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Skill Set

Post your abilities here and an admin or mod will look it over and approve it or make suggestions.
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Skill Set

Mon Oct 17, 2016 5:31 pm

Kekkei Genkai

Take over soul

The power to take over the power of a creature or person and use it to fight. This can increase the power, strength, and speed of Bluenote and it can sometimes add a new skill such as flying or running at supersonic speeds.


Unlike the ClawBreaker, and Wolfheart kekkei genkais, Bluenote possess the ability to take on the form of any monster, animal, fish, reptile, and alien, etc. But she's only gathered up a few form over the years and that's because the stronger the enemy the harder it is to control the transformation. And lastly in order for her to take on new forms, she needs to either kill the enemy or absorb its energy, through touch.

Transformation gathered

Werewolf soul.

This is Bluenote's most noted transformation, unlike the clans with their full body transformations, Bluenote's body doesn't change to much, but the things that do change are her ears and she grows a tail. She also goes threw a clothes change, this helps to fit the transformation.

While in this form she possess all the powers, abilities, and strengths of the werewolf, but all while looking just a tab bit different. Her senses are heightened to the max. Her speed is increased to the max, but she still needs to stop every now and then, but other then that she's very quick. Her strength is boosted to the point to where as she could rip a human in half, while using only her hands. Her sight is increased for long range looking. Her smell is off the wall, she could find anyone in hours or seconds. Her touch is also increased to the max.

Bear soul.

One of her most basic forms, and by that I mean nothing about her change except the clothes, but don't let that fool you in any way, see in this form, she gains the strength of a bear. However this isn't a normal bear's strength, in a super bears strength, which is 10x then a normal bear and this also means Bluenote can rip apart stuff. She's even came up with a fight style called bear style.

Bird Soul.

This is her third transformation and is quite the looker for many ways, but while in this form Bluenote grows wings and smaller wings on her head, she also gains armor, but only in a few places. This form is her bird form, but not much is know about this form, but what is know is that it can control the wind.

Golden Unborn.

This is her fourth transformation and one of the strongest of the top three. In this form she gains long pink hair, a mask, and a titanium armored suit, which can't be broken by any force based attack. Only pierce attack will break thru this armor, but using such strong armor has it's tole on the energy supply. This form also allows her to create force fields and it also grants her super strength, but due to the weight of the armor she moves kinda slow.

Black Unborn.

This is her last transformation for now, but since this is the last it would without a doubt be the strongest of the five. In this form she gains black armor rather than gold armor and she doesn't have a mask on her face anymore. And much like her fourth form, this one is the same, but without the slow movement and she also gains the ability to control darkness.

Each form comes with its own abilities, strengths, and weakness.


But even with this kekkei genkai, Bluenote still uses normal abilities, just in case the fight goes south.


Electric shock: Bluenote would grab the enemy and shock them.

Electric armor: Bluenote would clock herself in electric armor. (think Raikage.)

Electrokinesis: Bluenote has the ability to control electricity mentally.

Electric bomb: Bluenote would make a small ball of electricity in her hand and she would throw it at the enemy. Once it hit, it'll explode, but the blast will be slightly huge..

Electric blade: Bluenote would simply make an electric blade.
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Re: Skill Set

Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:18 am

Hey there. Looked over your skills and they seem pretty interesting. I do have a few issues with it though and I'd like to get the input of any other admins as well, since...frankly it's been a while.

Before I begin, I'd like to mention the way I evaluate the low-rankers. I try to imagine playing a video game, maybe a side-scroller, with this character. The great thing about skills is that you allow them to grow and for people who love your character to yearn for more to come. Make it more exciting or motivate yourself to get that next level because "if only I was next rank, I could...!" etc etc. If I were beginning this proposed game, would this character be believable and feel as if they were a level 1 character with skills that would "level up" along with them? Or do they feel MORE fleshed out than a beginner and either have an excessive amount of skills or far too strong skills to be considered level 1?

When I read your skills, I felt like this was more than a level one character. If I had a character in a video game with that many skills right off the bat, I would feel as if I were pretty OP. If I had to put a level on it, I'd think that they'd be more like a level 3 1/2. I think that the transformation section is great. In fact, if they were a character, I'd easily be able to put each transformation into X, Y, A and B buttons...or X, triangle, circle and square buttons, whichever you'd prefer. I enjoy that they have great strengths, but also equal weaknesses and I can see how you'd be able to upgrade them as time goes on.

But we get down to the issues. The additional electricity skillset is, atm, excessive and unnecessary at your current rank. This does NOT mean you cannot have these abilities later down the line, but at the beginner level, it is a bit much. If I were to choose something acceptable, I'd allow one electricity based move at your rank and then give yourself a move or two every time you rank up. This shows that your character is growing over time and experience. The one I would recommend is either electric blade or electric armor because they are more passive than the others. And I'd imagine electric bomb or electric shock would be perhaps last since it is more active and requires more matter to consume to begin with.

If you have any additional questions, please let me know. Like I said, I'll ask the other admins to see what they say about it.

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