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Suggestion For a Simple Beginner's Guide

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Sorin Haori
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Suggestion For a Simple Beginner's Guide

Thu Nov 27, 2014 7:36 am

Now that we may be getting some new people on the site (hopefully), I wanted to suggest a small thread or topic to help newcomers. The reason I suggest this is because there doesn't seem to be a lot of resources for new players who have no experience with RP sites and therefore don't have an obvious starting point.

This thread will give some insight on how to build their character, the people they could try to talk to or places to go in order to go from pre-rank to rank 7 and rank 7 to 6, etc until they consider themselves quite familiar/comfortable with Kwan as a RP site. I implore that the thread be rather short and filled with easy to understand suggestions as to where they can go after freshly making their character.

Here are some suggestions for the thread:
- Getting a mentor. Depending on the type of character, the character can try to find another character who is higher rank than they are. Obviously the mentor can accept or decline, but I also suggest a small bunch of characters who will always accept (I don't mind nominating Tatsui for example).
- Exploring the Order. This will probably need more expanding upon, but this has a lot behind it. Some expanding is: going to the library to learn more about other people's powers and gaining knowledge (if they are that kind of character); exploring the offices and becoming acquainted with the major Order members (Thundarius, Farron, Verti); or perhaps visiting the hospital to offer a hand. All of these suggests are based on getting more familiar with the world of RP by experience and just jumping in withing much thought about where it will take them, since the Order is a safe area.
- Checking the missions board out. Try to find a mission that is their level. They may find people of their rank and become friends or rivals as well as earning a little cash and having experience with battling.
- Gain a Pokemon. Pretty popular nowadays, gaining a Pokemon is also a way to earn experience with soft-battling (since you yourself are not doing it) as well as simple character interaction.
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Re: Suggestion For a Simple Beginner's Guide

Fri Nov 28, 2014 2:26 am

:D Updated the Order to make way for the full version of this suggestion of there is one. Once complete I'll move the final one right to the Beginners School in the Order.

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