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Library Sections: Study Explinations

Aspects are the unique to Kwandrivia abilities and powers your character can learn. Read about them here.
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Library Sections: Study Explinations

Thu Mar 21, 2013 6:15 pm


General Description: Control over spiritual forces and the dead.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Soulforce: Main energy type behind Necromancy, This mutation of Navitas is the life-force of a Shrew, and has a high destructive factor and is one of the purest, if not the purest, form of Spiritual/Soul energy there is. Once Necromancy is learned, a Shrew can manipulate their or other Shrew's life-force/Soulforce. It can be used in conjuction with other spiritual energies, or even sometimes as a filler for them. It can also be used to degrade, drain, or heal a person's soul/life-force.

Undead Resurrections: Can summon/animate undead liches in the form of soldiers, mages, and the occational dragon liche all depending on rank and level of the summoner.

Soul Tracking: Allows a Necromancer to track beings based on their spiritual levels and energies, etc. Distance of tracking depends on rank.

Pics of Soulforce: Comes in many shades of green, depending on the user.



General Description: Manipulation of the Mind and Reality.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Telekinesis: Power to control inanimate objects/beings with ones mind. Can also create forces of attack which are much like higher forms of physical attacks.

Telepathy: Ability to enter other peoples minds and also control/exhert mental energy.

Conscious Perimeter: This is the ability to expand ones consciousness or mind over a larger distance than their own personal space. This happens upon a plane called the Dream World, which a plane made up of everyone's mind linked together. Every person who has this ability is on a certain frequency depending on their power. There are hundreds of different frequencies, and thus the chance of two Shrews being on the same frequency is highly unlikely. However, if you are high ranked enough (Harbinger or higher at least) a Shrew can actually control which frenquency they are on, and at the highest levels, even cover multipule frequencies. When two Shrews are on the same frequency, and their Conscious perimeter's cross eachother, a battle of wills happens, and whoever's mental drive is weaker will lose, and they will suffer severe damage until they lower their Conscious Perimeter, otherwise they will risk being knocked out or suffering permenant damage. The Conscious Perimeter is otherwise used for tracking and the like, as they can usually read the minds of all those who are within the perimeter easily, and can also see anything that happens otherwise within the perimeter, allowing them a wider view of 'vision' so to speak.

Reality Distruption: Allows the user to be able to disrupt reality to the point that they can create permanent damage in the reality of whatever it touches. The higher the rank, the more destructive.

General Description: Manipulation of Photogess, Light, and Holy energies.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Photogess: Holy/Light mutation of Navitas. Can be used to purify darkness, shadow, and evil powers. Also in manifested form, can burn through most materials (depending on rank). Only true weakness of Shaddow (see Occlutiology).

Light Manipulation: Allows user to be able to bend light, and also focus it from almost any source. Can be used to energize, heat, illumenate, or create rank limited illusions/invisibility.

Holy Influence: User has the ability to purge a variety of effects from themselves or other objects. Purging and purification depending of rank can even effect biological and magic influences/effects.

General Description: Manipulation of Shaddow, Dark energies, Shadows, and Evil powers.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Shaddow: Shadow/Darkness mutation of Navitas, this energy is extremely versitle. It first and formost is extremely defensive, about to shield the user from even strong energy attacks, depending on rank, and can also harden itself into solid objects which hardnesses depend on rank. From there, it can be dispersed into smoke like energy, which also gives the user some shading ability. Shaddow's second attribute is its corruptability. Being a dark mutation of Navitas, it tends to darken all around it very quickly, almost as though it drains the light from the area. This effect is often most evedent by its user, who must continually battle against it to remain unchanged from using it.

Shadow Manipulation: Has the power to control shadows, and also transform them into solid objects and weapons. Also can use them as transportation.

Evil Corruption: Can be used to bend whatever it touches to the user's will, depending on rank. Emotional influence.

Dark Energies: Can be used to strength self in darkness. The darker the area, the more strength and physical attributes that can be sapped up by the user. Also a reverse effect when activated when more light is in the area. (Usually used at night)

General Description: Manipulation of Speed and Time.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Chronoforce: Mutation of Navitas which has the ability to bend speed and time around it. Physically manifested, it can slow/speed objects or create areas of increased or decreased speed/time. It also has the ability at higher ranks to create time distortions, which have the ability to move a person through time/space, allowing for teleportation like movement.

