As winter approaches Kwandrivia, a spine chilling wind covers the lands as a dark force is felt...

War Room Meeting: Planning the Final Assault on the Keizite

Pyramid of Fortification
Upper Promenade - Office of War and Peace - Battle Guardian oversees security and battle strategies here. Current Guardian: Medius
Middle Promenade - Holofield Training - Training area able to replicate any sort of environment or battle situation.
Lower Promenade - Armoury/Warehousing - Place where spare weapons and supplies are kept. Enter only with permission from a Guardian.
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Re: War Room Meeting: Planning the Final Assault on the Keizite

Wed May 27, 2015 9:49 pm

*Miles replied to ezekiels explanation.* 'very well id much rather not cause a rucuss at the order but i can try adn cover your escape best i can. However i feel id be better used to protect kiez in person. I can easily use my ooze to cover your escape if required. I'll leave a vial of the stuff with you. all you need to do is drop one drop of it where it is required and it will grow. just give it 5 minutes before anything occurs. As for if you need it asap just smash the vial to the ground, keep in mind its not just me here'

*from the same source another mental vboice would trigger* 'Ezekiel I believe, nice to meet an old friend of Miles, my nmae is Heavens.'

*Miles* 'I will still require that mental awaken but that will require an in person visit. A new resident of Kiez will show up soon, he will be 10 years old and have his arm in a splint. That will be me just do the awakening then, during that time I will also 'forget' a small coin, keep that it will be come the ooze you require for the mission. As for Manyshot I heard he had dealings in rescuing a....personal vip of mine. If this is true he should be in the local area somewhere. Try and do a mental perimeter check and speak with him. Tell him Miles sent you, he is usually very easy to strike deals with as long as it doesn't conflict with any other current contracts.'
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Re: War Room Meeting: Planning the Final Assault on the Keizite

Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:26 pm

>The Metal Stitch Spirit nodded at Ezekiel's words, before turning and slowly making its way back towards the wall off of which it emerged. There it stood, tracing one of its fingers across the wall's surface, causing a zipper to slowly appear. After about 5 or so minutes, the spirit turned its head towards Ezekiel and spoke one final time with Mirg's voice.<

"The assault has begun..."

>Directly after speaking the Spirit pulled the zipper open, stepped through the portal beyond and the zipper closed and vanished, leaving the room empty except for Ezekiel.<
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Re: War Room Meeting: Planning the Final Assault on the Keizite

Wed Jun 03, 2015 9:40 pm

*After listening to Miles' words, I concentrated, quickly combing over Kwandrivian lands in attempt to find Manyshot, and after a few moments, I located him, and sent him the mental message, asking for assistance in the upcoming battles, wherever they might be and naming Miles as a source. Once I sent the message, I replied back to Miles.* Done...Hello, Heavens, a pleasure, though I wish our meeting was under less trying times.... *My mental conversation was then interrupted by Mirg's voice coming from his minion, announcing his arrival at the Order and it seemed that he had already commenced the attack. I stood up, a hand touching a temple as my conscious perimeter expanded quickly over the rest of Kwandrivia, and I quickly found that Mirg's attack was indeed escalating rapidly. I quickly replied to Miles as I then began to bend reality in front of me, quickly creating a portal which would soon take me to the Order...hopefully in enough time to stop the Order Members from attacking too swiftly.* The attacks have begun Miles, the awakening will have to be done when I finish in the Order...until then, you have only my word that I will assist you....Hopefully I will be able to return to keep it... *With that, the portal closed around me and I vanished, teleporting myself to the Order.*

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