As winter approaches Kwandrivia, a spine chilling wind covers the lands as a dark force is felt...

Class 1 Mission: The Great Guardian of Wayward Island

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Class 1 Mission: The Great Guardian of Wayward Island

Mon Dec 04, 2017 3:54 pm

Class 1
Location: Triumph Ranges -
Reward: 25 Points, 500 Gold, Deed to Wayward Island
Information: the Order is looking for someone to head to the far off Wayward island to slay an injured and suffering Great Guardian that was injured and half corrupted when Ignatius was let loose. After the beast is slain, it's right arm's sword is to be returned to the Order. The Gate Guardian's corruption allows it to unleash blast of Ignatius' light that have the power to erase things from existence.
Recommended Group: Only one can pass through the crack in the islands seal before it closes behind it. This mission may result in death. 1st, Second or 3rd Rank ONLY. Ease of the mission increases with higher ranks a 3rd Rank will have the hardest time.

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