Speed Manipulation: Ability to increase or decrease speed of objects or self, or even opponents, depending on rank. Total amount of decrease/increase also dependant on rank.

Time Manipulation: Allows user to manipulate the flow of time, either speeding it up or slowing it down around them in a specific area, or on specific objects, by a certain amount. Amount and amount of space/people effected all dependant on rank.

Restrictions: Ranks 7 through 5 are only allowed to manipulate time and speed of themselves, their powers/weapons, and some attacks of their opponents. This is all within rank, a 7th rank will not be allowed to manipulate speed enough so that that person can travel at speeds beyond the sound barrier. Likewise a 5th rank will not be able to cause another person's powers/weapons to come to a speed of 1 inch per year, no. 4th ranks and up with be given the PRIVILEGE of being able to affect an opponents speed and time directly TO A POINT. Obviously, as you go up in rank your power and control increase, but not to the point of being cheap or god-hacking. Lastly and most importantly: IT IS ILLEGAL TO STOP TIME ALTOGETHER. It doesn't matter what rank your are, or who you are, this rule applies to 1st through 7th ranks and everyone inbetween. No one can stop time. Period.

General Description: Mystical manipulation of the main earthen elements.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Elementum: Elemental Navitas/Nature Navitas which has the ability to take on the attributes of any element upon coming into contact with that element, an continues to maintain those attributes until conscious decision to abandon them, or until the energy itself is depleted/destroyed/consumed/etc.

Flame Manipulation: Allows the user to produce and manipulate flame in various intensities depending on rank.

Water Manipulation: Allows the user to gather and manipulate water in various volumes depending on rank. Higher ranks can use to gather moisture from the air or from other sources (plants, own body, etc) to use. (NOTE: Doesn't allow manipulation of ice, as that is a different element [see Here ]

Earth Manipulation: Allows user to gather and manipulate earth in various forms and amounts depending on rank.

Metal Manipulation: Allows user to gather and manipulate metal in various forms and amounts depending on rank. User does not manipulate via electromagnetism, and thus isn't resricted to magnetic metals, but a variety of metallic substances, again depending on rank.

Wood Manipulation: Allows user to gather and manipulate woody and plant like tissues in various amounts and forms depending on rank. Is not restricted to only wood, but also various other plants, again, depending on rank.

Combination of Elements: Allows user to combine any of the five elements manipulated here in various combinations depending on the user skill and rank.

General Description: Manipulation and generation of Minions.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Earth Minion: Creates a Minion out of rocks and stones, shape and size depending on rank.

Water Minion: Creates a Minion out of a near by water source, size and shape dependent on rank.

Fire Minion: Creates a Minion out of near by fire source, size and shape dependent on rank.

Metal Minion: Creates a Minion out of metal source, size and shape dependent on rank.

Ice Minion: Creates a Minion out of ice source, size and shape dependent on rank.

Plant Minion: Creates a Minion out of various nearby plant(s), size and shape of plant dependent on rank.

Air Minion: Creates a Minion out of air, size and shape dependent on rank.

((All Minions must be created out of a source, cannot be generated without said material/force first. If you use another study to generate said material so, it may count as a Combination (Crudus, Altus, or Eximius) which would boost the stats and control over the Minion. If in combo, must have both Studys in the four Greater Studys))
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Re: Library Sections: Study Explinations

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General Description: Manipulation of Biological structure and living organisms.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Self-Biological Manipulation: Allows the user to manipulate their own body in almost any way, depending on rank. Can be used to boost physical attributes and stats, or turn their own body into a weapon of sorts.

Biological Regeneration: Can be used to restore and regenerate biological materials according to rank. Most often used as a healing method for self and others. Ususally must have original biological material to copy/regenerate from.

Plant Manipulation: Allows user to manipulate variety of plants and fungus by manipulating their biological structure, depending on rank.

Cellular Manipulation: Allows manipulation of cellular organisms, including but not limited to, cells, protazonan/single celled organisms, bacteria, viruses, etc. all depending on rank.

General Description: Manipulation of Earth and its various forms.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Basic Earth manipulation: Allows user to manipulate earth in various volumes and amounts depending on rank.

