They say Yonohara was made by a sword. They say the Order dipped a cold blade into the ocean, and when they pulled it out two perfect drops fell back into the sea, and those drops became the islands of Yonohara. Legends and tales say Yonohara was made by a handful of brave men. Warriors, willing to give their lives for what seems to have become a forgotten word: honour.

Timeline (Last Updated: 1/26/2014)

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Timeline (Last Updated: 1/26/2014)

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After hundreds of years of war and chaos, each of the warring nations of the Old Kingdom finally died off leaving all but 4 people alive on Kwandrivia. It is in the year 2000 that Kwandrivia is reformed and a new age begins.

After the fall of the Old Kingdoms, the remaining Tartarian, Verti, Thundarius and Farron come together to form the Order. Each Order members aids in the rebuilding of Kwandrivia and then the seeding of this world with unique wildlife and species.

Farron creates the Wouod, which eventually become Wood Elf, High Elf and Merfolk

Thundarius creates the Devarfs, which eventually become Dwarves

Verti creates the Hyu-men, which eventually become the Human

After nearly 50 years of tribal conflict and struggle, Humanity's first town is formed. It is called Geil and is the result of 10 smaller villages uniting and forming a larger settlement. The city is named Geils after the woman who brought the clans together.

The High Elven Halcyon Kingdom is formed from the settlements all around the Great Oak. The newly formed capital of the Kingdom of called Zenthel.

The High Elven Halcyon Kingdom assembles an army of magic users and swiftly attacks the Human city of Geils. With ease the magic using High Elves blast through the human walls and overwhelm the lightly armed swordsman and archers. Humanity as a result is enslaved by the High Elven people.

The Wood Elves finally grow large enough in population to make thier first community. Birchbark Village is formed.

The first Dwarvern City known as Kekhegy is founded by King Kekhegy in a massive hollowed out cliffside. A dwarven town soon begins to build outside Kekhegy.

After nearly 20 years of planning and secrecy, Mankind finally rebels agaisnt thier High Elven captors. A massive war ensues which sees most of the human population dead and those who did survive fleew to the far south. The Unity of Mankind is formed and they begin rebuilding what they had before the High Elves enslaved them.

After fleeing to the south, mankind builds thier forst city, they come to call it the City of Acadia.

As mankind travelled south, they soon discovered the Great Guardian near the Escellsia Barrier. After several dozen forward scouts were killed, mankind learned never to mess with the Great Guardian.

After finally getting settled down within the newly formed Unity of Mankind, 5 distinct human city-states are formed, each with a clan of it's own. The capital of the Unity of Mankind officially becomes Acadia, the Acadia Legion is born. Azazel Laurentia becomes the leader of Clan Confederacy, Kesctah Drekchmar becomes the leader of the Dwarven Drekchmar Legion, Dictator Franz Herneit become leader of the Gestof Fascism, John Emmerson becomes King of the Smithson Foundation, and Hino Won-Nho becomes the leader of the Xyz Dynasty.

Not long after the formation of the Acadia Legion, conflict breaks out between the Smithson Foundation and the Confederacy Clan.

The High Elven Halcyon Kingdom steps in and seizes control of the Confederacy Clan and threatens to take actions against the Xyz Dynasty. During the elven assault on the Confederacy, Acadia Legion's national military marches through the Xyz Dynasty quelling their uprise with ease.

Fearing the Legion's sheer might, and the inevitable war that might come, the Halcyon Kingdom steps down and ends their threats toward the Xyz Dynasty. The Legion threatens the High Elven Halcyon Kingdom if the territory belonging to the Confederacy is not returned. Not honouring the Legion's wishes, the High Elven Halcyon Kingdom denies their request and is immediately attacked. Another smaller conflict between the Smithson Foundation and the Drekchmar Legion breaks out. the Legion again steps in to quell this.

Another inner conflict in the Acadia Legion breaks loose. This shows the Acadia Legion that to keep the people under control, the lands must be fully controlled and united. A full on march through the each of the 3 remaining city-states occurs.

