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Warframe Aspect Suggestion

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Warframe Aspect Suggestion

Mon Jan 13, 2014 11:12 am

Okay, for those who play the game, this might seem a little weird. In fact, it might seem like a completely new world, which might be needed in this forum if this aspect is to come into Kwandrivia. If this aspect is too complicated or too out of place, I will instead move this to Alternate Roleplay forum for those who wish to play in this world. Any Warframe based threads will be under titles that look like: "[WF] 'title of thread'".

I will try to explain my idea clearly so all questions will be answered. Note that I have changed some parts of the game, so it is not a direct copy of the Warframe game, just that there are many similarities. There will be exclusions. Please use the Ctrl + F function and the letters in brackets to find the chapter you're looking for quickly.

Table of Contents:
Intro: Setting of the game [SOTG]
1.1: Quick Definitions [QF]
1.2: More on Warframes [MOW]
1.3: Weapons in-game versus Kwan [WGVK]
1.4: Warframe Integration [WINT]
1.5: What are we? [WAW]
1.6: Creation of Warframes [COW]
1.7: Assembling Weapons [ASW]
1.8: Ranking up and Abilities [WUAA]
1.9: Mods and Fusion [MAF]
2.0: Missions and Carrying Capacity [MACC]
2.1: Clans [CLN]


Introduction: Setting of the Game [SOTG]
For those who have not played the game or do not plan on playing the game, I will now attempt to tell you what it is about. The game is set in a futuristic, sci-fi based world. This world is still evolving.

In the game, you wake up as a Tenno, one of the three major factions in the game's universe. They are equipped with one of three Warframes (the one you get is chosen by you in the beginning of the game), each of them different in their own way. You fight against enemy factions (the game is PvE), which have their own technology and abilities, in order to get stronger and progress.


1.1: Quick Definitions [QF]

Warframe: a superpowered suit capable of being entered to access it's four unique abilities and highly enhanced physical prowess. It is equipped to have three types of weapons.

Tenno, Grineer, Corpus: The three major factions in the Warframe universe. All characters created on Kwandrivia will belong to the Tenno faction. Enemies will be related and associated to the Grineer or Corpus factions.

Orokin: A race of technological geniuses which have apparently and mysteriously died out, leaving behind their products including Warframes. Their Frames are the main weapons of the Tenno. I believe them to be similar to the Dwarves in the Elder Scroll series.

Modules (Mods): Programs (cards in-game) inserted and installed into a Warframe which enhances their damage, Powers, survivability, speed, utility, stats. Mods are also the unique abilities attached to a Warframe.

Sentinel: Bots that are found during high leveled character missions. May be found in parts or, if lucky, whole but in need of an energetic boost. They have their own mod energy, which allows them to do one ability (utility, offensive, defensive) and carry a Warframe's extra secondary weapon.

Mod Energy(ME): Energy that a Warframe has to keep any mods installed within it.

Powers: a word that refers to a Frame's unique abilities.

Polarity: A pull toward a certain tactic in mods. When inputting mods, Warframes will also have an overall Polarity to signal to their user what kind of Frame that they are becoming.


1.2: More on Warframes [MOW]

Think of classes in an RPG. Every class has different abilities corresponding to their class. Even if some classes have similar ideas (e.g: Ninjas and Thieves are both enveloped by the idea of stealth), they still have abilities that make them unique.

The same is same for Warframes. All Warframes have different abilities which correspond to what makes the Warframe...well...that unique Warframe. If a Warframe is the same model as another Warframe, it will have the same abilities (an Ash will have the initial Powers as another Ash). However, even if someone has the same Frame, it doesn't mean anything...it all depends on how well they use that Frame to its full capacity.

The Orokin created Warframes encompassing the concept of something. That something could be anything physical (like animals), mythical or from Nature. They took what they believed embodied these concepts and placed them inside of a Warframe, which created its unique abilities.

Currently in the game, there are 17 different Warframes:


Though this is quite a large list, it doesn't mean I won't be creating my own unique Warframes with their own abilities as well.

All Warframes have a gender given by their engineer. Just because of a Frame is female does not mean that the character is male, visa versa; Orokin gave Warframe genders to show their own independent identification. Just like how Zanpakutos have genders, they are also tools, as are Warframes.