Heat/Fire Manipulation: Using the heat and natural fire within the earth, one can summon up large amounts of fire and heat from within the earth to manipulate depending on rank (Higher ranks can produce their own heat and fire).

Metal Manipulation: Allows user to manipulate natural metallic substances found within the earth depending on rank. User can use metals close ties with earth to manipulate most metallic substances depending on rank.

Crystal Formation/Manipulation: By refining earth, one can produce harder earthen substances such as various kinds of crystals and gems to manipulate. Hardness and kinds depend on rank.
General Description: Manipulation of the weather and its various elements.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Wind Manipulation: User can generate various sizes of wind bodies and movements from small gusts to large tornados, and beyond, depending on rank. Can also used to influence air pressure, again depending on rank.

Water Manipulation: Allows basic manipulation of water that can be shaped and formed depending on rank. Also used in the process of storm creation, fog creation etc.

Cold/Ice Manipulation: Allows manipulation of temperature dropping and formation/manipulation of ice and frost, all depending on rank. Used in the formation of Hail storms and basic freezing of water.

Lightning Manipulation: Allows user to generate and call down various sizes and shapes of electrical formations depending on rank. Can also allow user to manipulate/generate electrical forces. but only up to a point (electromagnetism an example).

Weather Change: Allows user to combine the elements of the Study to freely regulate and change the weather to their will depending on their rank. The higher than rank, the less is needed to exert drasic changes in the weather.

Type: Science

General Description: Power over water, various bodies made up by it, and the life within it.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Water Manipulation: Oceanographer has the basic power over water, although their power overshadows other water manipulaters to even a large extend, depending on rank. As opposed to other water giving Studys, Oceanography allows control over a larger amout of water at once with much less energy used. Also allows a vast amount of control over the pressure and exertion of water, all depending on rank.

Ice Manipulation: Users also have the power over water in solid form, ice. This allows formation of ice, and allows the user to switch between water and ice freely, almost effortlessly. Amounts of ice generated and their size and shape all depend on the water source and rank, higher ranks can produce ice without a water source, or with very little water.

Aquatic Life: Allows user to have communitcation skills and some control over aquatic life, such as aquatic plants, coral, and some fish.

Liquid Manipulation: Once the user has gained much skill and experience with the Study, they can even extend their manipulation over to other liquids besides water, depending on water content and rank. (Usually for those who have as a Greater Study, and who are higher ranked).

General Description: Manipulation of space related bodies and planet-size forces.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Heat and Fire Manipulation: Allows users to generate and manipulate heat and flame depending on rank. Higher ranks can even generate the heat/flame of a star.

Earth Manipulation: Allows control over earth in various sizes and shapes depending on rank. With it, can produce astriods and other space-like bodies.

Ice Manipulation: Allows user to harness the cold of space, and allows them to manipulate ice and cold freely, depending on rank. Higher ranks can even bring temperatures down close to or at what they are in the vaccum.

Gravity Manipulation: Allows user to harness the gravitational power of a planet, the amount of control and power depending on rank. Can even generate gravity fields, where a specific object pulls or pushes away with gravity.

General Description: Power over chemical composition, reactions, and various chemical elements.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Elemental Affinity: User has power over varying combinations of the nine elements excluding wood, these being fire, water, wind, ice, earth, metal, poison, and lightning. They can manipulate, and depending on the element, produce said elements themselves. Elemental power is of chemical level and thus is very precise.

Chemical Fussion: Allows user to chemically bond different substances together, depending on rank and substances in question.

Chemical Fission: Allows users to break chemical bonds of substances, depending on rank and substances.

Chemical Makeup: Allows users to manipulate chemical make up of different things, mainly objects, and depending on rank, to even transform the objects into a different chemical construction make up all together.

Periodic Elements: Allows particular manipulation of Periodic Elements, those being pure elements, ie: Oxygen, Helium, Hydrogen, etc. Amount of control depends on rank. (Please limit one per rank up or so, or just specialize in this without control over the above abilities)

Restrictions: A person can only have a number of elements equal to their number of ranks they have jumped. (7th = 1, 6th =2, 5th=3 etc). When one ranks up, they must post a topic and RP (to gain a scroll) to achieve control over another element.

General Description: Power over animal(s).

