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[TEST] Chantilly old abilities

Post your abilities here and an admin or mod will look it over and approve it or make suggestions.
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[TEST] Chantilly old abilities

Thu Dec 14, 2017 11:23 pm

The following are spells which Chantilly is capable of doing without the need of her guardian spirits. Chantilly's magic is a golden color and the color is seen whenever she uses abilities.
Moon Bolt
A bolt of silver magic shoots out of her scepter. It shatters against its target like crystal and does magic damage and burns the opponent's source of power (Ki, Chakra, magic, etc) over time. Depending on the rank that Chantilly is, the damage lasts longer. Rank 7: 2-3 posts, Rank 6: 3-4, Rank 5: 4-5, Rank 6: 5-6, so on, so forth.

Spread Bolt
Four bolts fire from Chantilly's specter horizontally in a fan-like pattern. Has a shorter range than Moon Bolt and are smaller.

Blink Travel
A utility move only and can not be used while in combat or when threatened to be in combat. Allows the user (and eventually people near the user at later levels) to travel quickly from one place to another.

Capable of connecting magically with another person. Chantilly and the allied target must be within 20 feet of each other. This ability may be affected by other guardian abilities. She can then do a number of things with this ability.
1. In the time that they are connected, the target's abilities can be increased, nearly close enough to adding another rank to that character (unless max).
2. Target has the knowledge of where Chantilly is at all times, even if they may not be able to see her, i.e. she is standing behind them or under the influence of temporary or permanent blindness.
3. The target is granted very slow health regeneration. Note: this does not apply to Chantilly and only to her allied target. Health regeneration is based solely on her rank, where rank 7 can heal, for example, a paper cut within a post, however will take much longer for anything serious.

Avian Eyes
Look through the mind of a bird and can control their actions. Avians with higher intelligence and calm such as eagles, falcons, hawks or owls are much easier to 'look through', though puts up a harder resistance against any convincing, visa versa. Body of the user will be unconscious and stationary. In the event of the host's death, there will be immediate disconnection and consciousness will return to the user. Grogginess or disorientation is not uncommon afterwards.
Miscellaneous Abilities
Prophetic dreams
Since Chantilly was young, she would dream of old events, present events and future events. Most times they will be important matters. (will be regulated by an administrator)

Use of water can show images of the past, present and future and depends on Ashvani's guidance. (Also regulated by an administrator)

The following are the spells available by the use of the guardian spirits that correspond to the patron. The strength of these abilities are scaled based on Chantilly's rank. They are in the form of tiny beasts, fairies or spirits that float around her or sit on her shoulder during the time they are being chosen. They are merely manifestations of the patron or a temporary being that embodies the patron, similar to symbols of religion. One cannot destroy a religious symbol and expect it to destroy the abstract religion itself. Therefore, it would be advised that opponents do not attempt to attack the being, as it does not cease abilities to be done. This is not to be confused with manifestations FROM the patrons, however, as those are not invulnerable and can be broken, i.e: any weapon from Maedhros can be shattered if Chantilly is outranked, any plant life from Brigantia can still be broken or cut through.

Currently there are eight patrons Chantilly can use and only seven can be used for combat or abilities used for combat. She can only have TWO out in combat at the same time. Either numbers can increase when the time comes.

Not all patrons have immediate active fact some are passive patrons whose abilities will only work if linked. To link is when two patrons abilities 'combine' or 'link' to cause other effects to additionally happen (i.e. A manifested tornado can be combined with Loki (fire) to make a firestorm). Not all guardians are capable of linking together.

When out of combat, Chantilly can attempt to talk to a god. Each god do not look like their representative forms (with the exception of one). They have their own respective forms (under revelation form under their bios).

Maedhros, god of the hunt
Revelation Form:
Form: Sprite or fairy, male, capable of speaking when out. One of the only forms capable of vocal speech. May have a name but is just named after its manifestor, Maedhros. Most distinctive features are his jet black hair and large, long dark scarf.
Personality: short-tempered, annoyed by silliness and timidness, deep-voiced, rough, no nonsense
Role: Companion, Offense
Weapon Manifest:

Can manifest into a weapon that is controlled through Chantilly's mental command or in emergencies, Maedhros'. A small selection of weapons to start that will eventually branch out as Chantilly ranks.

Rank 7(Pre-rank): Shortsword, Shortbow, and Shield.
Rank 6: Longsword, Sai, Axe
Rank 5: Spear, Katar, Longbow (2 weapons can be manifested at once)
Rank 4: Kama/Sickle, Crossbow, Chakram
Rank 3: Whip, Machete, Tonfa
Rank 2:, Morning Star, Naginata, Battleaxe (3 weapons can be manifested at once)
Rank 1: Greatsword, Halberd, Warhammer


Can allow placement of traps that does little damage. Only one trap can be out at rank 7, but the number of traps that can be on a field of combat increases one every level. These traps must be paired with another patron to do the following effects:
Root in place (Brigantia)
Disorientation (Damocles)
Afflict Cold (Proteus)
Afflict Heat/Burn (Loki)
Blindness (Mephisto)
Vulnerability [take more damage from the next hit] (Xanthe)
Aldaron, god of Life
Revelation Form:
Form: A large stag with growing green eyes when using abilities. Runes on its horn glow the same color constantly.
Personality: passionate, kind, giving, open
Role: Support
A spell that is capable of healing oneself or others. Depending on the wound, it will take more time (more posts). It is also dependent of Chantilly's rank. Is capable of healing physical wounds and also magical wounds. The only thing it cannot do is heal diseases that afflict the body or curses.

