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Afterburner Armour (Last Updated: 4/20/2015) WIP

Aspects are the unique to Kwandrivia abilities and powers your character can learn. Read about them here.
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Afterburner Armour (Last Updated: 4/20/2015) WIP

Sun Nov 03, 2013 12:31 pm

The Afterburner Armour (AA) is an exoskeletal armour originally developed for planetary exploration by the Dominion Federation's Space Companies. Since they were originally meant for explorations, the original AA's were never battle ready. However this didn't stop illegal modifications of the systems by pirates and outlaws. These modifications proved to be superior to the commonly used Mobile Suits the Dominion had in thier Military. The AA's modified to combat both out maneuvered and out powered the Dominion's Mobile Suit forces. This move forced the Dominion to Create their own divisions of AA's. This the weaponization of the system became mainstream. Now both AA's and Mobile Suits fight side by side. But the use of AA's is quickly rendering Mobile Suits obsolete.

Afterburner Armour like their Mobile Suit predecessors are equipped with various weapon types and systems that help their wearer fight in combat.

Designing your Afterburner Armour

Each AA is designed to each wearers custom specifications so no two will look alike. Their look, colour, patterns, decals, details and style is all up to the person wearing the AA. The name is also totally up to the character. Each AA can be closed and opened allowing it to be quickly worn or taken off as if magic. When open it is in it's armour form and when closed it becomes an accessory of your choosing.

After choosing the look and the next thing that is chosen is the weight and height. Each are regulated so that all AA are similar in weight and height. The following are your guidelines for weight and height.

- Between 7 and 10 Feet
- Light 100 to 135 Pounds
- Medium 136 to 164 Pounds
- Heavy 165 to 200 Pounds

All Afterburner Armour begins at Core Rank and increase through it's own ranking system that is based on how much money you spend on it. The ranks of each AA also determine how many weapon slots it has.

Core - 2 Slots, the Hands
Basic - 4 Slots, the Hands and Waist
Advanced - 8 Slots, the Hands, Waist, Lower Back, Upper Back and Shoulders
Special - 12 Slots, the Hands, Waist, Lower Back, Upper Back, Upper Legs, Lower Arms and Shoulders

Everyone who chooses the Afterburner Aspect is automatically given thier Core Rank armour for free. After this each upgrade will cost a character a set amount of gold. When upgrading the old AA is kept along with the new one. AA's can not be sold after they are purchased.

Core to Basic - 80 Gold
Basic to Advanced - 160 Gold
Advanced to Special -  320 Gold

Along with getting thier Core Rank Afterburner Armour, a newcomer also gets 60 free gold to spend on thier first two armour slots. After that the other upgrades are on them as no more gold is given out from the Aspect. Customization Parts are Academy exclusive and can only be purchased from the Academy itself. All other parts including self customizations are incompatible with the Afterburner Armours systems. Tamping with them renders them useless. Ammunition is given out freely.

Heavy Energy Weapons - 20 Gold - 1 Slot
Heavy Projectile Weapons - 17 Gold - 1 Slot
Remote Weapons - 10 Each + the base cost of the Weapon Type - 2 Remote Weapons is 1 Slot
Energy Barrier - 15 - 1 Slot
Medium Energy Weapons - 16 Gold - 1 Slot
Medium Projectile Weapons - 13 Gold - 1 Slot
Small Energy Weapons - 12 Gold - 1 Slot
Small Projectile Weapons - 9 - 1 Slot
Energy Shields - 15 - 1 Slot
Physical Shields - 12 - 1 Slot
Physical Melee Weapons - 20 - 1 Slot
Energy Melee Weapons - 25 - 1 Slot
Assault Packs - 35 - Missile, Gatling, Energy Cannon, Sniper Cannon
 - 1 Slot
Boosters - 20 - 1 Slot (Two must be purchased or speed is uneven)
Convertion Kit - 40 - 1 Slot - allows your energy to be used as ammunition
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Re: Afterburner Armour (Last Updated: 4/20/2015) WIP

Sun Apr 19, 2015 7:35 pm


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