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Essence Reaver (Last Update: 11/28/2014)

Aspects are the unique to Kwandrivia abilities and powers your character can learn. Read about them here.
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Essence Reaver (Last Update: 11/28/2014)

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“Death, it is not the end, but the beginning of a second journey, one of growth, strength and power. But only, ONLY if you sell your soul to Ignatius”...

Upon your characters death, they arrive in Excelsior. After arriving in Excelsior they are greeted by a Sol Hunde (Dementor/Ring Wraith looking creature) who will ask them that very question. If the answer is yes then Sol Hunde will whisk the character away to the feet of Ignatius, to be granted a second try at “life”

Ignatius, the Tartarian of Ubel Gegand, the land of Excelsior and all that remains of Escellsian Ruin will infuse your characters soul and what remains of them with Essence. Once a Character and Essence become one that character is forever a Essence Reaver. After the infusion of Essence, the character will be filled with feelings of hunger, thirst, gluttony, they will always feel like this as long as they are alive.

Ignatius will go on to explain that to gain their strength back they will need to begin feeding of the essence of living things. If they are to not, they will die. Upon doing so they are to chose their Reaver Vessel.

The Reaver Vessel is any object that will be used as the container to store essence in it. This Reaver Vessel becomes permanently bonded to the users being and is used to slice through and absorb the Essence of living things after they are slain. Essence can only be found outside of Excelsior, there for each character is cast into the world of Kwandrivia and must fend for their very lives.

Outside of Excelsior they are forever hunted and are placed on the Bounty List. They are hated so much that no one ever wants one alive and death is the only option, and once you die a second time theres no chance for revival, not even Ignatius wants a reject. Stepping into the Order’s territory protected by the Gatten Veil mean instant death.

To a Reaver rank means nothing. This however does not mean they are all powerful, instead, a Reaver’s rank adapts to those who it fights, while outside of fights a Essence is always 4th Rank in power.

Reaving Essence
Just because your character has free roam of Kwandrivia after death , does not mean your character is able to peacefully spend their afterlife feeling free. Along with being a walking target, a Reaver also requires payment to Ignatius.

This payment is what helps the Reaver both grow stronger and sates Ignatius’ need for Essence.

Essence must be collected in groups of 10. Each monster/pokemon killed grants a certain amount of Essence.

Common - 1
Uncommon - 2
Rare - 4
Legendary - 8
Kwandrivia Character - 10 Essence Per Rank

What Essence Grants
Other than extended life, Essence is the gift of Power to your character. Each Essence depending on the type of Monster you kill gives them an orb of power. This orb of power comes with a type equal to the monster type. Each time a Reaver gains 10 orbs of a type, they are to report back to Ignatius where Ignatius will infuse that power into the Character allowing them to use that elemental affinity.
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Re: Essence Collector (Last Update: 11/28/2014)

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