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Shrewish Laws and Abilities

Aspects are the unique to Kwandrivia abilities and powers your character can learn. Read about them here.
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Shrewish Laws and Abilities

Thu Mar 21, 2013 6:07 pm

Shrews are a race of beings whose origin is a mystery to most, however, their purpose has always been clear. For eons, they have taken the role as protectors of all dimensions, preserving and protecting life. They are immortal, although not in the way that most perceive, for they can still die, and when they do, they eventually are reborn somewhere else after a few hundred years. Their purpose continues even here on Kwandrivia, where they continue to grow in number do to a new revaluation that has been discovered: the power to change other mortals into Shrews. Normally outside of Kwandrivia and few other places, this would be forbidden, but due to the isolated state that the dimension exists in, it thrives.

The Shrews of Kwandrivia take residence within the Murkwood Keys/Islands, where they can live together unhindered by any large organized government. Here, Shrew's learn to control their unique energy known as Navitas. This energy, which is unique to each individual Shrew, allows a Shrew to transform knowledge into power. They do this by seeking special scrolls that once made up the Grand Shrewish Library of Kwandrivia, and which now have been scattered due to ancient turmoil. These scrolls are often guarded, thus their capture is often difficult, but well worth the reward. These scrolls, once memorized, consumed, and fused with their own Navitas, will allow the Shrew to grow in power, depending on the scroll.

The limit of power a Shrew has at their disposal is unlimited except by how much Navitas they contain. A Shrew, depending on their rank, can only hold so much information. Thankfully, all the possible powers that a Shrew can learn through Navitas has been long divided into different Categories, commonly referred to as 'Studys' Each Study has a underlying theme, and allows Shrews to certain things within that limit. Also, each Shrew is quite different, and how they interpret and use the powers from the Scrolls will be different. Thus, most Shrews will not have the exact same abilities within a Study, for the most part.

There are 16 Studys total (currently known), and most are split into two categories: Philosophies and Sciences.


Philosophies deal with metaphysical powers and things that ordinarily cannot be explained by science. These include:
  • Teliology
Sciences deal with control over the 9 natural elements (fire, water, wind, earth, metal, wood/plant, ice, poison, lightning), as well as control over various natural laws that hold the dimensions together. These include:
  • Biology

There are also some Studys (most undiscovered) that fall in between the two categories. These include:
  • Mechanology
(All Studys are further explained in the Library Sections Topic) ________________________________________________________________________________
Shrews on Kwandrivia come in either being born as Shrews, or coming to the Colony and becoming one. Once becoming one, they are allowed so many Studys per rank till a total of six and they are also presented with their Relic.
  • 7th Rank: 1
    6th: 2
    5th: 3
    4th: 4
    3rd: 5
    2nd: 6
A Relic is a Shrew's main weapon/artifact, one that their born with, and one that grows with them, and reflects/is tied to their own abilities. It also acts as a storage case for all of the Shrew's other weapons/items/artifacts, being able to absorb them into itself, and store them, and also while doing this, reflect their abilities. ("Artifact" is a term used by Shrews to describe weapons or items with special abilities).

A Shrew also is able to combine the various powers of their different Studys together, if they so desire, however, doing so is easier said than done. Doing so is pretty taxing on a under-experienced Shrew, and certain combinations may only be done at a certain rank. There are three different combinations: Crudus, Altus, Eximius.

Crudus: A Shrew's combination of 2 of their Studys powers. It is not something that a another Shrew can use unless the original owner reveals it to them. Only 5th ranks and higher can use them. The higher away from 5th rank you are, the easier these become for a Shrew, and the more of them they can make and preform.

Altus: A Shrews combination of 3 of their Studys powers. It is not something that a another Shrew can use unless the original owner reveals it to them. Only 4th ranks and up can use them, and the higher away from 4th rank you are, the easier these become for a Shrew, and the more of them they can make and preform.

Eximius: A Shrew's combination of 4 of their Studys powers. It is not something that a another Shrew can use unless the original owner reveals it to them. Only 3rd ranks and higher can make and use these, and usually they are pretty taxing on the user no matter how high in rank they are because they are the most powerful and take the most energy and willpower.
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Re: Shrewish Laws and Abilities

Thu Mar 21, 2013 6:12 pm

How to Obtain a Study/Progress in your Current Studys

Anytime that a Shrew wishes to receive a new Study, or wishes to learn a new ability within their current Study(s), there are several steps that one must take.
  • 1. A Shrew must request a mission in the White office.
    2. A Shrew will be assigned a target location for where their desired scroll/tome shall be found.
    3. A Shrew will then go to the target location and will go through a series of obstacles to receive their scroll.
    4. Once having gotten through their obstacles successfully, the desired scroll can be obtained, and whatever knowledge was wanted will be gleaned from said scroll.
Rule 1: When obtaining a brand new Study, a Shrew will be sent to find a Tome instead, which is a larger version of a scroll (like a grand scroll). When receiving a Tome, the Shrew will be able to Learn a new Study and gain up to 2 different abilities from it, and only two. Note: Missions to obtain Tome will have more difficult and/or more obstacles to over-come than a scroll will.

Rule 2: Scrolls provide 1 addition power to one of your Studys of choice, and Only 1.

Rule 3: If you are rank 5 or below, you may request a Guardian to accompany you on your mission. They will not be allowed to help you overcome your obstacles, but they can help guard you from outside influences that may attempt to hinder your mission.

Rule 4: Shrews of higher rank can teach other Shrew of lower rank powers within a Study, however, they are not allowed to directly teach a Study to a Shrew that doesn't have it; Shrews must acquire a Tome in order to learn a new Study. Note: Make sure that your teaching powers that you actually already have also.

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