Lastly, all Warframes have an Aura Polarity. Polarity refers to how close a Warframe is to a certain Tactic of play based on their Mods. Every mod has a polarity or polarities that add up to a Warframes total polarity if they have mods installed.


1.3: Weapons in-Game versus Kwan [WGVK]

There are three different kinds of weapons available for all Warframes: primary, secondary/side arm, and melee. In the beginning, each character is given the standard weapons for a Warframe: MK-1 Braton (Rifle, Primary); Lato (Pistol, Secondary/Side Arm) and a Skana (Long Sword, Melee).

Every ranged weapon has its corresponding Weapon Type, Elemental Damage, Accuracy, Reload Speed, Magazine Size, Critical Chance, Status Chance, Critical Damage, and Fire Rate. In Kwan when receiving or creating a weapon, all of these stats are shown to the character and not one is excluded.

For melee weapons, the stats are different: Weapon Type, Physical Damage, Crit Chance, Crit Damage, Attack Rate, Status Chance, Charge Attack Damage, Charge Attack Time, Jump Attack Damage, Slam Attack Damage, Radius of Slam Attack and Slide Attacks are all considered. In Kwan, the types of attacks (jump, slam, slide) are irrelevant and are placed into flat damage. Common sense still applies, for example an attack from above will always do more damage because of force and gravity pushing down on the blade.


1.4: Warframe Integration [WINT]

So how are Warframes going to be introduced to Kwan? What kind of system would it have to keep it fair?

Integrating Warframes into Kwan is similar to starting a new character in Warframe itself. When starting a new character, one has the capability to choose between three Frames: Loki (Tactics and Stealth based), Excalibur (Melee based), and Mag (Power based). From there they are capable of training and taking missions from the Missions Board in rank 7.


1.5: What are We? [WAW]

The largest issue I have with this idea is what the character is. None of the lore explain whether or not the Tenno are humans that are placed in the suits or are they controlling the suits or what. If they are the former, it's difficult to explain the gender changes which one can have when switching Warframes. A character that started out as, say, Loki, a male Frame, wouldn't be able to suddenly turn into a female like Valkyr.

If the latter, it makes becoming the Warframe like a person piloting a car rather than being inside driving it. This type of relationship is too impersonal for me and I don't like it.

Maybe there's a race that can only use Warframes, since they're genderless. The problem I have with this idea is that I have no idea what the race would look like and not only this, it's limiting on players.

There's another idea (Idea A) that perhaps people (including their memories, capabilities, etc) are abstract and programs which can be placed into Warframes themselves. The issue about that is the character no longer has a body then, so who will place them into new Frames?

The other idea (Idea B) is that there are such things as civilian Warframes, called Civframes which every person is "born" in. These Civframes are not one size (unlike Warframes) and their parts can be interchangeable, therefore a Civframe can look like normal people with their physical differences. Even if a person has a Warframe, when they return to their base, their Civframe is always there to be booted into. This solves idea A's problem with who places them into Frames...as the character boots themselves in to the different Frames.

This idea I have to really toy with still, but if you have any ideas, please let me know.


1.6: Creation of Warframes [CoW]

In Kwan, Warframes will be created through different parts found in missions. You are not guaranteed Warframe parts when you go on a mission. More than likely you'll find other things like scrap material, money, parts for weapons or mods. But in the event that you do find a part, the Warframe part is randomized. I will be doing a private dice roll for it. So be aware that while you may have a part for Banshee, you may get a part for Frost instead. All parts can be traded between characters, as long as it as mutual.

All three parts (Chassis, Helmet, and Systems) of the Warframe must be in the possession of the character and assembled at their base. Having only the parts will not allow the character to assemble just yet. They need to be able to either find the Warframe's blueprint by random or buy the Warframe's corresponding blueprint in the shop, which is pricey, but not extremely expensive. From there, they are able to build and use the Warframe.


1.7: Assembling Weapons [ASW]

Like Warframes, weapons are capable of being built. However, there is a drastic difference in the way one builds weapons compared to Warframes.

