgraded with additional slot opposite from what was chosen at rank 3.
Dual Wielders: Secondary Weapon is upgraded with an additional slot of the wielder’s choosing.

1st Rank: Core Warrior is given the title of Core Weapon Master. Their weapon(s) are upgraded with an additional slot of their choosing and their environmental slots no longer consume the materials within them, if the Master wishes to keep them there outside of battle.

Core Stones:

Core Stones are mystical relics found in missions or purchased at the Core Market that are used to fill the Collector Slots of the Core Weapons. There are 2 categories of these stones. Note: different Elemental type Core Stones cannot be equipped in the same weapon, they will cancel each other out.

Elemental Core Stones: The most common Core Stones found.

Fire Core Stones: A reddish stone that adds the power of fire and heat to the weapon it’s equipped to. Multiple Fire stones in one weapon adds increased levels of heat and firepower.

Frost Core Stones: A light blue stone that adds the power of cold and ice to core weapons. Multiple Frost stones equipped increase the freezing power of the weapon.

Earth Core Stones: A brownish stone that increases the impact and weight behind the core weapons attacks. Multiple Earth stones can cause weapons to unleash explosive power through whatever is hit, even causing real explosions upon contact.

Electrical Core Stones: A bright blue stone that adds the power of electricity and energy to a core weapon. Multiple Electrical stones can cause weapons to unleash large bursts of electrical current through the air itself, similar to lightning bolts.

Trait Core Stones: Rarer type Core Stones that give non-elemental boosts.

Speed Stones: A yellowish stone enhancing the weapons speed. Multiple speed stones can create multiple simultaneous attacks from a single attack.

Magnet Stones: A greyish stone that gives core weapons a magnetic force around them. This can be used to either push or pull objects that come close to the weapon. Multiple magnet stones can allow the weapon to pull materials from a distance into the core weapons environmental slot(s).

Time Stones: A pinkish stone that slows down whatever is touched by the core weapon. Multiple time stones can cause things to be slowed in an area/aura around the weapon.

Warp Stones: A purplish stone that allows weapons to phase through objects they contact. Multiple warp stones can allow portals to be opened using the weapons, allowing limited teleportation.

Anti Stones: A greenish stone that allows weapons to resist outside influences of metaphysical origin. Multiple anti stones can allow the weapon to dispel whole metaphysical attacks/defenses/conjurations/manifestations.

Omni Stones: (Melee) An orange stone that allows weapon to be thrown and return like a ranged core weapon. Multiple omni stones allow user to use their weapon without holding it (like telekinetically). (Ranged and Charged) An orange stone that allows weapons/projectiles to seek out specific targets, homing in on them. Multiple omni stones allow weapons/projectiles to be directly influenced/controlled by the wielder, allowing great deviation from normal flight paths.

Trans Stones: Allows the weapon to pass traits that it possess from its slots to its wielder.
Multiple trans stones allows the weapon to pass its traits to other weapons or objects as well.

Core Stone Prices:

Elemental Core Stones:

Fire Core Stones: 25 GC
Frost Core Stones: 25 GC
Earth Core Stones: 25 GC
Electrical Core Stones: 25 GC

Trait Core Stones:

Speed Stones: 40 GC
Magnet Stones: 50 GC
Time Stones: 60 GC
Warp Stones: 70 GC
Anti Stones: 80 GC
Omni Stones: 90 GC
Trans Stones: 100 GC

Additional Rules:

-When entering battle with a Core Weapon, the wielder’s first post must contain which Core Stone(s) are equipped in the Collector slots of their weapon(s). This should be done before any action or attack is taken if possible. Remember, you cannot switch these stones in the heat of battle, only outside.

-Remember to keep the bonuses obtained from Stones/materials within your rank. A 6th rank should not be unleashing semi-sized fireballs from their blowguns.

-Core Weapons cannot be changed, altered, or upgraded by any means except increase in rank.

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