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Animal Bonding: Allows user to bond with a certain animal(s) This gives them dominion over that animal.

Animal Summoning: Once bonded with an animal, allows the person to freely summon them, the amount being restricted by rank.

Animal Characteristics: Allows user to take on many characteristics of the animal they are bonded to. These can both be physical and instinctual.

Animal Fussion: Allows user to become one with the animal so that the user can transform into the animal and the user can freely create the animal from themselves ((depending on rank)).

((Note: Animals that users chose to bond with must be a actual life animal, or a prehistoric animal. It cannot be a magical or special/fantasy animal, like a Dragon. Also, once the person has bonded with the animal, in most cases, and with a few exceptions, the bonding is permenant/irreversible))

((Note: Anneptii who take this Study on gain a whole additional Animal Type in addition to their first one instead of just a single animal.))

((Note: Multipule Animal bonding's is allowed at 3rd rank ))

General Description: Powers over the Laws of Nature/Natural Laws.

Some Base Powers (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Gravity Manipulation: Allows user to disrupt, change, redirect, strengthen, or weaken force of gravity depending on rank.

Friction Manipulation: Allows user to control the amount of friction in a certain area or around certain objects depending on rank.

Magnetism/Electromagnetism: Allows user to control magnetism and thus most metals, the higher the rank, the more metallic substances can be manipulated. Can also be used to effect technology, and other forces/objects.

Enthalpy/Temperature Control: Allows user to shift masses of heat from one place/object to another. If one makes something extremely cold, something else must become in a balanced reverse, totally hot, etc.

Flame and Heat Control: Allows the user to control heat and fire, amount, shape and size produce/manipulated depends on rank.

Ice/Cold Control: Allows user to manipulate cold and ice, shape and quantity/temperature controlled depends on rank.

Electricity: Allows the user to manipulate electric currents and static electricity.

Entropy Manipulation: Allows user to influence the rate at which a system (objects/organisms) becomes disorderly. Amount of disorder created depends on rank.

Restrictions: A person can only learn to manipulate or control ONE law or physics, besides the 4 elements (ice, fire, lightning, metal) that are offered. Whichever Law you decide is up to you.
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Re: Library Sections: Study Explinations

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General Description: Control over Acktun (Temporary Shrewish Artifacts) and Technology that is controlled by Makina/Knowledge of technology and mechanical objects.

Some Base Powers: (That all Shrews could learn to use):

Makina: This is the main energy type behind Mechanology. This mutation of Navitas was used by the Shrewish people long ago to power and control machinery, it has a high power output and is probably the most reactive known form of energy out there. This makes it ideal for powering machines and weapons. It also has the power to create temporary artifacts (which are simple weapons that have special abilities) called Acktun.

Mechanical Summoning: This allows the Shrew to open portals allowing them to call in machines, armour or weapons they already own, these machines have various abilities and uses from flight to teleporting. ((Note: Must have a specific list of what can be summoned and its power(s) if any))

Acktun: These, as explained briefly above, are temporary artifacts that Shrews can create by running Makina through materials, and reconstructing them into a machine, or in the case of 3rd ranks and up, can simply be created out of pure Makina.

Cloning: Allows a Shrew to temporarily create a copy of a targeted weapon or machine allowing the Shrew to use the copied weapon or machine as if it were the real thing. The higher the rank the longer the copy stay; rank 7: 2 posts, rank 1: forever.

Animation: This allows a Shrew to animate some non mechanical objects such as statues or kitchen appliances turning them into machines, weapons or armour. This is done by transferring Makina from the Shrew into the object to animate it.

Controlling: This allows a Shrew to take control of mechanical objects that are not already under the control of another stronger influence.

Construction, Destruction and Reconstruction: This is what makes this study both a science and a philosophy. Destruction and Reconstruction allows a Shrew to virtually know how to Construct, Disassemble and Reconstruct mechanical objects either by touching them ((4th ranks and below)) or just by looking at them ((3rd ranks and above)). This can be used to create new weapons, mecha or armour on the go or to destroy others mecha and rebuild it for the Shrews use. Of coarse this depends on rank and does not work if the machine or weapons is biological such as, Cyberkinetic's or different opponents weapons, for example as they are not mechanical even though they appear to be.

