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Soul Weapon and Soul Meisters

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Soul Weapon and Soul Meisters

Sun Mar 24, 2013 1:13 am

(Old Aspect)
the Soul Reaper and the Reaper's Immortal Weapon

Soul Reaper Academy

Aspect Details
Hundreds of years ago, within the Laurentia Empire there existed a society of Human's dedicated to the worship of the Guardian of the Damned. For hundreds of years they lived in the shadows hiding from those who would attempt to break down their worship and purge them from the world. What makes worship to the Guardian of the Damned so hated was that to do so, a worshiper has to take the Right of Reaping. This Right calls forth a weapon from the Guardian of the Damned himself, a weapon that is able to grant it's user with the vision needed to see Souls. These souls are the foundation of the Reaping, and must be collected in order to please the appetite of the Guardian of the Damned, as well as allow the user of a Weapon to grow in power and continue to use that weapon.

After the formation of the Coliginosity, the Soul Reaper's and their Immortal Weapons came out from the shadows, forged the Academy of Reaping within the Coliginosity and now teach it's worship to students and all those who wish to accept the Guardian of the Damned. Along with a simple school the Soul Reapers are now the law enforcement of the Coliginosity. They help keep the citizens of the Coliginosity safe, the best as they can... To become a Soul Reaper one must first head to the Academy of Reaping and speak with the Guardian of the Damned. After becoming a Soul Reaper the Soul Reaper is granted an Immortal Weapon. This weapon is what keeps the Soul Reaper connected to the Guardian of the Damned. After getting their Immortal Weapon a Soul Reaper is then sent out into the world to begin the Reaping of Souls, a process which once complete will grant them Soul Guardian, or Soul Slayer status within the Academy. A Immortal Weapon is just that, Immortal. With this in mind it can not be destroyed, it can however be damaged, and when it is damaged enough the user's very soul will be consumed.

A Immortal Weapon is seen in two forms: The first is it's Weapon form. Upon being gifted a Immortal Weapon a Soul Reaper will be asked what weapon they choose and that is what they will be given. The second form an Immortal Weapon takes on is that of a human or animal. This partner lives and trains with them, allowing the two to grow strong bonds which only help to increase the power of the Weapon and Reaper.

As stated above, a Immortal Weapon and it's Soul Reaper must go into the world and collect Soul's to please the Guardian of the Damned and keep it's connection open allowing the Immortal Weapon to be controlled by a Reaper. Souls can be harvested by anything that was once living, (Other than summons, trees, demons from another aspect... ect).

By collecting Souls, a Reaper and Weapon remain connected to the Guardian of the Damned. Souls also make a stronger weapon. The maximum number of Souls a Immortal Weapon can consume is 199. After collecting their 199th Soul, a Weaponss soul limit is capped. the Soul limit however can be overridden by two types of special souls. The first is the soul of a Halycon Kingdom's Magical Girl, and the second is the Soul of another Immortal Weapon.

Soul Slayer
A Soul Slayer is a Soul Reaper and Weapon that has successfully collected 199 souls and 1 soul of another Immortal Weapon. Because they have slain another Immortal Weapon, a Soul Slayers is considered to be against the Academy and is forever banned from going near it or entering the ground upon which it is located. A Soul Slayer upon becoming one has thier soul tainted red and is immediately put onto the Legion's Bounty List.

Soul Guardian
A Soul Guardian is the polar opposite of a Soul Slayer. A guardian is considered a graduate and will be given honours and the opportunity to teach and work at the Academy. They are keeps and makers of the Coliginosity Law.

The Soul Tempo
Along with the ability to consume soul's a Immortal Weapon also has a hidden ability known as the Soul Tempo. A Soul Tempo is the rhythm of one's soul, that is only able to be brought forth once a person becomes a Soul Reaper. The tempo carries the true characteristics of a person's soul, unlocking a new potential.

A Soul Tempo is mainly used for combat and thus they are called Soul Techniques. Soul Techniques are learned, taught and mastered for a large variety of abilities (such as attacking, flying, defending, protecting, purifying etc.) The Soul Tempo is also what allows Reaper's to initiate the Soul Crescendo. The Soul Crescendo is done by connecting the Reapers Soul with the Immortal Weapons Souls and matching their Tempo perfectly, or very closely. Soul Crescendo causes Souls to be transferred back and forth between the Soul Reaper and Immortal Weapon, enhancing the power of the Soul Reaper and Soul Weapons basic Soul Tempo. Tempos can be compatible with other people, allowing for partial Crescendo. If a Soul Reaper tries to use another persons Immortal Weapon it can be difficult and heavy because of the lack of harmonic tempos.
Soul Meister and Soul Weapons
Ubel Gegand -> Soul Academy


After many years of war across the lands of the dead and living, the leaders of the afterlife banned together to create a sacred tradition and union: A partnership between Soul Weapon and Meister. Since then, schools have been created in every corner of the Underworld that touches every dimension. These schools serve as a base to bring together Meisters and Weapons, as well as train them to use their abilities and strengthen their partnership. The partnership between these two allows the pair to hunt down corrupt souls and collect them as bounty, each corrupted soul adding to the power that they wield.


