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William's Weapons

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William's Weapons

Wed Dec 16, 2015 6:44 pm

Bane of Blowing Souls
"They who grasps this hilt, if only first proven innocent and pure, shall possess the might to wield the Bane of Blowing Souls"

A weapons based on the Mythological weapon Mjolnir. The Bane of Blowing Souls was crafted by a member of the Demi-God race known as the Kulazian. One of the last surviving members crafted the Bane of Blowing Souls using the bones of William's lost arm and replicated bone based off that arm. The blade was forged in the heart of Mount Sert on Nchuleft's Aquire Moon. The Blade was the presented to William was a trophy for aiding the Sanctity Treaty so many times in battle.

the Bane of Blowing Souls stands 2.6 Meters (8 foot 6 inches) tall. It's weight has been measures as exactly 12 Kilograms by William. To anyone else who tries to grasp the weapon, they are simply thrown to the ground. When created, the weapon was meant for William and him alone. He was a being of purity, innocence and peace. He did not desire war, power, money or killing and that is what it takes any other to be able to lift the Bane of Blowing Souls.

The powers the Blade Grants to it's wielder are as follows.

Cellular Microism and Macroism
the Bane of Blowing Souls has the power to change it's size, and in turn the size of the wielder.

Shining Dragon
The Shining Dragon is an ability imbued into the Bane of Blowing Souls by the Kulazian that forged the weapon. This ability causes golden dragon themed armour to manifest itself around William. It increases his strength, speed, power and defense, but in turn locks his Ki based abilities until the armour is removed. Weapon based abilities still work.

Air Manipulation
The Bane of Blowing Souls grants William the use of Air manipulation. Including Hydrogen and Oxygen.‎

William is capable of using the Bane of Blowing Souls to shapeshift into things that William himself has seen before.

Soul Absorption
the Bane of Blowing Souls is capable of storing the souls of the monsters and evil beings it slays. This is to help keep the world free of tainted spirits.

Soul Cannon
When held like a blade souls can be fired out causing damage to living objects. Once fired the Souls is converted to an energy state and in turn is destroyed.

Archaens Cannon
The Archaens Cannon is the swords ability to exhaust its entire store of souls in order to launch a lethal soul based attack at the target. Souls fired lock onto their target and pursue them even through teleportation and other means of escape. ‎‎

Mechanical Arm
After having his arms blown off in battle, William was given the chance to have it healed and returned to normal. But instead out of honour chose to have a synthetic once created using rare metals and crystals.

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