The Confederacy of Mankind, a territory for the not so bad humans within the High Elven Halcyon Kingdom is created.

The Holy Kingdom of Acadia declares itself thee and upon doing so sees the break off and the formation of the Xyz Dynasty, the Gestof Fascism and the Drekchmar Legion occurs. Each declare war on what remains of the Acadia Legion which is now now called the Holy Kingdom of Acadia.

The first to fall to the Holy Kingdom of Acadia is the Xyz Dynasty.

Second to fall to the Holy Kingdom of Acadia is the Gestof Fascism.

During the Holy Kingdom of Acadia's march towards the last remaining human city-state of Drekchmar, the Holy Kingdom of Acadia's military is met with wars first gunfire. The Confederacy of Mankind, lead by Bishop Gates steps in to help the Drekchmar Legion. The more powerful rifles easily holds back the sword and bow wielding troops of the Holy Kingdom of Acadia.

Peace talks occur between High Elven Halcyon Kingdom and the Holy Kingdom of Acadia. A small peace treaty between the Drekchmar Legion, Holy Kingdom of Acadia and High Elven Halcyon Kingdom is formed. This allows each nation to rebuild itself.

To the far northwest, a large group of giants rise up and rebel against their human rulers. For the first and only time in history the High Elves and the Humans of Kwandriva unite to fight off the Titaus Giants. The Titaus Giants are forced to exile, they are sent towards the Ghilandus Moon.

Peace last for 100 years. It ends when the Holy Kingdom of Acadia declare full out war on the Drekchmar Legion.

The Drekchmar Legion is defeated, it's Dwarven people are slowly massacred and forced to live deep below the surface of their once island home. They are now slowly going extinct as slaves to humankind.

the High Elven Halcyon Kingdom declares war upon the Holy Kingdom of Acadia.

the Holy Kingdom of Acadia uses the first steam bomb leveling half of the High Elven capitol of Zen City. This brings a swift end to the Halcyon-Human war.

Decker Laurentia, King of the Holy Kingdom of Acadia and his army finally manages to seize control of the rest of the High Elven Halcyon Kingdom, the Holy Laurentia Kingdom is formed under his rule. All of Kwandrivia is forcefully united.

the Holy Laurentia Kingdom civil war breaks loose. the Dominion making up the former Halcyon Kingdom and Confederacy of Mankind is formed. Helmania and Brittanica (also Britannica) are formed after the breakup.

Brittanica Seizes control of the Dominion

A massive war between Britannica and Helmania occurs, Helmania, outmanned, gunned and out forced falls to Britannica

A grand unity of pirates occurs lead by Miss Fortune, under Fortunes control the Outlands are formed as a free, and lawless country.

The Treaty of Achilles is written between the provinces of Helmania, Britannica and the Dominion, which forms the Albion Empire.

The Province of Helmania with the help of the captive Dwarves, in secret cave networks deep below their islands begins the construction of the Polderstokes. The Polderstokes would launch Helmania into a steam powered superpower.

The Albion Empire forces the Helmania Islands to begin strip mining the islands of resources using the Helmanian people (dwarves too) as slaves and tools, this angers the Helmania government.

The Province of Helmania in secrecy declares itself the United Islands of Helmania and wages a war of independence against the Albion Empire in order to free it's people. The Dwarves also agree to this. This war will last nearly 100 years and see both countries lose 70% of their respective populations.

The High Elves of the former Halcyon Kingdom, which is now part of the Dominion, get into talks with the Dominion to break apart from the Albion Empire.

During the midst of the Helmania-Albion war, the Dominion and the High Elves of Halcyon break off of the Albion Empire and reform the Halcyon Kingdom.

the Halcyon Kindgom joins forces with the people of Helmania to help combat the Albion Empire.

the Albion Empire is shattered. With their military gone, their people dying and their land resourcefulness are forced to fall back to the original lines of the Province of Britannica. During this time, the Halcyon Kindgom and the Province of Helmania agree to let Helmania take the islands and the Halcyon Kingdom to take the northern mainland.