Ranks 7-4: Shrews of this rank will have to have the needed materials around or with them to be able to construct or clone, etc a machine , it will be about the same amount of material as whats going into the machine much like alchemy.

Ranks 3-1: Shrews of this rank can create machines using just Makina alone, they require no materials.

General Description: Aether is best described as what is between or separating everything. Aethermancy thus is the ability to tap into that which separates. Aether is neither physical nor metaphysical, but something in between. Normally, Aethermancers are strong in defense, using their abilities to deflect or dodge attacks, while also fortifying themselves and focusing their other abilities in conjunction. Aethermancy is a hybrid Study.

Aetherforce: A mutation of Navitas which has a defensive property to it and is used to build auras, barriers, gates, and sigils that the Auramancer uses.

Air/Wind Element: Aether is closely tied to the element of air, and thus gives the user the ability to manipulate air and wind easily.

Aether-Aura Alignment: Aethermancers take on an alignment of where their aura fixed. There are several different types, and each as a distinct advantage.

→Temple/Halo Aura: This Aura presents itself around or above the mancer’s head, giving it a halo appearance. It gives better defense against mental type attacks.

→Palm/Shield Aura: This Aura presents itself around the mancer’s hands, giving them shield like appearance. It gives better defense against physical type attacks.

→Heart/Armor Aura: This Aura presents itself around the mancer’s torso, giving it the look of armor. It gives the best defense against spiritual type attacks.

→Beyond/Space Aura: This Aura is unique in that it manifests itself outside the mancer’s body and often takes on the look of a small wisp or fairy like light. It gives the best defense against multiple attackers or those who use minions/summons.

Special Note: Aethermancers powers are locked by rank. Upon learning the study, the Aethermancer gains Aetherforce, and Wind element and choses their Aether-Aura Alignment. Those at 7th or 6th ranks are limited to one of the three types of powers (Barriers, Gates, Sigils). The second is unlocked at 5th rank, and the third and final is unlocked at 3rd. Auras are unlocked as follows: 7th and 6th ranks have 1 aura type unlocked. 2 total are unlocked at 5th. 4th ranks have the ability to switch auras in battle. 3 auras total are unlocked at 3rd rank. 2nd ranks gain the ability to have multiple auras active at once. All 4 auras are unlocked at 1st rank.

Barriers: Barriers are force-fields created by the Aethermancer to block or protect themselves or others. Barriers are no absolute, meaning they must be created against a certain types of forces/attacks and can defend against those only, while other types of attacks will simply pass through/ignore the barrier. The types of barriers that can be created depend on either the types of materials present on the field or the types of other studies/powers the Aethermancer has.

Gates: Gates allow the Aethermancer to summon or teleport, depending on how it is used. More experienced users can open gates to the Aetherplane itself, unleashing terrors lurking there or gaining access to the world between worlds.

Sigils: Much like Glyffs, Sigils are an Aethermancer’s special mark of power. Sigils can be used to either seal objects away from sight or access, lock rooms/doors, block powers from being used, as well as traps which can be activated in various different ways (pressure, touch, sound, etc). An Aethermancer always have a certain number of Sigils they can have cast at any one time, depending on rank. (7th = 3; each rank above gain’s 2 to that limit).

Astrology (Anneptii Only)
Basic Description: Gives an Anneptii powers depending upon their chosen/aligned Season and Caidoz, mythical symbols of power that give abilities based upon their legacy. Each Caidoz is symbolized by a mythical or magical creature and is aligned to a certain Season. Each season gives the user control over an element as well as an increase physical attribute. A tattoo of the Caidoz is usually given to the aligned as well.


Winter Season:
Element: Ice
Physical Enhancement: Physical Resistance

Snow Griffon: Symbol of Speed, Awareness, and Loyalty. Gives the aligned the ability to create an aura of power around themselves. Aura gives enhanced sight (both long range vision and increased peripheral vision) and ability to unleash pulses through the aura. Pulses can be used to blast enemies/objects away from oneself, or give a boost of speed to the user, if used on one’s self. Aura has limited pulse charges per battle, 3 at 7th rank, and 2 more for every rank above that.

Yeti: Symbol of Strength and Endurance. Gives the aligned the ability to create a temporary avatar of a Yeti around the user. Avatar gives both offensive and defensive power. Size and strength of avatar increases with rank.