Mirg the Soulmarcher has taken action to opening one of these schools in the heart of Excelsior, in the very walls of Ubel Gegand. Here he heads the school and helps train Meisters and Soul Weapons alike both in the art of combat and Soul Resonance. Those who are brave enough to enter the borders of the land of the dead may come to join the Death Force, the force of Soul Weapons and Meisters that takes residence in Ubel Gegand and hunts corrupted souls beyond.

Aspect Rules/Description:

Upon entering Excelsior and traveling to Ubel Gegand successfully, one may request from Mirg to become a Soul Meister. Upon finding the person’s Soul worthy of such a bond, Mirg will then pair a Soul Weapon with the Meister. Soul Weapons have two forms: Form of Being and Weapon Form.

Form of being is the Weapon’s physical form. Some take the shapes of humans, others animals. You may choose your weapon’s species, gender, and look. While in this form, the Soul Weapon is vulnerable to damage, and even death if enough damage is taken. Also, it is the form where the Soul Weapon can devour the soul of a corrupted soul to become more powerful.

The Soul Weapon’s form is a weapon or piece of a equipment (armor). You may choose the Soul Weapon’s weapon form. The Soul Weapon also has a dominating element type, which can be used by the Meister while wielding the Weapon (You may also choose this). It is in this form that the Meister wields as a weapon against the corrupted Souls (as well as other enemies), attempting to reap their soul. The Soul Weapon is immune to most forms of damage in this form, except for the power of another Soul Weapon and Meister’s Soul Resonance.
Soul Resonance is the spiritual link between a Weapon and Meister when they attempt to link their souls and obtain a level of heightened power. Each Weapon/Meister pair’s resonance is unique, just as each Meister and Weapon is unique. To enter Soul Resonance, the pair must attune their Souls to the same spiritual wavelength. Only once they obtain the same wavelength can they enter Soul Resonance.


Once a Soul Weapon has collected 99 corrupted souls and one Witch soul (special mission), the Soul Weapon enters its ultimate form: the Deathscythe. Deathscythes have the unique ability to fight on their own in their human/animal form, using a combination of their weapon abilities/element and physical power. The Deathscythe can also still revert to weapon form and be wielded by their Meister. Deathscythes can also obtain Soul Resonance with their Meister with very little concentration.

Rank Limitations:

-A person can become a Soul Meister at anytime, as long as they have a free Regional aspect spot open.
-A person can start using Soul Resonance at rank 5. At rank 5, the pair can remain in Soul Resonance state for no more than 3 of their posts (6 total) and can only use it once per battle..
-4th ranks are able to maintain Soul Resonance for 5 of their posts (10 total), but also can only use it once per battle..
-At rank 3, the pair can maintain Soul Resonance indefinitely, though it will continue to drain both of them while they remain within the Resonance. Also, once they exit, they cannot re-enter in the same battle.
-3rd rank is also the rank where the Soul Weapon can obtain the level of Deathscythe, but the pair must collect 99 corrupted souls. Once they have and are 3rd rank, they have the opportunity to fight a Witch. Once they successfully defeat the witch and consume its Soul, the Weapon can become a Deathscythe. Once the Weapon becomes a Deathscythe, the drain of using Soul Resonance decreases dramatically. -2nd Ranks gain the ability to exit and re-enter Soul Resonance repeatedly.
-1st Ranks have the ability to wield any Soul Weapon or Deathscythe with no difficulty accessing Soul Resonance with them (Normally it would be very difficult).

Other Notes:

-In rarer cases, some Meisters dual wield twin Soul Weapons. These are weapons that are twins only in weapon form, but can be very different in animal/human form. The two Weapons are the same design and function in weapon form, though can have different elements. (Example is dual wielding two pistols.) The downside to dual wielding is that it takes more energy and concentration to achieve Soul Resonance between three different souls than two, making their Resonances last 1 less post (2 total), but generally once achieved, their Soul Resonances tend to be more powerful as well.
-If a weapon consumes a pure soul, they and their Meister become a Kishin and are considered an antagonist and impure souls by the Soul Academy. The Kishin can be killed for the number of souls that it consumed, adding to the total towards Deathscythe. Kishins cannot be reverted back to their previous form once they have consumed a pure soul.
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Re: Soul Reaping with an Immortal Weapon

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Re: Soul Weapon and Soul Meisters

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