1 year after the end of the Albion-Helmania war, the Helm Islands are formed. The people are finally free to do as they see fit. The slaved Dwarves are freed and begin to rebuild their kingdom underground.

After 16 years of political conflict and small civil wars what remained of the Albion Empire forms the Laurentia Empire under new rule.

The Laurentia Empire government, comes up with the Utopia Project. This calls for the development and rebuilding of the Colig Peninsula. There the Laurentia Empire would terraform the land returning it to it's fertile state, they would also rebuild Utopia City as their new capitol and finally have a new place to restart their drive back towards being a superpower.

Utopia Project, is well underway but it is estimated that the land will not be fertile for another 150 years.

the Laurentia Empire knowing that Utopia Project is far behind scheduled, resorts to dark measures, several of the remaining Elven Mages of the Laurentia Empire are called in. The Elven Mages are forced to use dark magic to "force" Utopia Project to speed up.

Thanks to the use of Dark Magic, small towns outside of the rebuilding are of Utopia Project become infected, things within these towns and their people slowly become twisted with darkness.

Utopia Project, far ahead of scheduled is complete. With this early completion comes massive side effects. Nearly all of the Colig Peninsula became infected, it's people forced into darkness. The Laurentia Empire, against the areas wishes, abandons the Colig area leaving the people for dead.

"Dark" High Elves and humans tainted by dark magic mate creating the Dark Elf or Dark Mage.

A massive containment wall is built separating the Colig Peninsula from the Laurentia Mainland. Colig is declared lost and will be forgotten.

What was meant to be the new capitol of the Laurentia Empire become what is called Death City. It is named this because the Empire left the people here for dead. Slowly, but surely, a government is formed.

Coliginosity is the name chosen for the Dark and Twisted remains of the Colig Penunsula.

In one last show of what little power it had left, the Laurentia Empire declares war on the Halcyon Empire to seize control over the former Dominion which now belongs to the Halcyon Kingdom. During their control over a small portion in the northern area of the Dominion the Laurentia Empire begins the Megh SuperSoldier Project.

The war between the Halcyon Kingdom and the Laurentia Empire comes to a swift and abrupt end with the Laurentia Empire's quick retreat. What remains of the Laurentia Empire's SuperSoldier Project is kept under the watch of the Dominion, most are allowed to leave, but most choose to stay.

A sudden explosion of power suddenly occurs causing the population and power of the empire to grow extremely quickly.

Talks between the Halcyon Kingdom and it's Dominion Province occur to see the formation of the Dominion Federation

After talks with the people of the Halcyon Kingdom the Halcyon Kingdom allows the Dominion Federation to be formed. In the same year, the Dominion Federation after developing the technology to terraform, create thousands of Firma-Torpedoes, these torpedoes are sent for Ghilandus in hopes to Terraform the world for future colonization.

The Dominion Federation and the Titaus Giants come to a peaceful agreement after the Titaus Giants see that the Dominion Federation helped Terraform Ghilandus. The Dominion Federation is given a wide expanse of land on Ghilandus and begins the construction of Dominion City.

After a long amount of peace, the Order of Kwandrivia reveals themselves to the people, they along with the governments of Kwandrivia. Write the Legion Treaty forming the Legion of Kwandrivia Nations.

Ghilandus Moon is declared fully habitable, people from all over Kwandrivia, but mostly from the Dominion Federation begin seeding the previously worked on Dominion City.

Each country sends an equal amount of people to the Order, here they share their Aspects with the Order and in turn are given the Unified Golden Credits. Each nations contributes something greater to the Order to make the city become fully functional.

From a Galaxy far off the Foundation Space Colony arrives in Kwandrivia's Orbit. Post Foundation Dominion Federation if formed.
Old Escellsia is Destroyed.

New Escellsia is destroyed, Excelsior is formed. Keiz, and what Remained of the living population of Escellsia find's themselves re-awoken on Kwandrivia. Zephyr Island and the Covenant Guild of Old Escellsia rise from the depths to form the Zephry Islands which later become the Zephyr Resort and Shallows. the Resort is formed as a small independent island nation, it later joins the Order.

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