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the Search for Drakengar: Part 1

The Executive Hedron (Octohedron)
Lower - Executive Offices - Take the Televator here to see the White Shrew.
Upper - Dwelling of the White Shrew - Private get away from the Shrewish leader. Panoramic view over all of Keiz from top window. No admittance without permission.
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William Suwhenzetie
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the Search for Drakengar: Part 1

Wed Dec 24, 2014 1:33 am

William would begin his search for Drakengar a sky drake with a bounty in the Murkwood Keys, if no sightings were here, he would try each Country until the right one was found. In the middle of a Keiz courtyard a large sword would come crashing down with William atop it. Shortly after William would pick the massive weapon up and place it on his back before looking about.

"I hope there's amazon woman or something around here" He would say to himself.

After that he would head to the opening of the Pyramid and would begin poking about looking for someone who could help him.

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