Amarok: Symbol of Cunning, Tracking, and the Hunt. Gives the aligned the ability to 1) Place a Scent seal on any target, which they can track by scent across large distances (only one seal can be active at once). 2) Move through low light or shadow areas with increased speed and near invisibility.

Spring Season:
Element: Wood/Plant
Physical Enhancement: Metaphysical Resistance

Kirin: Symbol of Elegance, Purity, and Justice. Gives the aligned the ability to create a fiery aura around themselves for protection. Upon taking damage/being wounded, the aligned can extinguish the aura to cause their opponent to receive the same kind/amount of damage as they sustained.

Jackalope: Symbol of Elusiveness, Restoration, and Imitation. Gives the aligned the ability to 1) Once per battle, copy and use a single ability used by their opponent. 2) Gain increased speed when running in direct opposite direct from an opponent. 3) Outside of battle, heal minor to medium injuries.

Atronach: Symbol of Change and Elemental Dominance. Gives the aligned an ability called Elemental Dominance. Once during a battle, the aligned may choose one of the nine elements (Fire, Water, Wind, Ice, Lightning, Metal, Earth, Wood/Plant, Poison). For the rest of the battle, the aligned will be able to absorb: (Rank 7-4: half the damage; Rank 3-1: all the damage) of any attacks of that elemental type used against them, and gain energy for consuming that portion of the attack (energy gained proportional to the energy used to create the attack).

Summer Season:
Element: Fire
Physical Enhancement: Strength

Sphinx: Symbol of Mystery and Vengeance. Gives the aligned the ability to create a doppelganger of themselves. Doppelganger has all of the aligned abilities, but is half the power. Doppelganger is destroyed upon the first damage taken, but explodes violently, causing fire damage in an area.

Phoenix: Symbol of Fire and Rebirth. Gives the aligned the ability to self-destruct themselves in a large explosion of fire, which consumes everything around them in a small radius. The aligned is then reborn out of the ashes, cleansing all negative effects off of themselves from before. Can only be used once per battle.

Merlion: Symbol of Strength and Wisdom. Gives the aligned the ability to 1) Swim with great/greater speed and strength. 2) Flames of the aligned have a higher resilience against water/cold, making them harder to extinguish by such means.

Autumn Season:
Element: Wind
Physical Enhancement: Agility

Chimera: Symbol of Fusion and Omens. Gives the aligned the ability to fuse any 2-3 abilities that they have together to create new, more powerful version of the three. Includes other aspects, personal aspects, and weapons. Aligned should list possible combinations before use.

Manticore: Symbol of Chaos and Ferocity. Gives the aligned the ability to create a blood red aura around themselves. The aura absorbs some energy from attacks, storing the energy up. Once full, the aligned can either 1) detonate the shield to cause a large destructive blast of energy in all directions or 2) absorb the shield to gain some energy back and heal some damage. Ranks 7-4 can use this once per battle, Ranks 3-1 can use it multiple times.

Hydra: Regeneration and Destruction. Gives the aligned 1) the ability to coat any weapons/abilities in virulent venom, extremely toxic to biological systems. 2) Increased physical regenerative capabilities.
Relicism (Shrew Only)
Basic Description: Every Shrew is born with a Relic, which is a unique weapon connected with the Shrew, serving as both a connection to the power of their Studies as well as a storage for other weapons. Relicism allows Shrews to develop their abilities with their Relic further, by unlocking their Relic and allowing them to have multiple forms to change between while in battle. This allows further versatility for the Shrew in battle.

Shrews who take this Study will have a number of different forms available, the number dependant on rank. When first obtaining the Study, an additional form will be unlocked. Another form will be unlocked then at 5th and at 3rd ranks, for a total 4 forms. There are also categories that the forms fall under, listed here:
Available Form Categories:

-Melee Weapon (ie: sword, mace, shield, etc)
-Long-Range Weapon (ie: Bow, pistol, dart-gun, etc)
-Armor (ie: Gauntlets, helmets, jewelry)
-Objects (Tomes, candles, runestone, etc)

People are not limited to which categories they pick from nor how many weapons come from each category. Each form should, however, be listed with which category the form comes from, what powers, abilities it has, what type of ammo it uses (if applicable), and any other necessary information that can be applied in battle situations.
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