First off, weapons are not built by the character, they are built by The Founder at The Foundry, therefore there is a fee for crafting the weapons, but also note that the weapon is incapable of being bought in any store.

Weapons are built using scrap material, which are either bought or dropped by enemies during missions. In order to find out what kind of scrap material is needed for a weapon, the character must have a blueprint of it. Like Warframes, blueprints may be bought or found during missions.

It is important to note that even if a player reads another player thread and sees the components of the blueprint, this does not allow him to come to the foundry to make it without the blueprint themselves.

After the blueprint, materials and crafting fee is handed over, The Founder will need one day (irl) to craft. When it is done, he will post "[character name]'s [name of weapon] is successfully crafted" and you may post the weapon in your inventory and use it in the next coming missions.


1.8: Ranking up and Abilities [RUAA]

Warframes start with a mod energy of 5 and their first ability, their basic Power, is free (mod energy cost: 0). Every rank, a Warframe's mod energy is increased by 5, excluding Pre-Ranks. To put it out on paper, here's a chart:

Rank 1: 35 ME
Rank 2: 30 ME
Rank 3: 25 ME
Rank 4: 20 ME
Rank 5: 15 ME
Rank 6: 10 ME
Rank 7: 5 ME (mod energy)

For abilities that the Warframe has, the cost of the strongest original ability that the Frame has is divided by 3. Typically the strongest ability costs 15 ME, therefore the other two abilities will fall into 10, and then 5 ME.

Ranking up also reflects how well a character can use their Warframe, regardless of the stats of a weapon. A Rank 1 can change a, for example, D-rank pistol that only does 50 damage to a B-rank pistol that does 200 damage if they get all criticals! But for balancing purposes, it's a good idea to get a better weapon for reliability, even if you're reaching for Rank 1. Ranking up also affects how much of a beating you as a character can take before passing out or dying.


1.9: Mods and Fusion [MAF]

As mentioned, in order to equip any mods, the Warframe must have enough mod energy to take it. There are more than 200 mods that exist in Warframe, some considered active, passive, utility and Sentinel. Modules also include a Warframe's abilities.

Mods fall under any of the following categories: Primary weapon, Secondary Weapon, Melee Weapon and Warframe stats. That means even if you're installing a mod that is based on your weapon, you have to install it into your Warframe in order for it to be activated.

Sometimes mods are in your inventory and they just take up space. Luckily, there's fusion. Fusion allows a character to break down the unwanted mod and fuse it with the one they want. The product is an upgrade of the wanted mod. This concept is best explained with an example:

The mod "Quickdraw" at Level 1 increases the reload rate of the side arm by +8%. By fusing "Quickdraw" to Level 2, the reload rate is increased by +12% instead. Note that fusing a mod does not change it's ME.

Fusion can also be surprisingly done with Abilities as well. Abilities found in missions can be fused with a Warframe's original abilities to make them more deadly or effective. The changed ability must be approved before it is set into the Warframe. More than likely a fused ability's ME will increase.


2.0: Missions and Carrying Capacity [MACC]

Missions will be found in the Missions board and those within the rank of the mission will be able to take it. All missions are monitored by Lotus, the head of Tenno communications.

In a mission, every Warframe is capable of carrying ten items from the mission. When taking an item from an area, at the end of the post be sure to say that you are taking an item and then list any other items you had taken below it:

(take: [current item]
[past item])

This way Lotus can report at the end of the mission all the items successfully taken or traded. Please post the list she gives you in your character's inventory, regardless of whether or not you plan on using it.


2.1: Clans [CLN]

Within the every faction, there are clans which characters have the ability to join. Each clan encompasses an idea and are there for a reason. For example, Blue Verity is a clan you will see when creating a character, because they are a clan which is in charge of distributing Warframes and keeping track of them. Many clans are very old and have lots of history behind them. Many clans will have pride in being part of that clan.

Joining a clan is optional, but can be very beneficial and can come with perks. This can mean another person from your clan joining with you, passing on a weapon or mod, or simply giving important advice. To join a specific clan, you have to pass their requirements which may come in many different forms.

The current clans are the following:

Pink Myr
Green Seribe
White Corcu
Blue Verity
Yellow Ilen

And yes, character are able to create clans themselves, but only Rank 5 and up.

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