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High Elven Halcyon Kingdom: Information (Last Updated 7/23/2018

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High Elven Halcyon Kingdom: Information (Last Updated 7/23/2018

Thu May 26, 2016 12:55 pm

Halcyon Kingdom
The High Elven Halcyon Kingdom is Kwandrivia's largest forest, and the centre for all things Elven. It is a nation that prides itself on it's connection to Kaia, Kwandrivia's deity of all things natural. It is at the nations centre on a large island between the Halcyon River that the High Elven City of Zenthel can be found. Here, the largest community of High Elves can be found all built up and around the Great Oak Tree.

Zenthel City is by far the largest city, almost exclusively made up of High Elves and a very small population of Wood Elves. Birchbark is the third largest city, and is the birthplace and capital of the Wood Elves. The second largest city, is a former science outpost that grew into a large city of High Elves and humans who once worked together to advance farming sciences and other ecological studies.

The Halcyon Kingdom consists of many regions but none are as grand as the Halcyon Shield which takes up 85% of the Halcyon Kingdom. Overall the Halcyon Kingdom has the sparsest population of any country with most of it’s people living in Zenthel or along the Zenthel River or one of it’s feeder rivers. The Halcyon Kingdom borders two countries. The largest of these borders is it's worst enemy, the Laurentia Empire. The second border is that of the Coliginosity, an almost equally hated area of hybrid human and high elves that the high elven people see as filth. The Halcyon Kingdom also has the longest and widest of all of Kwandrivia’s river, it is the Zenthel River.

The Halcyon Kingdom has just over 22 million people making it the xth largest country by population. The entire country is home to 3 main races, the most populous of which are the High Elves, second to them are the Wood Elves and finally, a large city of accepted Humans.

The geography of the Halcyon Kingdom is perhaps the simplest of all of Kwandrivia's nations. To the north is a tundra and to the south of that are woodlands.

The Halcyon Kingdom is Kwandrivia's 4th largest economy, right after the Helm Islands. It's largest export are it's crops or corn, rice, wheat and other natural harvested goods that can be grown easily. They have extremely low relations with any major human country as well as the Coliginosity. The Dominion Federation is an exception because the Dominion was founded with the help of the High Elves as a peaceful human settlement.

The Halcyon Kingdom is considered Kwandrivia's second largest superpower by military strength. This is thanks to the High Elves drive to keep the forests safe and it's sheer magical knowledge.

Continent: Ashelia‎
Capital City: Zenthel City‎
Major Cities: Birchbark City, Pinewood Estates
Yuki Colony, Uldreiyn Hills, Theoden, Trunks Pinegrove Estates, Feeding Fields, Halcyon River, Halcyon Shield, Village of Hidden Xyz, Ynshael Paddies, Ciyradyl Fields, Birchbark City, Lake Triumph, Halcyon Lake, Frostarch Bay, Jötunn Shivers
Major Lakes: Lake Triumph(Shared with Laurentia), Lake Halcyon (Shared with Laurentia)

Official Language:
Political: English
Regional: Halcyon Elven, Wood Elven, Engven (Elven/English Hybrid), English
Ethnic Groups:
High Elven: High
Wood Elf: Medium
Human: Low, Outlawed unless parents were already born in the Halcyon Kingdom.
Dwarf: Outlawed
Dark Elven: Outlawed

Motto: Kaia, King and Command, for the Halcyon Kingdom
Anthem: N/A
Largest Trade Partner: Dominion Federation
Best Relations: Dominion Federation
Worst Relations: Laurentia, Coliginosity
National Colour: Green, Gold
Shortened Name: HK

Government: Theocratic Feudal Military
King and Queen; Illithina and Eranthos
Kaimmand: Artonia
High Minister: Sandevv, Fargwyn, Dalyor, Eilqirelle, Ilphas
Formation: Year 125 (High Elven Halcyon Kingdom)
Population: 22,938,000 [4th]
Aspects: Wings of a Fairy, Magikami

Halcyon Government is that of a Theocratic Feudal Military. The entire country is governed by 3 branches of power. The Kaimmand, the King and Queen and the High Minister. No two people holding a major position of power can have emotional relations with another.

The King and Queen:
The King and Queen hold power over politics and the well being of the people. They are the rulers of the people and see to all internal and external non military affairs pertaining to the Halcyon Kingdom.

The Kaimmand is the true military commander of the Halcyon Kingdom. The entire country and it’s civilian’s safety were their responsibility. A Kaimmand answers only to the King or Queen and possesses unrivaled power through the Kindgom.

High Ministers
A High Minister is a group of 3 High Elves that spend their entire life within the confines of the temple that surrounds the Great Oak. They are in tune with Kaia, and only when all 5 come together in a small temple within the Great Oak can they call upon Kaia. In the Heirarchy they are the religious rulers of the nation

The Guard
Each branch of the Halcyon Kingdom employs what are known simply as the Guard, with each Guard followed by of the and the branch they follow. Only after 150 years of schooling and rigorous training can a High Elf apply to become a Guard, after this, the applicant must pass a series of test each tailored to the branch they wish to join.
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Re: High Elven Halcyon Kingdom: Information (Last Updated 7/23/2018

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