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Slain's Vampiric Abilities

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Slain's Vampiric Abilities

Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:58 am

Masteries of a Vampire
Passive Traits
passive Traits are those that are always active no matter what happens. They are as normal and you or I breathing.

Blood Lust
Slain is always craving the taste of blood, be that from animals, elves or humans. Without blood he grows weaker descending in power and rank until he no stronger than a civilian.

Because Slain is a Vampire he is naturally Semi-Immortal. This means that as long as he feasts on flesh, blood and life force, that he will never die of old age. He can however die of conventional means. Especially blood loss.

Because Slain is a Vampire he is naturally weak to a very few things. The following are known to be nearly lethal. Holy Water taken directly from the roots of the Great Oak Tree’s Birthing Pools. A piece of wood stabbed through the heart that has been blessed by High Elf or Human priests. being sliced by a Soul Weapon, or Magikami Weapon. massive amount of light are also harmful, but natural light is not.

Enhanced Body
Slain’s body is gifted with a massive boost to: Speed, Durability, Strength, Speed and Agility. This also means that Slain is naturally immune to poison, fatigue, sickness and disease.

Slain’s Smell, Taste, Eyesight, Touch and Hearing are greatly enhanced. Slain is capable of seeing in extreme darkness and smelling things from great distances just a dog would.

Active Abilities
These abilities are given to you by the Vampire Lord Slain, they can only be used if activated. Naturally, a Vampire gains two of these abilities with each Rank it attains. But these can be attained faster by doing personal and deadly missions for Slain.

Natural Weaponry
Slain can extend his fingernails into claws and use them as melee tools. When he does this the wounds he inflicts heal at a much slow rate allowing bleeding to last longer.

Kuma Controller
Slain has the ability to control Kuma, a parasite that feeds off blood, life forces and flesh. anyone infected by a Kuma enters a cannibalistic rage that only death or purification can stop naturally the effects can be worn off if the infected isn't supplied with new Kuma.

Blood Manipulation
Slain is capable of manipulating blood just a water user control the waters. This blood can be shaped, formed, twisted and altered to whatever the Slain sees fit for battle. Blood can only be controlled if it is not inside a living body. Blood from opens wounds can however be controlled. To use their own blood, a Vampire has to cut themselves to extract it.

Bitten Control
Slain’s bite releases a powerful mind controlling blood that causes those bitten to be subjected to the will of the Slain. Those with great minds and wills are capable of resisting it’s effects. But for a short while will have the mind controlling blood flowing through them.

Slain is capable of using blood or the life force he gathers from living things to slowly regenerate lost limbs, and quickly heal cuts and scars.

Slain is capable of calling forth Black Angel-like wings to his back. This grants him flight. The feathers on the wings can also be shot like dagger-like projectiles.

Mist Infusion
Slain can manipulate and generate blood mists. These blood mists block others from sensing their presence and location. Slain can use this mist to dematerialize and reform anywhere his mist is located.

Life Force Absorption
Slain can take the life out of things he bites or claws into. The longer he bites or claws, the faster the absorption happens.

Vampiric Command
Slain is able to call forth Ghouls, Lesser Vampire, Blood Hounds, Cerberus, Bats and Rats that are under his control.

Slain is capable of deconstruction his body and rebuilding it in any shape he desires. As long as the shape is the General size of his base form. When combined with Blood Mist he is capable of taking any shape by sending other parts of his body into the steam.

Damage Transfer
Slain can send any damage or negative effects he may take and transfer them to one of his summons/minions, only one summon can take damage at a time, and more often than not that summon/minions dies.
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Re: Slain's Vampiric Abilities

Fri Feb 05, 2016 5:01 pm


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