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Set'Ryki's Abilities

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Set'Ryki's Abilities

Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:20 pm

Set’s main ability stems from a connection between the martial ability with swords and the magic that allows him to enchant, create, and manipulate them. These two aspects combined allows Set to not only perform extraordinary feats of swordsmanship, but also to unleash powerful spells through arcane manipulation.

Swordsmanship: Set is an experienced swordsman already with all types of blades, both two-handed and single-handed (including knives). As far as handheld blades, he prefers two-handed broadswords, which he can wield with the same amount agility and dexterity as a short-sword without sacrificing strength. Because Set has become so versatile, he has very little problem picking up new sword styles, even (at higher ranks) in the heat of battle.

Sword Magic: Set can use a wide variety of magics to both enhance his swords/swordsmanship as well as unleash powerful attacks.

Phantasmal Blades: Allows Set to create blades out of pure arcane energy. These blades will cut through whatever material they are set against, so long as enough energy is supplied. At the very lowest energy level, they can pierce/cut stone and soft metals easily, but have a harder time with medium grade metals. Phantasmal Blades can be wielded by hand or can be created with momentum, allowing them to act like projectiles. Rank dictates both the number and energy that can be placed in them.


7th: 1 Blade; Base energy only.

6th: 3 Blades; Base energy only.
5th: 5 Blades; Up to the point of damaging medium grade metals.
4th: 7 Blades; Up to the point of damaging heavy grade metals.
3rd: 15 Blades; Up to the point of damaging heavy grade metals.
2nd: 50 Blades; Any material.
1st: Unlimited; Any material.

Sword Transmutation/Blade Alchemy: Allows Set to create blades out of nearby material sources. These blades can be used as normal physical swords (wielded or manipulated, see Blade-kinesis). The blades retain the properties of the material they were made out of.

-7th Rank: Must be able to physically contact the material used and the material cannot be under another person’s control

-4th Rank and up: Material must be within sight of Set to be manipulated.

Sword Summoning: Allows Set to dimensionally store away his swords and summon them at any time to his side.

Blade-Kinesis/Sword Domination: Allows Set to telekinetically manipulate swords/blades, allowing him to wield them without touching them. This can be done with any swords that are under his control.

6th Rank: Must touch the blade first.

4th Rank and above: Can do so to any sword or blade not under someone else’s control or in someone else's’ possession.

Blade Enchantments: Allows Set to enchant normal swords/blades with supernatural/arcane effects. These effects range from elemental effects to spiritual, depending on the enchantment, and will give the sword bonus effects when it cuts. (Locked till 6th rank)
Soul/Spirit Target
Mind Target
Note: Enchantments can only be stacked after rank 5 is obtained.

Note: The number of enchantments that can be used at once is equal to the number of ranks have been obtained above 7: i.e. 1 at 6th, 2 at 5th, etc. An enchantment must be dismissed before another can be placed to satisfy the requirement.

Blade Warding: A basic ability of Swordmages that creates a defensive field of energy around the user while a sword is drawn. Each rank gained offers increasing skill in defense with this ability:

7th Rank: Softens blows made with physical weapons/attacks only. (This passively increases with rank)

6th: Can actively be strengthened to deflect physical projectiles. Must stand still to perform.

5th: Can actively be used to create a defensive aura around the blade, which can help to parry/block/redirect/deflect very concentrated attacks. Stronger against physical, but also can be used against weaker metaphysical attacks.

4th: Can be activated to deflect both physical and metaphysical projectiles. Will only reduced speed. Also, 7th rank ability is strong enough to stop medium level physical attacks completely (Strongest attacks of a 7th-6th rank, mid level from 5th, weak from 4th).

3rd: Can be focused into a physical barrier/shell which can block a wide range of attacks while in this state.

2nd: Barrier can be used offensively, making spikes or blades around myself to not only block but also injure those who get too close.

1st: Barrier can be extended over large areas or spaces, protecting other people/objects/places.
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Re: Set'Ryki's Abilities

Fri Mar 04, 2016 10:32 pm


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