Allows the user to counteract magical diseases, such as poisons, silences, or paralysis. This even is effective to another patron's status effect. Cannot counteract curses or heal diseases, long or short term.

Surrounds a person or object in a barrier at all sides. Is an ability that can be linked with other patrons. Has a set amount of damage it can take before breaking. Unlike magical armor, the barrier'd object/person cannot move. If it does not break, any reflecting effects from other patrons, if any, apply:
Loki: deflects fire to lessen heat and or damage
Proteus: surrounds Chantilly completely to allow her to breathe under water in a barrier bubble
Brigantia: Surrounds the barrier in stems with giant thorns
Maedhros: Any of his weapons can puncture the barrier without destroying it.
Xanthe: Anything that hits the barrier is absorbed and damage is deflected back to the opponent.
Brigantia, goddess of nature
Revelation Form:
Form: Bear cub. Fur color changes depending on the temperature of its surrounding environment
Personality: Serene, quiet, patient
Role: Offense/Defense
Chantilly has the ability to grow something larger and at a much faster rate than it typically would. This is only applicable for plant life that has already been planted, not manifested by her own power.

Forest Affinity
In her element, Chantilly has increased abilities that allows her to control some plant life around her in their natural habitat without the need to use as much mana as she would if she were to do the same abilities without a forest. Her capability to influence nature is heightened as well; if she was incapable of controlling bushes because she was one rank away, she would be capable now.

Nature Control
Able to manifest plants to do bidding for offensive or defensive purposes. Able to also convince or control plant life in the area that is natural and not manifested by magic. What can be used with be dependent on rank, i.e. vines or a small plant versus a large tree.
Xanthe, goddess of Vengeance
Revelation Form:
Form: Large spider with thin legs. Hairless. Has teal, aqua colored markings upon its body and tips of its legs. Base color is black.
Personality: Calm, but quick to anger
Role: Attack Utility
Xanthe is a passive patron, therefore all of her abilities are connected with other patrons. To see the abilities that she is connected to, see the following patrons and their corresponding ability:

Proteus, god of the sea
Revelation Form:
Form: A white squid which is surprisingly cute. Has dark green markings on the back of its tentacles.
Personality: Playful, mischievous, prankster
Role: Defense Utility
Tidal Wave: A wave of water washes in the direction that Chantilly is facing. It slows any target which is hindered in the water by it. Flying or floating units are not affected. The need for water nearby is unnecessary.

Potion: Paired with patron Aldaron and an empty bottle, it can be filled up with water that is blessed by Aldaron for healing purposes. Likewise, patrons such a Mephisto can make poisons, or Xanthe for strength buffers.

Water Manipulation: Control of water, dependent on current rank of user. Can control at a natural source or generate water if there isn't any. Less mana is used if there is a natural source of water. Generated water will act like natural water, regardless of being manifested by the user.

Water Absorption: Water attacks while this patron is summoned will do less damage because its blows' source is slightly absorbed. This acts like a light cushion, but overall will still hurt.
Loki, god of Fire
Form: Orange-red fox with a brush fire tail
Personality: Bold, bossy, independent
Role: Offense
Fire Blast: A shot of fire in the shape of a ball travels till it hits something. On impact, fire spreads across its surface.

Flame Coat: Layer of Loki's flames repel other flames that hit it. Increases fire resistance.

Boil: Paired with patron Proteus. A spout of hot boiling water shoots out. It leaves an opponent with a burn if it has skin contact.

Flamethrower: A large blast of fire erupts from Chantilly's staff. It drains energy/mana over time.

Flame Shield: Paired with Patron Aldaron. A shield created by Aldaron that deflects flames and damage.

Panic Booster: In the case of Chantilly being cornered or to gain distance, Loki explodes the space between Chantilly and the opponent. The explosion is within 3 feet of her and the explosion is can reach opponents in a 2 foot radius. This also allows Chantilly to skid/jump backwards 10 feet immediately.
Democles, god of Chaos
Revelation Form:
Form: Forest green snake. The underside has yellow markings that look like eyes.
Personality: Seductive, graceful, amused
Role: Utility
Confusion: Disorients the opponent for a moment. Can only be used once per battle.

Illusion: Creates an illusion of something within a 50 foot radius. Cannot be very large, but about the size of a human or smaller.

Empty Sound: A loud sound (be it a voice or a sound effect) is projected in a 30 foot radial area around Chantilly. In higher ranks the sound can be louder and extend further.
Sulisia, goddess of Revelation
Revelation/Representative Form: Sprite or fairy, female. Blonde hair with armor and wings. Clear blue eyes. Is the direct representation of the physical form of Sulisia.
Personality: Obedient, wise, caring. A mystery, secretive, loyal, a great counselor.
Role: Companion
It is unknown what Sulisia actually does for Chantilly, just that she has her. She does not seem to have the ability to fight, even if it looks that she is outfitted to do so. Perhaps in later ranks, Chantilly will have the ability to use her. For now, she has no useful abilities.

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